How does live text/video chatting work?

We have an inbuilt chat system that means you can chat through the site with any woman who is online.

The live chat system is provided through the site and you are NOT limited with the number of women with whom you can chat. text chat is .50 credits per minute and full video chat is 1 credit per minute

You can toggle between text chat and video/audio chat without interrupting the chat and you and your woman can send video and audio simultaneously provided you have are using a supported browser and device*.

Text chat history is retained on the site for your reference and is neatly stored on your dashboard by each woman.

If the woman who you wish to chat with is not online you can use our chat booking system to book in a chat for another time.

* The following browsers support live video/audio chat:

  • Google Chrome (version 23+)
  • Chrome for Android (version 54+)
  • Android Browser (version 53+)
  • Firefox (version 22+)
  • Firefox for Android (version 50+)
  • Opera (version 18+)
  • Opera Mobile (version 37+)
  • Samsung Internet (version 4+)
  • Safari (version 11+)
  • Safari for iOS (version 11+)
  • Microsoft Edge (version 17+)