3 Ways To Tell If a Ukrainian and Slavic Woman is Into You

August 13, 2016 at 4.43pm by in Slavic Women

Are you fed up with the many casual flings you have had with so many girls all these years? Do you finally think that it is time you settled down with that one lady who has the same ideals as you do? Well, if you do, but do not know where to look for women you know are interested in a committed relationship, you have help in Ukraine Brides Agency.

This site is unique as it is not just a dating site, but a marriage agency that works at bringing together men from around the world and beautiful Ukrainian and Slavic women. Most, if not all, are looking for strong relationships that may culminate in marriage.

Ukraine Brides Agency interviews all their Ukrainian women before putting up details, photos and videos about them on the site. Members can then message or have an online text or video chat with their chosen ladies. The men can get some free Russian lessons if their ladies doesn’t know English, and are even offered a range of gifts to choose and send to their ladies.

While the site does help you get acquainted with and start a relationship with her, the success of the relationship is in your hands. So if you want to know if your chosen Ukrainian woman is into you, and not just looking for a passport through you, here three ways to tell what her feelings are for you.

  1. Takes time to compliment you

It is not always a girl who compliments a man. Most of the time, it is vice versa as they expect men to compliment them. So if you notice your lady praising you on a regular basis about things like your looks, actions, and work, it means she appreciates you and likes you.

This is a good, and sure sign that she is interested in you. Just be sure that they are actual compliments, and not flirting as flirting is something casual, and does not necessarily signify any interest in a committed relationship!

  1. Confides in you

Women sharing their feelings with other women is common. However, if you find your lady is ready to open up with you, and discuss personal or sensitive matters with you, it usually means she thinks there is something special in you. It’s rather obvious as no one wants or even thinks of disclosing sensitive and sometimes embarrassing matters with people they don’t know well!

So if your special lady shares her feelings with you, you should share your feelings with her! If you can sense her positive vibes for you, it is equally important that you show her that you are happy with her, and want to continue the relationship. If you don’t prove yourself, there may be some misunderstanding and a chance of your relation faltering with time!

  1. Gives hints and suggestions for a visit

If you have always been looking for a reason to meet your Ukraine woman, or if it’s always been your intention to initiate a meeting, one of the ways to tell your lady is interested in you is when she finally invites you to visit her in person.

It is an even better sign if she mentions she wants to introduce you to her family, as it is only when a lady is committed in a relationship will she be ready and confident enough to introduce her friend to her family. However, if she does invite you, make it a point that you visit her on the specified date. In other words, accept her invitation only if you know you can make it as women get disappointed, and even angry if men who promise to visit her don’t visit.

So if your lady does any of these three things, you know that there is something special in the relationship and that she’s not only after your passport! In fact, you get an even better and stronger message if she includes or mentions you whenever she discusses her future. This is an indication that she has already considered you to be her committed and perhaps marriage partner and has started making plans with you in her life!

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