How to Meet and Date Ukrainian Brides for Free

As the most sought-after and popular brides from Eastern Europe, Ukrainian brides are the best because of their beauty and personality. There are many ways to meet Ukraine brides for free and let me show you how!

Join a Ukrainian community.

If you live in a big city, chances are there are a lot of Ukrainian people in your city already, as they have moved to western countries now. So, you can just do some research on the internet and find their community in your city. For example, you can go to and see which groups you can join. Participate in their events and cultural activities where you are able to meet Ukrainian people organically. Once they see you as their friend, they can introduce single Ukrainian women to you. This is going to help you a lot because you’ll have social proof, meaning when a Ukrainian lady thinks you know people in her social circle, she will trust you more.

Join an international dating site.

This is clearly the easiest method of meeting Ukrainian brides, for ladies on an international dating website are looking to marry western husbands already. Because internet dating isn’t a taboo topic nowadays, it’s perfectly fine to meet someone cool online.

Frankly, dating a Ukrainian bride who actually lives in Ukraine is usually more beneficial than dating a Ukrainian girl who has moved to a western country because women in Ukraine are more traditional and feminine, whereas Ukrainian girls who have already moved to western countries are more westernized (they are influenced by their new peer group / the western media / feminism). Apart from that, many Ukrainian people who have moved to western countries permanently think they’ve made it in the West, so they can be “hard to get” in a way. But if you meet a lady who is actually in Ukraine, she is very likely to see you as a high-quality candidate as you are a guy from a western country, i.e. the developed world.

You should be able to meet Ukraine brides for free on most international dating sites, but if you want to keep communicating with them online, there should be a membership fee because dating websites are businesses (they are not charities) – you are asking someone to find you a wife, and that’s a big ask, so it shouldn’t be free.

Meet Ukrainian brides free while traveling in Ukraine.

Living in Eastern Europe is cheaper, so you should totally go to Ukraine and meet local women there. When you have a tourist’s mindset, you become open-minded and curious, so you can talk to strangers and you’re willing to experience something exciting and new. Truthfully, when you’re a tourist, your personality can change and you may even become someone else. Please let me explain.

Let’s say you are naturally an introvert, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself and become a different person (e.g. an extrovert) in a different environment. So, my suggestion is: please talk to as many people as possible when you are in Ukraine. You should talk to everyone you meet, no matter they are male or female – when you meet a new friend, that person can become the gate-way person who will introduce other people to you, including qualified Ukrainian brides!

Join Ukrainian cultural groups on Facebook.

As one of the most vibrant social media platforms in the world, Facebook is something that you shouldn’t miss out on because it has many Ukrainian cultural groups there! You can use this platform to meet new people online for free. Just search some keywords about Ukrainian culture on Facebook & discover those active groups – you can join them! When you’re in several groups, simply post some messages and notice who read & respond to your messages. Then you should respond to every single reply or comment so others will pay attention to you. When you do this frequently, you will meet some Ukrainian women who are single and looking for love online, meaning you can become their Facebook friends. Now you have a chance to engage their interest and build emotional connection & trust. Remember to sell yourself to at least one of them – dating is the only situation in which two people are selling and buying at the same time.

Join a Ukrainian / Russian language class.

When a guy is truly curious about Eastern European culture, he is probably interested in learning at least one Eastern European language. So, if you think you can learn Ukrainian or Russian, you should attend a foreign language class! If not now, then when?

When you’re in class, you will meet a lot of like-minded individuals, including other western men who are looking for Ukrainian brides for free. Based on recent research, approximately 75% western guys studying a foreign language want to date foreign women. So, a Russian / Ukrainian language class will give you access to many western men who share the same passion / interest with you. In this way, you can learn from each other – ask them how they meet and date Eastern European women and share your strategies with them as well.

Moreover, if you are able to speak Russian or Ukrainian, you have one more competitive edge – you can talk with Eastern European ladies easily, which will help you with your trip to Eastern Europe as well.

Incidentally, perhaps your foreign language teacher is the gate-way person who can introduce Ukraine brides free to you?! Indeed, the foreign language teacher definitely knows more Eastern European people than you do, so you should become the teacher’s friend if it’s possible.

When you’re trying to become your teacher’s friend, you should ask yourself, “What can I do to add value to this teacher’s life?” Maybe you can send some private students to the teacher’s side business? Perhaps you can teach the teacher how to invest and grow their wealth? Just add real value to their life, and enjoy Law of Reciprocity 😊

Ukraine brides are more beautiful than western women.

I lived in a western country for many years and I know most western women are not very pretty – they are either overweight or too masculine. When you live in a western country and you notice a beautiful woman in the street, you might keep thinking about her for a day. But when you live in Ukraine and you see a good-looking woman in the street, one minute later, you’ll see another good-looking woman in the same street. As a result, men in Ukraine don’t pay much attention to good-looking women. (Another reason is men and women aren’t really equal in Eastern Europe.) Consequently, ladies in Ukraine work hard to look beautiful so they can attract men and win the fierce competition among beautiful women who are all trying very hard to get male attention.

However, men chase women in western countries. Since western women already get male attention without even trying (think Instagram), why would western women work hard to look good in order to impress men? They don’t need to, because they already have thousands of beta orbiters on Instagram 😉

“As junk food is not popular in Ukraine, people in Ukraine are slim and healthy in general. Obesity is mostly a problem in developed countries. That’s why you can see tall and slim women everywhere in Ukraine – most of them look like supermodels in western countries.”

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