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Best Opening Lines to Start a Conversation in Online Dating Sites

May 25, 2019 by
A girl using online dating

An amazing dating experience begins with having a great conversation. However, starting a conversation doesn’t always come easy, especially when you’re trying to get to know someone for the first time. So you’ve signed up to online dating sites and downloaded a number of apps, but are you ready to send that first message? The pressure may be immense but don’t worry! Even if you think that being a great conversationalist isn’t your forte, we’ve got some helpful tips to start a conversation both for online dating sites and in real life!

Pay a compliment

Whether we admit it or not, receiving a little ego stroke every now and then makes us feel good. This trick works a lot in online dating conversations. Try to read through a person’s profile first before sending them a message. When you find something that impresses you or something about them you admire, feel free to use it to strike a conversation. It doesn’t always have to be related to how they look. You can talk about their personality, their interests or anything that makes them a really interesting person.

Ask an intriguing question

Instead of asking the same typical question “Hey, what’s up?”, which most likely won’t get you any response, you might want to ask a more interesting or intriguing question. If your online date is someone who loves dogs, you could ask them about their best dog story. If they have a penchant for superhero movies, maybe you can ask them about the superpower they wish to have.

Again, always refer to their bio or profile description. You can find a ton of information that can help you formulate questions that will increase your chances of getting a response.

Mention similarities you’ve found on their profile

Do you share common interests based on their profile? Do you have similar hobbies or share the same preferences when it comes to movies, music, food and other things? Don’t hesitate to mention it when you send them a message. If you want to strike up a conversation with someone who loves to go hiking and you happen to do that a lot, you can ask them about the highest mountain they’ve climbed or their most thrilling hiking experience. If they’re hooked on the same TV series as you are, you can ask about their favorite episodes or character.

Comment about one of their photos

There is always a reason why you’re drawn to a particular person while browsing through profiles on an online dating site. More often than not, it’s got something to do with their profile photo. If you think they’re good looking, don’t hesitate to let them know. If it’s about the location where the photo was taken, you can ask them where it was taken. Notice the details in the photo as you might find anything that can help you start a casual conversation. If their photo tells you they’re a big fan of the Beatles or if they love coffee just like you, then that’s a great topic to start an interesting conversation.

Suggest meeting up

People sign up for online dating sites for one sole purpose – to find their ideal match. So even if conversations begin by exchanging emails and sending messages through chats, there will always come a time when things have to move forward. Things will eventually have to be taken offline. So there’s no reason to beat around the bush. Cut right to the point and suggest meeting up. Tell them why you think you’re going to have a great time offline and invite them along for brunch or coffee. Or if you both share the same penchant for adventures, you can ask if they can free up their weekend for a hiking trip or a road trip to any random destination.

Striking up a conversation may feel challenging at first and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the response you want. However, stepping out of your comfort zone and veering away from the typical conversation starters might be all the magic you need to increase your online dating success.

Ready to start your online dating journey? Please feel free to visit Ukraine Brides Agency.

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May 14, 2019 by

​We are happy to share with you a beautiful review from our client Dave. Dave ensures that our site is legitimate and trustworthy. The women are not paid to write letters to men and to do video chats with men.

Dave also states that women are sincerely looking for a husband. Personally, Dave decided to meet a lady through Ukraine Brides Agency and he is indeed satisfied with our service.

He is happy about the meeting with the lady. They spent together for 5 hours and everything went awesome. He recommends to be honest and show what and who you are looking for. Do not put a mask on your face. Be honest with women. He finds exchanging letters a great step to start the communication. Further video chats will give you a tremendously great opportunity to find out who is sitting in front of you and whether she is the right choice.

It has been his 3rd trip to Ukraine. He was traveling on his own and also recommends not to be afraid of anything because Ukraine is safe.​

Please, do not hesitate to make the first step to your success. For more information watch the video below.

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5 Best Places Where You Can Meet a Ukrainian Girl

May 11, 2019 by
Beautiful Ukrainian girl

One of the things that makes Ukraine very popular is the fact that it’s a country where some of the world’s most beautiful women can be found. Ukrainian women are indeed some of the most sought after ladies in the world, not only because of their charm and beauty but also because of the qualities that make them captivating. Anyone who has met a Ukrainian girl can attest that they are more than just pretty faces. They are smart, family-oriented, loyal and they make perfect life partners. These and more are the reasons why a lot of men could only wish to be married to a Ukrainian wife. But where can you exactly meet a Ukrainian girl? Keep reading to find out!


