How to Have a Magical First Date with Your Ukrainian Girl

July 28, 2017 at 6.00am by in Slavic Women
Magical First Date with Your Ukrainian Girl

Dating is universal—in etiquette, in niceties, and in being out to create a great impression. Whether you’re dating someone from your own culture or crossing borders to see if love will find you in a sea of Ukrainian women, creating a great first date experience is the key.

Here are a few reasons why you need to create a magical moment on your first date:

– Whether it works out to be a full-fledged romance or just a one-off date, at best, you both come out of the experience happy. No one likes to be remembered as “that jerk,” so create a good impression, and you’ll come away from the first date with good vibes and happy memories at the very least.

– You’ll increase your chances of finding lasting love when you create that great first date.

– Heartbreak is never easy, so even if the long-term relationship won’t work out, you’ll always have good memories of an awesome first date.

Think of the first date as getting to know a new friend—no expectations, just being out to have a good time.

I understand that you’re here to find a lifetime mate, a spouse to be with for the rest of your life, but it’s also important to realize that this isn’t a perfect world and not everything will work out perfectly. And this is why it’s crucial to create great lasting memories.

Understandably, it takes a considerable amount of money to travel to Ukraine to finally meet your girl. While most girls will require complete and total fidelity, there’s a way to date and see if you and your Ukrainian girl are a good fit–without committing to “forever,” just yet.

– Treat your trips to Ukraine as a travel to have fun. You don’t need to make a life-changing decision just yet. Plan for three trips. Four. Think that you are looking for the woman you’ll be spending the rest of your life with, so it’s important to be sure about your decision.

– Be completely honest with your Ukrainian girl that you’re still looking around. Women prefer honesty than to be led on under veiled pretenses. So, it’s better that you set her expectations straight.

– Don’t hang all your hopes on one Ukrainian woman. Rather, take a wait-and-see approach and be on the lookout for the best fit.

Personally, I believe that the pursuit of finding love isn’t an exercise akin to grocery shopping. While a list of non-negotiables or “good-to-have’s” is a great guide, ultimately, you’ll have to accept your future wife for all that she is, and she will have to return the favor. Love and marriage are both exercises in seeking perfection in character, and as a sculptor whittles through the clay in order to unearth a work of art, love and marriage are about whittling through the rough patches—and experiencing a bit of heaven on earth.

An ancient proverb says, “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure.” And indeed, a woman treated right is a gem, one who can brighten up your life in ways that other things and other pursuits cannot.

So how do you create that “magical” first date with a Ukrainian woman?

Make it comfortable

A lot of relationship and dating websites advise that coffee or drinks are the best way to go for a first date. This way, if there is neither chemistry nor spark between the two of you, then there’s no reason to go through the awkward snazzy dinner. Also, if you schedule the drinks close to dinner time and you do discover that you both are truly interested in each other, you guys can go to dinner right after. If you really hit it off, you can have more drinks after dinner or hit the club scene, or probably go back to your hotel or her place and talk further. Being spontaneous and setting a comfortable scene is best to break down interpersonal barriers.

Be your best self

By your “best” self, I don’t mean a polished, overly formal version of you. By “best” self, I mean someone a girl can let her hair down with, someone she can laugh with, and someone whom she can talk forever with. If you have a temper, work on being chill throughout your first dates. And if it’s that bad, you could try getting anger management classes. Ask yourself, “Would I date me?” If you hesitate to answer in the affirmative, talk to your closest friends or even go to a therapist, and see which parts of you need to be improved. Remember, finding a spouse is a lifetime investment, so you should also invest in improving yourself. It’s the best thing you can give yourself and your future wife as well.

– It can’t hurt to bring out the “big guns,” a.k.a. that one detail that’s mushy, quirky, or over-the-top classic romantic. Well, don’t go over-the-top. As mentioned on the first point, a comfortable atmosphere is the key. However, one unique, quirky, or classically romantic detail would be a great touch. Bring a really good bottle of wine or invest in a decent bottle of champagne. Bring a tiny teddy bear. A box of good chocolate. Plus points if the brand is Amedei or Pierre Marcolini, though Godiva, Dove, or Lindt would do.

Just check the common brands in your Ukrainian girl’s city, and make sure that the brand you bring isn’t readily available there. If you want to go quirky, order a pair of cute earrings from Etsy bearing her favorite cartoon character or cute animal of choice.

Do you travel a lot? Get your girl a shawl from Thailand, India, or Cambodia. Girls love anything exotic. Make sure it’s in her favorite color. On top of it all, the standard bouquet of flowers won’t hurt, too. If you ask me, I’d be happy to receive a pair of Etsy earrings, a box of chocolates, and a bouquet of flowers. The chocolates and flowers to make me feel like a princess, and the Etsy earrings to show me that my date cared enough to get me something quirky and unique. Touches like these show any girl that you care. If you add in a handwritten note, you’re the bomb!

Ukrainian girls are sweet, intelligent, and gorgeous. A lot of them are well-read, and compared to Russian women, Ukrainians tend to be more caring and sweeter. Sure, you have to adjust to their use of the English language, just a bit. Remember that they have English as a second language, so Ukrainian, Moldovan, or Russian may not translate to English perfectly. Set your expectations that your Ukrainian woman may not be able to communicate smoothly (100%), so don’t feel offended if her use of the language is a little abrupt, or may come across to you as rude—something just got lost in translation.

Fun, laughter, and ultimately, love, are universal. For these, no one needs a world-class translator to send these messages across. Let her feel your warmth, authenticity, honesty, and fun-loving side, and who knows, your first date may turn into a second date, a third, and maybe we’ll see you saying your “I Do’s.”

Good luck!


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