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Authenticity is the key to a successful international relationship

August 17, 2021 by in Dating advice
international dating

According to the recent news about international dating, sustainable, happy and satisfying relationships are best characterized by trust and integrity. 😊 Why you must be vulnerable in relationships: If you never show your vulnerabilities in relationships, you will never meet the right person because you are hiding who you really are. When you aren’t honest,… read more

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How to move on and then meet Slavic women

June 13, 2021 by in Dating advice
Slavic women

Ghosting is a common behavior when western women end relationships. Basically, ghosting means somebody ends all communication suddenly out of nowhere. This actually happens to everybody, and a lot of people around me have also ghosted somebody. Therefore, it’s not uncommon nowadays. Usually, ghosting means this person doesn’t know how to end things properly, so they choose ghosting as a simple way… read more

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