It isn’t enough that you fly straight to Ukraine and find Ukrainian singles without doing a bit of research on where to go. It’ll save you a lot of time and energy to know exactly where you’re headed. Kiev, as the capital city of Ukraine, has the largest population among all cities in the country. Because it is home to Ukraine’s finest and most renowned universities, this is one of the best places to go if you want to meet a Ukrainian lady.

If you’re a first-time visitor, you will be amazed to find so many beautiful women just by walking around the streets of Kiev. However, it’s going be a lot easier for you if you know where these women spend most of their free time. Try going for a little bar-hopping at night or look for some chill spots where most women relax after their long day. Be sure not to confine yourself within the center of the city. Feel free to explore and step a little further outside of the main area.


Next to Kiev, Lviv is another city in Ukraine where you can meet a lot of pretty Ukrainian ladies. No matter the season, Lviv is always a perfect place to visit if you wish to date Ukraine singles. One of the best things about Lviv is that it offers an entirely different feel from that of Kiev; more like an old town kind of vibe. You might also notice that the women here look a bit different from the girls in Kiev and other parts of the country. It’s because they resemble the people from the neighboring countries like Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. But one thing’s for sure: They are just as attractive as any other lady you can find in the country.

Ukrainian women from Lviv are also more laid back and reserved. So, if you’re planning to visit this part of Ukraine, be sure to stay a little bit longer.

Cafes and restaurants

When you’re in Ukraine, one specific spot you can visit to increase your chances of talking to a Ukrainian are cafes and restaurants. These places are usually packed with beautiful Ukraine singles who are hanging out either alone or with friends. These places are perfect for when you want to strike a conversation or do small talk.

Art galleries or theatres

If you’re someone who has a penchant for music or works of art, you might want to consider visiting art galleries and theatres so you can meet Ukrainian ladies who share the same interests. This way, it’ll be a lot easier for you to start a conversation. You might even be able to find a potential match who is compatible with you.

Online dating sites

If travelling to Ukraine isn’t an option at the moment, don’t worry! There’s one excellent way you can try to meet the Ukrainian girl of your dreams – online dating. Online dating isn’t just convenient, but it’s also a very promising way to help singles around the world find their ideal match.

Because finding the perfect Ukrainian match is a lot easier in online dating and there are a plethora of online dating sites and apps available on the internet, be sure to select a reputable dating site. Start your online dating journey by signing up at Ukraine Brides Agency. Please feel free to give us a call for more information.

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May 11, 2019 by

What a tremendous occasion is coming – Mothers Day! We have been waiting for this day anxiously as it is a very important day, even though it is not a public holiday. All people in Ukraine show their great love and appreciation for their mothers.

This year Ukraine celebrates Mother’s Day on Sunday, 12 May.

What do people do?

We bring mom flowers. A lovely bouquet of flowers symbolizes your respect and gratitude. However, various flowers have their special meanings for this very day. People also give mom a live plant. Those who are green thumbs will appreciate this present and this plant will always remind her of you. Also, people cook special meals for their moms. It may be a beautiful creative cake with waffles and ice cream on the top.

Whatever you wish – your creativity will be welcomed. Bake a cake, spend some time on this occasion and your mom will indeed appreciate your efforts. Moreover, you are free to create something special by thinking of a handmade gift. It may be some jewelry with a special symbol or clothing, hobby equipment, gift vouchers, etc. Take your mom somewhere for a great relaxing day.

You may try your best and write a poem for your mom. She will keep it forever.

Being a mom is a great and precious job. Take some time to show your gratitude to your mom – she deserves it.

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May 9, 2019 by

Welcome to Ukraine Brides Agency. Here we are always happy to share our latest news with our precious clients.

Recently, our client Adam from the USA has visited Ukraine and was glad to share his experience with UBA service and meeting organization. He pointed out how to video chat system is important before you are going to meet your lady.

We are tremendously excited about Adam’s positive review as he is indeed satisfied with our service. By the way, he was looking for a long time for a well developed trustworthy website with a great level of transparency. He confidently ensures that each lady is vetted on our site. A lady who any man talks to has been interviewed.

