Which browsers do you support?

We support any browser:

  • with a global usage of more than 0.5% or;
  • that is within the latest two versions or;
  • that is the latest Firefox Extended Support Release

Excluded from this list are any browsers that have not received any updates for the last 24 months. Browsers need to be updated frequently to fix security vulnerabilities that can compromise your device, so if the browser you are using hasn’t had any recent updates, you should look to change browsers.

How do I update my browser?

If you are currently running an out of date or unsupported browser a banner will appear on the site requesting that you upgrade. We recommend any modern, automatically updated browser.

If you think your browser is supported but simply out of date, you may just need to update to the latest version. Most modern browsers update by themselves automatically so this isn’t so common these days. For instructions on how to update your existing browser, please reference this guide.

Alternatively if you think your browser is not supported, take a look at https://browsehappy.com for a list of great browsers and instructions for how to install them.