Isaac-USA, Seattle-April 2016

April 18, 2016 by

     Feedback of Isaac about the services of Ukraine Brides Agency

I would like to say that Ukraine Brides Agency is a superlative and exceedingly legitimate business and is perhaps, the only creditable matchmaking service in the world and certainly in the Slavic countries.

Their care, diligence, excellence and professionalism in the entire process involving the special ordering and delivery of the bouquet of flowers to my Olga was exemplary and is a reflection of the degree to which they represent the beautiful ladies who graciously adorn this website. If you are a foreign man who desires to win the heart of one of these ladies I testify to you that these ladies are real and that Ukraine Brides Agency is dedicated to your search as they are their representation of these exquisite flowers of Slavic beauty.

If you would like to know the success formula for winning their hearts and hands, here it is:
1. Be sure that you’ve “got your act together.”
2. Be adventurous, confident, kind, gracious and courteous.
3. Realize that you are now embarked on winning the heart of one of the most desirable of women in the world who is probably much more than you can comprehend or maybe even deserve. Nevertheless, she is approachable and her heart is winnable.
4. Remember that Ukrainian women, despite their dazzling looks do not consider their beauty as their greatest asset but rather their desires to be the ultimate wife, companion, mother, homemaker and cornerstone of her family and 100% enthusiastic supporter of her man.
5. Before you seek to impress her first seek to know her for she is more interested in your soul than in your wallet.
6. If in the end you succeed in winning the heart of one of these treasures, care for her as you would your most valuable possession because she will become your greatest blessing.

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Robert-Gainesville, USA-April 2016

April 7, 2016 by

Hello again Team!

I do not use the term team lightly neither, as it was just recently that I requested special attention for my lady Ekaterina and her English courses. I requested that she receive more instruction than just the basics. You all pulled together, along with her local Agency Jasmine and put together a wonderful package for her and I so that she could obtain proper mentoring with the English language.
The local Agency Jasmine went outside of the realm and contacted a 25 year veteran teacher to provide Ekaterina proper English lessons. Not only did they go out of their way to do such, they did it expediently! It was not but just two days after the arrangements had been made and Ekaterina was taking her very first lesson!
I cannot thank you all enough for the services that you have provided not only to me, but to my lady as well. Again and again you continuously go beyond the call of duty to show that you are indeed the best online dating agency available. On behalf of Ekaterina and I, thank you all for everything that you do and continue to do.



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March 28, 2016 by

Happy couple of the UBA’s partner agency Jasmin

Who thought that the Internet would connect hearts in the XXI century :-)?

I experienced that myself thanks to the Marriage Agency Jasmine, which helped me to create a profile on their website. First I wasn’t sure it’s the right way to find one`s happiness but my meeting with a foreigner, which grew into something bigger, surprised me and made me happy. A German man started corresponding with me through the website and then he decided to come to Zaporozhye to meet me in person. I was interested to see him in real life as well as to spend quality time together.

Our first personal meeting was in Zaporozhye. I tried to look natural as well as elegant. Our feelings for each other, which were hard to show through only letters, began to appear there. It was the beginning of my romance with a foreigner 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised by his good manners, culture, politeness, intelligence and courtship. It was a bit unusual for me – he tried to do everything to make me happy, bringing joy, smiles and gifts into my life.

Our correspondence became much more interesting and content after the meeting. We were seeing us via video regularly, at least four times a week.
He invited me to visit him and I accepted his invitation with great pleasure.
We had an unforgettable time in Germany! I felt like I met the most wonderful man in my life.That week gave us new impressions and opened our relationship from a new side.

I am very happy with my dear Arnold and I sincerely wish every girl who is seeking her love to find and to experience same romantic feelings, love, affection, lightness and inspiration,which I experienced due to my meeting with my husband Arnold! Although we have some problems because of the language barrier, I know I can be happy with him even in total silence.
I am married and happy to announce it to the world around me!
It worked for us and so it will work for you too!

Julia and Arnold

Photo Julia and Arnold


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March 23, 2016 by

The happy story how Steve met Marina!