Nothing is better than knowing that our clients loved everything about our services and highly recommend us.

Also, Adam mentioned that travelling to Ukraine has no security issues and it is completely safe to come over here.

Please, take a look at this wonderful review from Adam.

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April 25, 2019 by

Men and women are very different. Women defined themselves as ‘Relationship Beings’. But men are on the other hand. Well, the thing here is that you have a ‘Relationship Being’ in the most important relationship of her life with someone who is ‘Not’. So now there is one question on your mind “how do they survive?”. Let’s take a look.

The two of them have “jobs” in the relationship. A woman is more naturally oriented towards relationships, so she is the navigator. The man’s “job” is to make his wife happy. When you make your lady happy, she multiplies that happiness and gives it back to you tenfold. So now you might have the question “How do you make a woman happy? How can you show attention?”.


Respect her thoughts, feelings, opinions, priorities, values, work, wants, and time as much as you want her to respect yours. Most men quickly discount their wives’ thoughts, feelings, opinions, priorities, values, needs, and time when these things in any way conflict with what they want. For most men, it’s not on purpose because it’s how they would treat another man. But, remember, your wife feels disrespected when you continually push your agenda ahead of hers.


Women value emotional security more than financial security. Women need to feel safe to express themselves. Most the women are emotional beings and need to know that their husbands respect this about them.


Her idea of quality time might be totally different than yours, so you need to be sure and do things that she really enjoys doing, not just things that she does with you to please you.


Tell your wife that you love her every single day. No matter what. Take the time to not only tell your wife you love her, but tell her why you love and appreciate her so much. Remind her why she’s special.

We hope this information will help you to build an even stronger relationship with your lady.

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Things Not to Do on a First Date and What to Do Instead

April 20, 2019 by
Man and woman on a first date

If you’ve been flying solo for quite some time, embarking on a first date may spark hope of finding a new love interest and the potential relationship you’ve been waiting for. But how ready are you really for that first date? You know what they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Because you don’t want to blow that one chance, might as well come prepared. Before heading out that door, take time to learn what not to do on a first date and what you should do instead.


Don’t show up late

Showing up late on a first date is one of the biggest no-no’s! In fact, that’s exactly the best thing anyone can do to blow up their chances of getting a second date. If you think it will take a long time to get ready, be sure to start your preparation early. Even if it has to be four hours before the date, it’s better to be ready for the date early and arrive on time than show up late and leave that bad impression forever.

Don’t keep on checking your phone

Checking your phone more often than you should is a dealbreaker. Nobody wants to spend time with someone who doesn’t listen and pay enough attention. Not only is it rude, but it also won’t give you the chance to get to know your date better. Be present in the moment and make the most of your conversation. If it’s really urgent and important, politely excuse yourself if you have to take a phone call or respond to a message.

Don’t talk about your past relationships

A first date is not an appropriate time to share anything about your exes or past romantic relationships. Unless asked, avoid touching this topic during a first date. Instead, talk about other general topics that will allow you to get to know each other better.


Do wear comfortable and appropriate clothing

While it’s important for anyone to try to look good on a first date, it is also equally important to choose appropriate and comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing anything that only looks good but is actually a bit too tight. Being uncomfortable in your clothes isn’t going to help you put your best foot forward, as it will only make you look awkward and will keep you from looking calm and confident.

Do talk about your interests and passions

There’s nothing more interesting than a person who knows what they want. A first date is a perfect time to share what fuels your dreams, the things that interest you and the things you are passionate about. Also don’t forget to ask your date to share their own. This is an excellent way to get to know each other on a deeper and more personal level.

Do listen and pay attention

When you listen intently to what the other person is saying, you won’t even have the time to think about the next questions or topics to discuss. The conversation will just naturally flow you won’t even notice the time. Also, paying attention to your date and showing interest is a sign of respect. It’s also a good way to make them feel that you want to get to know them better.

Do focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses

Every person has their own imperfections and weaknesses, but it doesn’t mean you should focus on these things when you’re out on a first date. You want your potential partner to see your strengths and positive traits. After all, this first date is about making a good impression. Just make sure to do it with honesty and humility.

