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July 23, 2015 at 1.00am by in Testimonials

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we have opened our travel business to include tourists and local travel within Ukraine – previously we had only arranged travel for our members when they visited their ladies.

We have opened our office and have launched our travel site so that we can offer travel from anywhere and to anywhere – in the world. This includes flights, accommodation, rental cars, bus tours, etc.

Our travel manager, Anastasia, asked if she could write this weeks email to all members so that she can promote tourism to Ukraine, not just for the purpose of finding love.

Ukraine is a very beautiful country that very few people get to experience. Here is what Anastasia has written:

Ukraine is famous not only for thinking of wonderful and kind women, but also great history, amazing cities and picturesque nature. Now is the best time to visit Ukraine because the weather is warm here. We invite you to visit this wonderful country and open its treasures for yourself! Kiev is the first city to meet tourists in Ukraine.

The ancient capital is called the Mother of all East-Slavic cities. Kiev was the center of the powerful empire Kievan Rus, the neighbor of Roman and Byzantine empires. Today you will get many great impressions after walking through the historical center of Kiev, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ukraine is the country between East and West, between Europe and Asia, so being here you can meet two worlds. We recommend visiting the elegant and noble Lviv, the city at the West of Ukraine.

The local great architecture was created in the best traditions of West Europe. The cathedrals and streets in Lviv will give you the same feeling as being in Prague or Krakow, but smiles and amiability of locals will show you that you are still in Ukraine! As Kiev, Lviv also is protected by UNESCO

If you also want to see how the Russian monarchs lived, you need to visit Odessa. It is a light and sunny city on the Black sea coast, which has a name of being the Funny and Summer capital of Ukraine. Quiet golden beaches, warm sea, active night life and a huge amount of historical legacy which can be compared only with collections of French Louvre or Russian Hermitage. This city was also added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Despite all the troubles and bad times in the past today this city is smiling and shining, so we are sure you will fall in love with her!

Ukraine has a lot of amazing places like national parks with mountains, canyons, lakes, rivers and breathtaking atmosphere. There are also ancient fortress and palaces that you do not expect to see there. More about all of them you can read on our site and if you are interested to know more about Ukraine – we will be glad to help you through our email [email protected]

Please contact Anastasia directly if you would like to know more about traveling to Ukraine

  • Kiel M

    I have been promoting like crazy. After spending 8 days in Ukraine and getting to see a few different parts of the Country and meeting a few people, the only things I have to say are good.
    It is a great country with friendly and polite people. The food is fresh and very healthy tasting and the weather was warm and sunny.

    Everyone has been asking about my trip and how things went and every single person afterwards has thought that they will put the country on their to-do list of places to see.

    I hope it helps, and I can’t wait to use your services to get back to Ukraine very soon.


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