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Dating advice


March 18, 2019 by

If you understand that now your relationship is not going through the best period, you should think about how to save them.


You should not act alone, but with your lady. It should be understood that any couple is facing a crisis in relations. It’s just that someone is making efforts and working on themselves, but someone does not want to strain and part. What can you do to keep the relationship?


If you are extremely honest, you will show that you trust her. And do not be afraid to open your most vulnerable parts. Tell her everything you think about, and what feelings you are experiencing at the moment. This will make a huge impact on your future relationship. You do not have to pick words, because the main requirement for such a conversation is sincerity. Do not blame your lady for anything, but only talk about your feelings and emotions that you are trampling at the moment when she is doing something wrong.


Very many couples broke up because it was more important for them to defend their case, and not to admit mistakes and come together to a compromise. It is necessary to understand, if you are in a relationship, you will make certain concessions. If you want to be together, you need to work out a common strategy and follow it.


This is one of the most difficult steps. You will need to make such a decision, with which you will agree. You should find such a way out of the situation that would suit you and your lady at the same time. The two of you should understand that to find a compromise is not to give up your own opinion. This is to find a mutually beneficial solution.


It is necessary to sincerely forgive a woman for what she did to you. For all the negative emotions that you experienced, for all quarrels and scandals. For all the unpleasant words she told you. It’s clear that you cannot just forget all this. And do not take such as the norm. You just have to let go of all the emotions that this situation causes in you and forgive your girlfriend. Yes, she made a mistake. But you both have already learned from this lesson. Do not get hung up, move on.


If you have already determined what exactly your problem was, you just need to act according to your plan. This must be a mutual decision. You must do everything synchronously. If only one person tries, nothing will work out.


Of course, you no longer hold evil against each other. But you need to discuss what you will not allow anymore. For example, you are terribly annoying when she raises her voice at you. Do not be afraid to tell her about it openly and emphasize that you will not tolerate this anymore.


If the goal is that you no longer want to be nervous. And you dream that you are left alone, then you are not ready to change. You will simply, as before, control your lady and her behavior. And for relationships this will not be progress. This will only exacerbate all your problems.


Do you remember your first meetings when you just started dating? How did you get involved in each other, how you did not want anything else, but how to be close? It is very important to learn how to keep this atmosphere after a certain time spent together. Try to communicate as much as possible with her, ask about her life, work, hobbies. Show that you are really interested. Thus, you will establish new boundaries in your relations, which will try not to pass. When is it worth trying to maintain a relationship? A long relationship means that you really love each other. You just need to accept the fact that a crisis in a relationship is normal. It happens even in couples that seem ideal at first sight. If you understand that this relationship no longer brings you pleasure, do not continue them. Honestly talk to the girl, tell me about everything that does not suit you. Sometimes parting means making the right decision.

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March 10, 2019 by



The most difficult period of any, even very strong, the relationship is conflict. As it’s known, that a peak and a very unsightly part of the conflict is the scandal, in which both sides pass to individuals and can fall into the heat of discussion to direct insults aimed at each other

Of course, both men and women bring arguments in their defense during the conflict, but these arguments do not always work. The fact is that women and men assess the arguments of the opposite side in different ways. We have some useful tips on how to avoid escalating disputes and quarrels in scandals.


Most women and men do not want to settle disputes through passive communication like SMS, Viber or any social networks. People are ready to tell each other absolutely everything, even what they do not really think behind the back. Direct communication, in the opinion of the majority, is much more conducive to the reign of peace and tranquility.


There are certain phrases, the utterance of which can easily turn any conflict into a scandal. And although these phrases themselves are not offensive or so, and women and men in the majority claim that the use of certain words can lead them out of balance. For the majority, these the phrases are: “You do not understand!” And “Calm down!”.


This is the most difficult of all that can be. Here we mean, not the themes as they are, but the charges associated with these topics. Women are not able to bear when a partner accuses them of squandering or in poor housekeeping. Think before you speak.


Anyway, the conflict cannot last forever. Sooner or later it needs to be finished. Men feel that they are more inclined than women to compromise during disagreements, however, women believe that twice as often as men are able to admit they are wrong.

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February 17, 2019 by

Feeling anxious about an upcoming first date? The thought of a first date can be very stressful. Don’t worry, first date nerves are completely normal.

Here are 5 tips Ways to Get Over First Date Nerves.


 Going into a date feeling negative or too stressed won’t make for a good date. To help with this negativity, try to get yourself into a positive mood before going on the date. Do something before your date that makes you happy and increases your mood.