Going on a first date may be nerve-wracking but with the help of these tips, you’re on your way to making your first date a success!

If you think you’re ready to explore the world of online dating and find a potential match, please feel free to visit our website – Ukraine Brides Agency.

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April 15, 2019 by

UBA Team is tremendously happy to announce a new happy couple. Aliona and David fell in love at first sight, at the first meeting. What a coincidence! They felt so comfortable with each other. However, the relationship is a hard daily job which requires a lot of efforts and patience.

How did it start?

After 15 minutes, at the meeting, the consultant who accompanied them decided that he was unnecessary in their love atmosphere. Aliona immediately in the same evening expressed words of gratitude and happiness that fate brought them together. Moreover, despite the large distance, the difference in time, they are so identical, they feel each other at a glance, David is very warm and anxiously caring for Aliona. However, a couple, a day later in Kiev, they went to meet Alina’s children and mother, the children were delighted with David, spoke English, and most importantly, they wished them happiness, because what could be more important than their mother’s smile and full of love eyes. It was tremendously difficult for Aliona to let David go back to the USA. Nevertheless, the couple is preparing all the documents for moving to America. More relevant, David will soon take Alena and her children to America.

What a fantastic couple. You may watch the video of their love story and also wish them all the best. We believe 2019 brings more amazing happy stories.

More relevant, check our blog for more useful advice and wonderful articles that may make your relationship easier.

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8 First Date Tips Backed By Science That Will Make Your Date Great

April 13, 2019 by
Couple on a first date

You remember the last date you went on, don’t you? The scintillating conversation. The secluded, moonlit beach. The waves crashing between each other’s feet. And the way you looked into one another’s eyes and knew, with no uncertainty, that you were destined to be soulmates.

Of course… that didn’t actually happen. In fact it was more likely a series of extended and awkward pauses in a crowded restaurant that you were simply dying to end before embarrassing yourself any further.

The truth is, you’re not a loser who’s unlucky in love. You just may be approaching dating from your own personal biases and expectations. Add in the nerve-wracking dilemma of planning the perfect first date and you have a recipe for a romantic natural disaster.

So what does make the perfect first date? Believe it or not, you might find it in the least sexy place—science. Don’t believe us? Here are some science-backed first date tips that will take that date from unnerving to unforgettable in just eight easy steps.

First Date Tip 1: Reframe Your Mind

No, we’re not suggesting you try to inflate yourself with all manner of unreasonable self expectations. Quite the opposite, in fact. What we’re suggesting is to reevaluate yourself through self compassion.

Kristin D. Neff of the University of Texas defines self-compassion as “consisting of three main components: self-kindness versus self-judgment, common humanity versus isolation, and mindfulness versus over-identification.” But how does this relate to dating?

It helps encourage a feeling of general connection with another based on honest evaluation and empathy. Self compassion may be its own reward; but it also means forgiving yourself based on previous first date experience. Which leads to confidence—perhaps the sexiest trait any of us can hope to have.

First Date Tip 2: Body Language—It’s More Than What You Say

No matter how stimulating the conversation may be, body language reveals more than mere words. In fact, it’s a direct mirror into how you’re really feeling. And when it comes to a first date, it’s critical.

A 2008 study from the Behavioural Science Institute in the Netherlands discovered that mutual attraction tends to be based on the ability to mirror one another’s behaviour. At the same time, these non-verbal cues can often reveal just how we’re feeling. Subtle hints such as folding your arms and crossing your legs reveal nervousness while leaning in suggests both interest and intimacy. Which isn’t to suggest that if your date is tapping their feet excitedly during a first date it’s an indicator of disaster. It just means it might be a good idea to change the topic if you’d like it to end successfully.

First Date Tip 3: Be Prepared To Talk About Anything But The Weather

Think small talk and corny jokes are the perfect ice breaker? Think again—at least if your date’s female. Studies have shown that women are more attracted to dates who spark conversation topics that show curiosity and intelligence, not idle chit chat.

But for many of us, the concept of finding deep, stimulating first date conversation topics is more of a challenge than trying to plan a perfect date. Luckily, Arthur Aron of the Interpersonal Relationships Lab at Stony Brook University compiled a series of 36 questions designed to help build a deeper connection between two people. Among them:

●        If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?

●        What does friendship mean to you?

