Diolli Matchmaking – Ukraine Brides Partnership Exciting News!

February 20, 2016 by

We are delighted to announce that the international matchmaking leader Diolli have partnered with us in an exclusive collaboration to assist men and ladies to find genuine international love.

Diolli http://en.diolli.com/ has been providing exceptional one-on-one matchmaking services since 2008 and, under the direction of owner Svetlana Mukha has grown to be recognised as one of the most successful matchmaking businesses in the world. This was recognised in February 2016 at the International iDate Awards in Miami when Svetlana was awarded the prize as The Best Matchmaker.

Ukraine Brides is excited about this exclusive partnership as it allows us to offer a complete marriage service to all our men and ladies, whether through dating, travel or through personalised matchmaking services. Diolli’s decision to partner with us is an endorsement of the ethics and standards with which we have developed our brand over the years.

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We will provide further information about this over the next few weeks and welcome any questions about this exciting news.

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Steve-USA-January 2016

February 8, 2016 by

Hello dear Ukraine Brides Agency Team,

I would like to ask you to please delete my account profile from the Ukraine Brides website

However, the reason that I ask this is a very happy reason!! 🙂 I have been so fortunate to have met a wonderful lady, who is the woman of my dreams. And I have been blessed with her love, and she is my beloved! We plan our future together now!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to you for the amazing service Ukraine Brides Agency provides… I have a had such a positive and enjoyable experience on the website… And it is literally true… your agency has truly changed my life!! Thank you so much once again for your kind assistance, and please accept my sincere wishes for much continued success in the future!

Take care and best regards,



Jim-USA-January 2016

February 1, 2016 by

….. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the agency and staff for the excellent service and product you deliver. When it comes to customer service, I have found no other company here or abroad, that provides the level of service as Ukraine Brides. Bravo

Thank you

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Eric-USA-January 2016

January 28, 2016 by

Hello Dear support Team,

Thank you for reminding me to let you know of my first dating experience with Ukraine brides. Firstly, may I point out that this industry has become very corrupt with persons who exploit people who are genuinely trying to find their life long love. Contrasted to this harsh reality is your agency. It is not an easy thing to do to overcome the stereo types, however, your agency and your interpreter specifically have done so in amazing ways. The cost of the service seems to be within a reasonable price range, so I think that there is great value herein. I am certain all who participated with arranging my date with Inga all handled their part of the process with professionalism that reflects the respect that you have for your clients.

The real mention will be of the translator. Katerina was on time. She was polite. She was patient. She was kind. Additionally, she exercised care and concern during the translation process. She would listen to me patiently and then make the translation seeming effortlessly which I perceive to mean that she has mastered the English language superbly. Not an easy thing to do in respect that sometimes there are not direct equivalent translations.

The take away:

When I return home to the USA, undoubtedly many of my friends will wish to repeat my positive results. Please know that I will recommend your agency over and above the more popular sites. I will even advise them to stay away from the other sites and use your agency exclusively. I trust your agency to deliver the services that you have promised.

Thank you Ukraine Brides, job well done.

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Raj and Anna – The Wedding

November 4, 2015 by

Over the last 2 months Raj and Anna have sent us videos following their recent engagement and also leading up to their wedding. I have mentioned these in our regular weekly emails and these are on our testimonial pages.

Raj is from London and he married Anna from Zhytomir on September 16 in a very special wedding ceremony. They generously allowed us to share their video and you can view it below

It is a very lavish occasion and the happy couple are very much in love. We congratulate them and wish them every best wish for the future.

An interesting story lies behind this relationship. Raj was in Nikolaev a number of months ago to meet women he had met through other sites. These had not worked out and he spoke with a friend, Vitali, that he was quite disillusioned with the prospects of ever finding a special Ukraine lady.

Vitali suggested to Raj that he try Ukraine Brides Agency as he knows some of our staff and can vouch for our genuineness. Thankfully Raj decided to try us and within a few short months he was engaged to Anna.

I had coffee with Vitali a short while ago and he was very excited about the engagement and also the fact that Raj had invited he and his wife to the wedding in Zhytomir. I have watched the video a few times and I can see a beaming Vitali in the background.

Please watch the video and enjoy!

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Kyle-New Zealand-September 2015

October 13, 2015 by

1. How was your trip in general?
Ukraine is a fantastic country to visit having traveled extensively around the world it has its own unique characteristics and challenges but we’ll worth the effort.
2. What are your impressions about the ladies you met?
My original plan was just to meet the one lady who I had been communicating with for over a year in Zhytomir (unfortunately in reality she was different ) it happens in life. I meet two further ladies who were wonderful individuals.
3. Did you have any unresolved problems during your stay in Ukraine?
Your company was always a email or phone call away so never any problems. I had a mixture of travel tourism and meeting the lady. Ukraine is more than pretty girls , it has much to offer in sights and attractions I would recommend people combine all three. Chernobyl is a must do tour and your company organized this for me.
4. Are you satisfied with the quality, organization and technical support given to you during your trip?
The translators were very professional with communication and feedback. Particular attention to my translator Olga who gave exceptional service and was more like a old friend .
5. Would you use the “individual romance tour” again?
Yes I would definitely,
6. Would you recommend our site or a tour to any of your friends?
Yes again definitely, although things did not work out for me I highly recommend your services.

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Tom-San Francisco, USA-September 2015

September 25, 2015 by

– How was your trip in general?
My trip was fantastic. I found the people of Zaporozhye to be friendly and helpful to a man with very little Russian ability. The interpreter, Nadezhda was fantastic as well.
– What are your impressions about the ladies you met?
I met only one lady, I came to Ukraine only to meet her, and if I am very blessed of God, she will one day be my wife.
– Did you have any unresolved problems during your stay in Ukraine? No
– Are you satisfied with the quality, organization and technical support given to you during your trip? Yes
– Would you use the “Individual romance tour” again?
I hope to return in late December with your help again, so, yes.
– Would you recommend our site or a tour to any of your friends?
Yes, I referred a man I met on my return flight to your site after his negative experience with another site.

I want to say again that the interpreter, Nadezhda, made my trip a success, her help and even advice to me along the way was invaluable, she reminded me that I needed to breathe, needed to remember that my lady was just as nervous as I. The man I mentioned on my return flight was very irate about the need for an interpreter and having to pay for the meals of the interpreter, etc. He felt the cost was fully explained to him, your information was clear, even though I misread some instruction regarding payment to the interpreter in US currency, it was my error and not yours. I am happy beyond description with the interpreter and other assisitance I received from you.