Hello I was asked to share my story on how I met Marina and tell you about our story as she has also done this, so when you see our stories they will be similar.
Back in august 2015 is where this amazing story begins, because I think this was the most important and significant event that has ever happened in my life and don’t get me wrong I have had many great things happen to me .
I had been on the dating site a few times but was losing interest and really thought it was a bit of a waste of time and money lots of request and it just didn’t seem to be real the girls where nice to talk to but no spark, so I made the decision to leave and I opened my laptop and seen I still had some credit left so I thought I would use it, so I logged in and saw that there two girls online and one was Marina, so we made contact and I was not planning to carry on the conversation and just say hi.
Still to this day I remember when the camera came online and we saw each other for the first time, I’m not too sure what came over me but I’m sure time stopped for a second there was a feeling of butterflies in my stomach and we just smiled at each other and began to talk, I was lost in her and for the time we talked and from that moment I fell in love with her and I wanted to tell her but didn’t want her to think I was crazy.
So as you might guess I didn’t leave the site and in a few days I told her how I was feeling as I couldn’t hold these thoughts in and Marina was feeling the same and we continued to talk everyday for the next month, I was not interested in looking for any other woman because all I could think about was her even knowing she was on the other side of the planet it didn’t cross my mind that we would not be together.
So I left and talked to her out of site and continued talking and planning to see each other in real, so in feb 2016 I headed over to see her and go on a trip around the west of Ukraine, we spent an amazing time together I remember arriving at the airport and the door at customs opening and their she was and finally we were able to hold each other which we both had been dreaming about for what seemed so long.
Everything about the trip was natural and comfortable we held hands everywhere we went, Marina always would sit beside me at the restaurant I just didn’t want it to end and was very difficult to leave as I knew I was leaving my soul mate .
But now we are getting plans for her to visit here and start planning our life and I’m sure it won’t be easy but know I will never give up on her and her son.
So to people who go on the dating sites I never thought I would be writing to tell my story, but when you are in love with each other and its from the soul it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, how much money you have, where you meet, as Marina puts it something clicks and you just want to be with this person they become the most beautiful person in the world and you would do anything for them and that’s how I feel about my Angel Marina I want to share my life with her and grow old .
And every day that goes on the love I have for her will never fade she is my sweetheart my babe my everything.

Good luck in your search never give up and be yourself


part 1part 2
part 3

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Diolli Matchmaking – Ukraine Brides Partnership Exciting News!

February 20, 2016 by

We are delighted to announce that the international matchmaking leader Diolli have partnered with us in an exclusive collaboration to assist men and ladies to find genuine international love.

Diolli http://en.diolli.com/ has been providing exceptional one-on-one matchmaking services since 2008 and, under the direction of owner Svetlana Mukha has grown to be recognised as one of the most successful matchmaking businesses in the world. This was recognised in February 2016 at the International iDate Awards in Miami when Svetlana was awarded the prize as The Best Matchmaker.

Ukraine Brides is excited about this exclusive partnership as it allows us to offer a complete marriage service to all our men and ladies, whether through dating, travel or through personalised matchmaking services. Diolli’s decision to partner with us is an endorsement of the ethics and standards with which we have developed our brand over the years.

Diolli                               logo-on-white

best matchmaker                                                   best_product_design_2016

We will provide further information about this over the next few weeks and welcome any questions about this exciting news.

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Steve-USA-January 2016

February 8, 2016 by

Hello dear Ukraine Brides Agency Team,

I would like to ask you to please delete my account profile from the Ukraine Brides website

However, the reason that I ask this is a very happy reason!! 🙂 I have been so fortunate to have met a wonderful lady, who is the woman of my dreams. And I have been blessed with her love, and she is my beloved! We plan our future together now!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to you for the amazing service Ukraine Brides Agency provides… I have a had such a positive and enjoyable experience on the website… And it is literally true… your agency has truly changed my life!! Thank you so much once again for your kind assistance, and please accept my sincere wishes for much continued success in the future!

Take care and best regards,



Jim-USA-January 2016

February 1, 2016 by

….. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the agency and staff for the excellent service and product you deliver. When it comes to customer service, I have found no other company here or abroad, that provides the level of service as Ukraine Brides. Bravo

Thank you

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