If you tend to get first date nerves, it’s fine to keep things simple. Drinking coffee, getting drinks, or meeting for dinner are all perfect first date ideas and they take a bit of the pressure off.



Going on a date is a mutual decision, which means the other person wants to go on a date with you. This should give you a bit of confidence to help with your nerves. Try to find ways to increase your confidence as you prepare for your date so you can be your best self.


If every date went perfectly, people wouldn’t need to date multiple people or feel worried. The reality is that some first dates are awkward, bad, or boring. That’s normal. Don’t let everything ride on this one date, and it may help lessen your nervousness.


And listen to what they’re saying. The more time you spend getting to know your date, the less time you’ll have to worry about why you’re nervous or what could go wrong.

We would be happy to help you with any questions you have. Feel free to visit our blog .

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October 24, 2018 by


All of you want to be the best man for your lady.

So we collected some tips to help you to become the best boyfriend you can be.

  1. The first thing to do is to figure out what you want in a girlfriend and relationship. It’s important to think about it. Usually you want to find someone who enjoys the same things you do. But at the same time you can’t make someone like what you like, and it isn’t going to make you a good boyfriend. And it’s totally OK to have different likes and hobbies. You can learn from each other, and it can give you some time to do your activity on your own.
  2. The next thing to do is to learn how to communicate effectively. The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that needs to be practiced. Many guys struggle with what to say and how to say it and this is totally OK. But if you really shy and don’t practice, you’re never going to get good at it. Talking about how you feel is never a weakness and is relevant a huge strength. Girls love it when you can express what you are thinking or feeling.
  3. You should keep it simple. Things like carrying her bag, doing some little work at home, or even taking out the trash. These small gestures constantly reaffirm your feelings for her. Ask her how her day was. Offer to help her with something. Small things you do for her will keep gently fanning the flame of love.
  4. You should be a master of compromises. Compromise is one thing a lot of couples struggle with. Sometimes, if you want to be a good boyfriend, ask her what she’d love to do, to watch or etc., if she could pick anything, and be ready to say yes to whatever it is. You’ll surprise her by agreeing and become the best boyfriend in the world.
  5. The next advice is to respect her online presence. Once you guys are dating, it’s totally cool to check out and interact with all of her social media accounts. Don’t comment on everything she posts. Don’t challenge or argue with any of her contacts. What you should do is make sure you like some things she posts, especially the stuff she’s proud of.
  6. And last but not least is to understand that time away from each other is a good thing. Many times in that first flush of love, you want to spend every minute with the object of your lady. But a bit later, it’s important to have some time away from each other. Spending time apart is a great way to miss each other, develop positive feelings of looking forward to seeing each other again, and allows you to talk to each other about what you did when you were apart.

Learning how to be, a good boyfriend, eventually fiancé, and then husband is a lifelong journey.

More tips you can find on our blog here.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Life Partner

April 26, 2018 by
married couple

Choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. The person you choose is the one whom you will share everything with for the rest of your life – the happy and sad, the ups and downs, the good and the bad. Being with the person you’re meant to be with is a fulfilling experience. But knowing how to pick the right one is easier said than done. Here’s a helpful guide you can use to increase your chances of finding a lifetime of love with the right life partner.

Know yourself better

The first step to finding your partner for life begins with having an accurate view of yourself. To determine the perfect person for you, you must know exactly who you are and what you want. Know what you like and what you don’t like. Know what you’re looking for in a partner. Think about the kind of person you want to spend your whole life with. By honestly examining yourself, it will be easier for you to know if a person is the one for you when you meet them.

Define your life goals

It’s crucial for any person to find someone who will share the same goals and aspirations in life as them. It’s going to be a lot better when you get to be with someone who is on the same page as you when it comes to what you want in your married life. So, it’s imperative you think about what your goals and values are. Think about your deal breakers when it comes to life plans. Are you someone who is serious about building a family and having kids? Where do you want to live? What kind of lifestyle do you want to have?

Don’t rush into making a decision

Many people make the mistake of jumping into a marriage or relationship because of the wrong reasons. Some make the wrong choice out of fear of being alone, and some are just not thinking about it at all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. In fact, it’s much better to be single than to be with the wrong person.

If you can’t find a life partner for you at the moment, there’s no need to rush. You will regret it more than you know.  Don’t jump into a committed relationship right off the bat without giving yourself enough time to know a person well.

