5 Places to Avoid during your First Date with a Ukrainian Lady

May 27, 2016 at 12.10pm by in Slavic Women
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If you have found that special Ukrainian lady, you probably are planning about where to go on your first date. You want to make sure that it is perfectly romantic and fun because this will serve as the basis if you two have something in common and could go out for more dates.  

Even if most people say that you two must feel comfortable and enjoy each other’s company on your first date, you should plan it well. Choose a good venue to set the mood.

You don’t want to spoil the things from the start and you probably need to make a good impression.

Here are some of the places you shouldn’t bring your Ukrainian lady to on your first date:

  1. An intimate family event

Introducing your Ukrainian lady with your family and relatives may not be a good idea for your first date. It might be too early and your relatives might think that she is already your girlfriend. They might also ask her tons of awkward questions.  

  1. Double date

If you are planning to invite her for dinner with your college friend and his girlfriend, you should abort your mission asap. It is not a good idea too. You guys will surely talk about past shared experiences that will make her feel out of place. Your college friend would surely tease you and tell her about your previous crushes and relationships too which could make her feel a little jealous.

  1. An extreme sport.

Surprising your Ukrainian woman on extreme sports is a big NO! NO! Girls have high expectations during your first date. She will probably wear high heels and a nice dress to impress you.

If you are planning to take her to skydiving, cliff jumping, rope jumping or even sea diving, you probably should do this once you are already in a relationship. Plus you are still in a getting-to-know stage, you don’t know her fears yet and her medical history; or she may not be the kind of girl who loves adventure so you better think of another activity with her.

  1. Noisy clubs

Clubs may be a good place to meet beautiful girls but it is not ideal for your first date with a Ukrainian lady. Some Ukrainian women are conservative and don’t enjoy going out to party. Most importantly, moving crowd and loud music will not make the atmosphere for a good conversation.  

  1. Live basketball/soccer game or any other crowded places

Not all girls love sports. She may not be a fan of your favorite basketball or soccer team. She may not also like attending festivals, concerts or bands. As much as possible, avoid bringing her to crowded places.

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