8 tips for dating a woman with a child

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Dating always requires a great input. When you meet a woman with children, you probably don’t do it just for fun. Most likely, you really like this woman, and you are clever enough to understand that her children are in the kit with her.

Dating has entered a new dimension, with incomprehensible little people who control the ships that you want to save from disaster.


If you are ready for such an adventure, here are some tips for dating a woman with a child:


Do not be surprised if the situation moves a little slower than it used to. We do not necessarily mean physically. You could strike at the usual, but still were not invited to her house or met her children. As a bachelor, your idea of home is probably transient. Probably, you will leave your apartment sooner or later, and you can share your place with guys you hardly know. Mother’s house is completely her and her child’s home. An invitation to a house or meeting with children can make them vulnerable. If she takes you there, her children’s drawings, family photos, and personal things will fully display her life. If she doesn’t hurry to show you her friends and family or give you a full tour of the house, do not worry. When she decides to let you in, it will mean much more.


Everyone loves spontaneity, but not all the time. This may seem ridiculous, but if your lady has small children, they will be spontaneous whenever they want.   Unlike some other unmarried girls, your lady cannot afford to be unemployed, because she has to fully provide for her child. It’s better to get used to the planning of events a few weeks before so that even the simplest date passes without a hitch. It is also not bad to think about plans for unforeseen circumstances. If the nanny is too busy, or the game of the little guy is canceled, you do not want to get stuck far away from home without any option to quickly return.


Do not think that just because she is a mother, she cannot get distracted by anything else. Like any other girl you can meet, she may be interested in casual relationships or doesn’t want any relationship at all. If you expect to see a mother- housewife, whose life begins and ends while waiting at the bus stop before the parents’ meetings, you simply set yourself up for failure. “Mother” is just one of the words that a woman uses to define herself. Simply because she is a mother, this does not mean that she is not sexual, independent or slightly wild.


She has a little man who depends entirely on her and who will constantly demand her attention. And you, for sure, already know it. This does not mean that you are ready to put up with that, then you will be in second place in your relations. It’s easy to say that you do not have problems with this, but, like in many things, it can be easier said than it is.Not every young man is ready to cope with the limitations of family life. However, you can never put a mother before the choice of “me or a child.” After all, you understand what the answer will be.


Whether the child is a kid or a teenager, everything will change at the last minute. The child can suddenly get sick, mess things up at home or at school.

You were a child – you know how it works. Having a child is like water in that in a second he changes the calm state to a storm. Believe, she really was looking forward to this date all week and did her best to spend this time with you, but one word from the child can change all plans.

It is sometimes better to have more open plans, where you will have several options. In addition, you will greatly surprise her, showing that you can cope with sudden changes in the schedule.


Perhaps you accidentally met her with a child, or maybe you just know the child through social networks. In any case, just because you started dating her doesn’t mean that you automatically get the right to meet her child too. Acquaintance with people who briefly appear in the life of their mother, and then dehumanize for no apparent reason can be detrimental to the children.

Don’t push her to introduce you to her child. She knows exactly when will be the right time. She wants to make sure that you will be around, at least in the short term, before bringing you into the life of your child. At the same time, if you have met for several months, you are seriously attuned and have not yet met with her child, you can raise this issue. But never push it, otherwise, you can push your girlfriend away.


If she is a single mother, there is a high probability that she didn’t imagine her life so. Her dating might fail once. Maybe her Child’s father left, maybe they got divorced, or maybe she’s a widow. In any case, she trusted one of the most important events in her life, and this trust was violated, even if it was the fate that deprived her of her husband.

First, you need to be gentle and do it slowly. She cannot just jump on your neck without thinking. Secondly, you must earn her trust. Things that can be missed or easily removed in other ways (for example, being late, stumbling upon an untold past, or some suspicious texts on your phone) can now be much bigger problems. You need to make sure that she knows that your word is firm, and she can rely on you.


Her child will not go anywhere. Even if you have a good relationship, her child is a part of her life and, in turn, will someday become a part of yours. If your relationship with the mother passes by the relationship with the child, you must be honest about your feelings for the children. If you are not mature enough to deal with family life, or if you just do not like children, back off.

To know her mother is rather essential. You just need to approach it differently. This idea may be more attractive than the thought of starting from scratch, experiencing pregnancies, diapers, screams and sleepless nights. Do not be afraid of dating. Just do not make assumptions and walk slowly and cautiously. For more dating tips please read this

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