First rate program Tim, USA and Novya Kakhovka Ukraine – 7th April 2010

April 26, 2010 by

“Finally an Agency that delivers more then Promised. Don’t be fooled by by the huge numbers of Ukrainian Marriage agencies that are nothing more then scams designed to seperate you from your money. Keith has put together a first rate program that he backs up every day. You will find real Ukranian girls who desire your attention not pictures of Bikini scad models that are as fake as the agency itself. I’m a American living in Ukraine and I have seen and heard it all. Real girls sending real letters with real pictures. A rarity in the International Marriage industry. Two Thumbs Up.”

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You are amazing, thanks Keith Joe, USA – 29th March 2010

March 26, 2010 by

“I think the Ukrainian Bridal Agency is amazing. Keith and his team are very professional and go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. I have great confidence that I will come away from my experience with the Ukrainian Bridal Agency with a great relationship with a wonderful woman. So far my experience has been first rate and I can only imagine that it will improve in the future!” – Joe

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An agency I can trust Glenn, New Zealand – 28th March 2010

March 26, 2010 by

“I have found Keith and UBA to offer the best client service than any other comparable site I’ve tried. I have called and emailed UBA several times and every time found them flawless in their sincere commitment towards helping me.

There’s something sincere, honest and refreshing about them. I highly recommend their service.” – Glen

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Ukraine Brides agency overcame my scepticism John, Australia – 25th March 2010

March 26, 2010 by

“I was sceptical when first joining UBA. The real surprise was the service and the quality of the ladies on the site.

Everyone is genuine and after a few days I started chatting to one lady and am now making plans to meet her soon. One simple difference is that Keith and his managers REALLY do care about the ladies and the clients.

Unlike other USA based companies who seem more interested in getting hundreds of letters sent and gouging as much from our credit cards as they can. Don’t believe me! Join Ukraine Brides agency and I think you will quickly see the difference. Thanks Keith for your service. Keep it up.” – John

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The nightmare of dating online! Paul, UK – 20th December 2009

December 26, 2009 by

“Following the initial trauma and heartbreak of the loss of what was a faithful and loving marriage, I decided to move on and begin a new life, not easy at my age and lets face it, it’s been a long time since I talked to a woman with a view to anything more than conversation. I began to look on the internet for a new potential partner, at first on the more popular UK sites, being English, this seemed most sensible to me. How wrong I was!”

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Mark and Yana, March 2009

March 26, 2009 by

“It is really important for any woman to meet a man, who will triad her as a real lady. The only one with whom a woman could walk hand by hand through life and could bring into the world small children together, to meet the End of the days in Sadness and Happiness!”

I am sure marriages are made in heaven!

Mark and I would like to tell our sincere gratitude for help and support in our endeavors and desire to make our lives complete and happy.

Our story starts when I went to the local dating agency and apply for services. I have in mind what one of my friends got married with their help with Englishman. I have never met before with anyone through the dating sites, I couldn’t believe something can happen to me.

I received some letters, but there were no feels special, which I would say become my second half.

One day I received the invitation from the local agency to meet a man who came to Ukraine for find destiny and a beloved one.

I never will forget this day, when I have seen my Mark. We just started to talk and I felt very close to him and I believe that we can become really special persons for each other.

After I invited Mark to my home, introduced to my relatives and in few days he comes back to Belgium. We to write emails daily and he called me by the phone each morning, afternoon.

I couldn’t imagine how fast I can be in love with this man.

We build plans for the future and Mark invited me to see his home. When I visit him I was treated as a member of the family – warm and welcoming.

In March we got married after a big process of paper work.

Now I can say that my life just starts with my man and a new country – I feel at home because of my love here.

I would like to recommend all singles to apply to the services of this site and dating agency “Jasmine” in Zaporozhye Ukraine.

With warm wishes,

Yana and Mark

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Jacek from Sweden and Elena, August 2008

August 26, 2008 by

“Thank you! I’m a very happy man. I have most beautiful and intelligent wife and great family.”

I went to see my wonderful lady 3 months after our first letter. I was curious a lot going to a foreign country. I didn’t know the Russian language and my lady’s English level was very poor, but I decided just doing the opposite to what usually I do.

I decided to meet Elena in a weekend, but my plane was delayed for one day. When we met each other, I know it was love from first sight.

Ukraine where my Elena is from is a different country then my own Sweden. People seem little bit sad and buildings, roads are looks old, but food was very tasty, homemade. Women like to dress nice and look beautiful.

After meeting on vacations we married in Svedala Sweden.

My advice for others people trying this way is to go with your gut feeling.

I’m a richest man today, because I have most important in life – family. Now I have learning Russian what has opened a new world to me”.



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