Don’t stick to a checklist

Some people have a “relationship checklist” when searching for a partner for life. But it’s something you just don’t need. While it is important to determine the things which matter to you and the things a potential lifetime partner must have, there’s no need for a “required” checklist. You can’t limit yourself to what your checklist tells you. Otherwise, you might just be losing the chance of finding someone who is a great match for you.

Look for the qualities that help you establish a strong partnership

Looking for a life partner? Your focus should be on looking for the values and qualities which help you build a happy, healthy and strong partnership. Your ultimate goal is to be able to build a successful relationship and/or marriage. So it is important you find a person who has the qualities needed to help you create the kind of relationship you want.

Find someone who won’t feel the need to change you

One of the main reasons why relationships fail and love doesn’t last? Because some people feel the need to change their partners. This usually happens when they’re past that starry eyed honeymoon stage and they get to discover a lot more about their partners. However, true love means that you accept a person for who they are. It means that you won’t feel the need to change anything about them. And the same is true for you.

Find a person who will embrace everything about you. When you find that person, you know that you are in a comfortable place. And you are in a relationship where you won’t have to force yourself to be someone you’re not.

Choosing the perfect partner for life is the first step that will lead you to happy married life. Use these tips to help you find that person. And if you’re interested to meet single Russian women, please visit Ukraine Brides Agency.

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March 22, 2018 by

Online dating is one of the best ways for men to meet women.  In order to be successful at online dating, however, you need to avoid these seven key mistakes when you meet someone for the very first time.



When you’re going to have your first one-and-one meeting with a lady you met online, the first thing you need to do is to get the fantasy of that person out of your head. Many times women write the fantasy version of themselves in their profile. They write what they want to be or who they think they might be, and not who they really are.  So the first thing to do when you meet an online date in person is to look past the profile, and really just get to know your partner.


People tend to get too nervous when meeting someone for a date and by that, they end up sabotaging it. Think of it as an opportunity to meet someone new, just like you would meet a friend for coffee, and nothing more.  Getting to know her might make you feel nervous, but nevertheless, you should try to calm down and enjoy your date. So, your judgment is not clouded by your emotions and you can make a clear impression of the date.

 Making it all about them.

Another mistake so many men make when meeting online dates in person for the first time is focusing on what that the lady thinks of him. Stop worrying about this.

What happens when you do that is instead of thinking you had a great time and a chance to meet someone new, you go home and analyze that one thing you said.

The truth is you never know what someone else is thinking unless you ask them. This leads right into the next mistake.

Not being in the moment.

A lot of people never stay in the moment and they spend the whole date wondering whether that other person likes them. You will end up spending the entire date worrying about what a woman thinks about you, and you will forget to enjoy the date. This is a thing you want to avoid, try thinking that you are out with a friend, and really try to get to know the lady better. If all goes well during your first date and you are really excited about her, ask her out on a second one. You have nothing to lose.


After you’ve finally decided to go out with this person, after all the communication you have had, you might get a little too excited when you go out. You might even think to yourself, “This is the person for me. I can tell. I can feel it.” Wrong, if you think like this on a first date you will surely find yourself disappointed because you’re not going to enjoy the date or get to know her, which is actually the whole point of a first date. By eliminating those expectations and thoughts that this person is your potential soul mate, and by just going on the date to get to know that person better, you are giving the meeting a chance to succeed.



This is another mistake, going out with someone for the first time.  Concentrating on what might happen after the date instead of what is going on during the date is the quickest way to ruin your chance of connecting with that person. Focus on the date itself not on what might come afterward.


Men usually worry about chemistry.  About when they can kiss a woman or when to touch her, as women spend the date worrying about if the man will kiss them or if they will ask them out again. Just enjoy the date, stop worrying so much and live the moment. Enjoy the time you spend with the new lady and get to know her.

Even if the date doesn’t go so well, you can just go home, and try again. It’s really fun meeting people in real life after you’ve met them online, as it gives you some perspective. Just be patient and calm.

Please, follow these four tips and you will be a stronger person that others seek out and want to be with. However, for more information follow the link

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January 31, 2018 by



Dear friends, we continue to share amazing news with you! And here is one more story of Blake and Nadezhda. Recently, two beloved halves have been united and one more bright shining star of a lovely couple has appeared on the of Ukraine Brides Agency timeline. Our lady who met her beloved man on our site wants to share her story with you. Please, read this fascinating story and greet our sweethearts.



Nadezhda’s story.

“Do you believe that life can surprise?

Well, I would like to share my story with you.

Since a long time, I had a dream to meet my perfect man, which is not easy nowadays. So, in spring 2017, if to be specific, I met a nice, handsome guy with good sense of humor, a guy who is funny, understands and supports me. It happened on

I preferred video chats to letters because you can watch the man- his facial expression,  his behavior- you get to know him more, agree?

I remember the day when we met for the first time. Saw a guy near the fountains with chocolates and flowers, he seemed to be nervous. I guess I was nervous as well; I really wanted our meeting to be perfect. He wore a blue shirt because before I mentioned that he looked good in this color. It was so sweet. I found him a very interesting and funny, it seemed we were alike, our jokes, our minds. We were on the same wave and honestly, we have the same tastes in lots of things, that is really great.

Furthermore, we started to see each other more often, we got to know each other better. We understood that we want to be together. Time to time we were traveling and in Mexico he asked me to marry him. It was the happiest day ever)

For this reason, I want to thank the agency and the website for such a nice changing in my life, for new future, a new beginning.

Frankly speaking, I admit that life does surprise and brings the most precious gifts!”


We are so happy for this wonderful couple.

For more news follow our blog and take a look at our recent useful articles!



December 7, 2017 by

One of the unique characteristics of using an online dating site and looking for your special Russian woman or Ukrainian lady is that there can be language barriers that require personalized translation and assistance. It helps to ensure that you receive direct and intended messages. In such a case we suggest to have video chats, so both men and women may be sure that they wish to make another step toward a serious communication.

Many ladies depend on local agencies who provide the services to provide translations and to assist the man and the lady to develop a relationship. Many Ukrainian women have busy lives, including working and raising children and, while they genuinely seek a foreign husband, have difficulty finding the time to devote to the serious task of finding a foreign date.

Too often, ladies register at a local agency but then are not able to be the clients anymore and their profile may remain dormant at the agency and on dating sites, for a long time. It can be common for ladies to expect this poor service and give up hope.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is regularly following up with our ladies to ensure that they know what they can do in next steps with men, ensure that they respond to messages and chat requests and to ensure that the lady is still actively searching, especially if there has been no interest in her profile for a while.

Recently, we have received positive feedback from some of our ladies and this is gratifying to us as it shows that our work is being appreciated. Often, the ladies are not so well looked after by agencies and sites, but to us, that makes no sense. To have a successful dating site requires that both the men and the ladies that use the site are happy and active.

Some of the feedback that we have received is:

Lady Olga (username: Brilliant_Olga) said: “Thank you so much for your help. You are so attentive to me… I appreciate it.”

UKRAINIAN LADIESUKRAINIAN LADIESEspecially relevant, Lady Natalia (username: tender_lady_natalia) said: “Good evening. Thanks for your attention to me. I’m very pleased. Yes, my profile is relevant because I’m still looking for my second half. I will be grateful to you for your help. Thank you for the support.

Sincerely, Natalia”


Furthermore, Lady Marina (username: Gentle_Marina) said: “I thank you for such benevolence and responsiveness! I was very pleased to receive such an early response to my appeal. Most noteworthy, it is wonderful to feel such a strong support! It is impossible to give up a dream with such a team. I will be very glad to continue the joint communication and search. With respect and gratitude, Marina”.

UKRAINIAN LADIESUKRAINIAN LADIESUKRAINIAN LADIESUKRAINIAN LADIESMoreover, Lady Irina said: “I did not think that registration would be so fast. Apparently, you have a really serious site. Thanks for your help!”

UKRAINIAN LADIESHowever, Irina is correct – we are a really serious site and we want all our members, men and women, to receive the best support we can offer and to find success as quickly as possible.

Contact us anytime at

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Fun New Feature to Help Find Your Ukrainian Bride

July 4, 2017 by

We have just added a new feature to the site to help you find your Ukraine woman much easier. It is clever and fun and I am sure you will enjoy it.

We have added a section to your dashboard called Suggested Members:

These are Ukraine ladies that are generated from the list of ladies that you have favourited (you must have at least 5 ladies favourited to enjoy this feature). The site will search the attributes of your favourited ladies and will select other ladies who have similar attributes.

These attributes are based on:

  • Age
  • Physical Attributes (height, hair colour, eye colour)
  • English Level
  • Has Children
  • Desires More Children

The system will search our database of women and suggest to you Ukrainan ladies that are a close match to those whom you have favourited.

The neat thing is, and this is where it is fun, you can adjust the attributes by clicking the Improve These Suggestions link and you can move the sliders for each attribute to give them greater or lesser importance, refine your search and show a new list of suggested ladies. If you think some attributes are more important to you, just move the slider – simple!

We hope you enjoy the new feature and that it helps you find your special lady.

However, this feature is not matchmaking, but merely suggestions based on who you have favourited. If you want our help to match-make for you, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist. We offer a free matchmaking service and also a more intensive matchmaking service and we will look forward to helping you to find love and happiness. This new feature is a great way to narrow your search and our matchmaking can help refine the list to that really special Ukraine Lady.

We are available 24/7 and look forward to talking with you.


Matchmaking service

June 28, 2017 by

Many successful businessmen as well as Ukrainian ladies are using marriage sites and matchmaking service today. The international men and Russian women who search for love have their own business that requires their full attention to continuing its growth and prosperity. Therefore, these people try to minimize their effort in searching for a partner by turning their attention to marriage sites. They also often use a matchmaking service to find a person who completely fits their expectations. I would like to tell you more about our special service of matchmaking.

Types of matchmaking

Ukraine Brides offer 2 different types of matchmaking service:

1.  Free matchmaking service

2. Individual matchmaking service by your criteria

Both options include filling in a Matchmaking Questionnaire to determine the search criteria and partner characteristics. Once the survey is returned to us, we start working on it to find your special life partner. We choose from a range of the Ukrainian ladies from  agencies, all of whom were personally vetted by our team. According to your wish we may additionally invite you to a one-on-one Skype consultation with our marriage specialist. This communication will help us to understand your expectations and fears, your personal attitude to different types of ladies and their behavior. The whole procedure usually takes up to 7 days to be completed. So, what is the difference between the matchmaking types?

 Free matchmaking service

Our team searches for 5 Ukrainian ladies that fit the criteria you state in your questionnaire. We suggest to you the women in your age category and desired weight and height range. We may choose them by a specific city due to your preferences. You are under no obligation to contact any of the ladies that we recommend, but this procedure will significantly save your time and money while you search for your special Ukrainian lady. The free matchmaking service is a good opportunity for newly registered users as it helps them to start communicating with the ladies of a target group soon after initial registration. You do not need to waste your time and effort on getting to know how the site services work as the Ukraine Brides team will gladly explain you the ways of interaction while discussing your preferences.

 Individual matchmaking service

This service includes additionally searching for profiles with specific features important to you. We supply you the usernames of the Ukrainian ladies who we feel meet your criteria and personality, based on your questionnaire.

If the choice of ladies does not satisfy you, we continue the search. We offer you additional personal consultations via Skype to further refine your criteria. Our main aim is to find Ukrainian women that will be perfect matches for you. This work is the very heart of what we do and why we do our business.

 Why is this search individual?

Men often search for a specific feature that a Ukrainian lady must possess, in which case we turn to our partners to ask them whether one of their elite ladies fit their criteria. We often get a request to find a lady of a specific profession or having a particular hobby. Many men want to share all spheres of their life with their Ukrainian bride and their favorite hobby is a great way to unite with their lady and spend a lifetime of wonderful time together. Sometimes we even have the pleasure of searching for Ukraine women similar in appearance to a certain movie star! Such request is not an outstanding one. Remember that your questionnaire is private and confidential and that we do not release it to anyone outside of our partners and we only use it for the purpose of finding an ideal lifetime partner for you.

Individual matchmaking procedure

This matchmaking type requires a lot of time and attention and easily justifies the investment of the $100 fee. This includes:

1)  one-on-one Skype consultation with our marriage specialist;

2) working out your questionnaire and pre-selection of the women among all the Ukrainian ladies from the database of ladies according to your requirements;

3) a survey of ladies and refinement of the list to determine who are sincerely interested in you, have no serious communication on the site and want to be in serious relationship very soon;

4) contacting each lady to find out whether she is interested in getting to know the man judging from his profile details;

5) submitting a final selection – this is the final choice of ladies for communication.

 When selection is done

The next step after the selection is to see with which ladies you will have successful communication and which ones you like in a video chat. For this, you need to ask the ladies what time is comfortable for them to video chat and then to book the chat.

If you want to order one of the matchmaking types, please contact us and inform us about your desires. We are always happy to help you with any questions during the whole process – just ask or experts. Our personal consultations will help you to understand national specialties and avoid cultural misunderstandings with your Ukrainian lady. We will make the matchmaking a wonderful experience for you.

If you wish to find out more about either matchmaking service follow this link:


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