●        What would constitute a perfect day for you?

●        For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

First Date Tip 4:  Location, Location, Location

Remember, it’s a first date. Not a marriage proposal. Don’t worry about that midnight stroll on the beach or a picnic under the stars just yet. In fact, forget them altogether. Rushing headfirst into the perfect romantic scenario is a sure sign that you’re trying too hard to impress.

Instead, consider a relatively neutral location—preferably someplace neither of you have been before. Coffee shops and restaurants are ideal (avoid nightclubs on account of noise and distractions.) Remember, you’re still getting to know one another. Interpersonal chemistry is crucial to your first date, and it can only thrive if there’s as little an amount of preconceived biases as possible.

First Date Tip 5: Opposites Really Do Attract…

Depending on how opposite you are! If your date has an entirely different set of values and beliefs than yours—and by different, we mean violently opposed to—there’s a very strong chance that it will simply set the stage for utter disaster. However, if you find their personality traits are entirely different than yours, you may find them to be not only endearing but perfectly complementary. Just ask Robert Levenson of the University of California, Berkeley.

In a 2007 study, Levenson studied long term marriages and found that greater overall personality similarity predicted a higher degree of dissatisfaction in marriages, in contrast to a higher degree of marital success being linked with personality differences in many areas. So if you’re spontaneous and they’re analytical… they just might be the yin to your yang.

First Date Tip 6: You’ve Got 5 Minutes—Use Them Wisely

Our brains tend to be soft-wired for short attention spans. And while it can be argued that this may be the result or the cause of digital culture, there’s a strong chance mutual attraction is established within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone as a result of hormonal chemistry, according to Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher.

For many of us, making the impression of being sexy, interesting or appealing within a brief five minute introduction is going to present a challenge. But the fact is, no matter how boring or dull you may find yourself, you’ve got a story. Use it to captivate, not denigrate.

First Date Tip 7: Positive Thoughts, Positive Outcome

Like breeds like. Pessimism breeds cynicism. And cynicism breeds mistrust. But optimism breeds confidence and almost irresistible magnetism.

In a 2010 study, over 2,000 men were provided with photos of women, along with information about their personalities, both positive and negative traits. Researchers discovered that the group given a list of positive traits found a wider variety of women attractive overall.

So try to smile on that first date. Even if it’s forced.

First Date Tip 8: There’s A Thin Line Between Confidence And Arrogance

Confidence is sexy. Beyond sexy. It shows security. Stability. And according to a 2015 study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers found the more confident a person was considered, the more likely members of the opposite sex were to perceive them as a desirable dating candidate.

But the downside to confidence? Arrogance. Empathy is considered just as equally valuable—and there’s no “I” in empathy. Remember the first tip about self compassion. It establishes connection. And connection is never a one way street.

If you’re ready to take the plunge in online dating and find a potential match, please feel free to visit Ukraine Brides Agency.

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April 13, 2019 by

Lots of men struggle with what to text a lady and how to communicate effectively with her. Moreover, most of men have no idea what to do after they get a phone number of a lady.

Just think about it. You really only have that first interaction with a lady, the time you actually get her number, to give her your best impression. If you correspond with the letters on dating sites you have to learn how to grab her attention. However, to text a lady you like, you just have to learn how to flirt without coming on too strong.

Here are some essential tips you better learn to have a great conversation with your lady:

  1. Be original. Try to send your lady a text that not just any man could send. Do not just say hi or send her a weird emoticon. Find a way to make her smile or to pick her interest. Do whatever you have to do to make her think: “Hey, there is something special about this guy. I want to keep talking to him”. Here are some ways to be original:
    – Charm her with your wit.
    – Make her laugh.
    – Tell her something she has not heard before.
  2. Ask a good question. A question is a great place to start because then your woman will know that you are waiting for an answer.
    – Ask about her day or her week.
    – Make sure the question is something she can easily answer.
    – Keep it simple. Just one short sentence can communicate a large message.
  3. Watch your grammar. You should make sure to watch your spelling and punctuation before you text the lady.
  4. Do not try too hard. If you are trying too hard when you are first texting a woman. She will be able to tell right away. Remember to be yourself and do not go out of your way to say something that does not even sound like you just because you think it will impress her.
  5. Keep her attention. Be engaging. Show your woman that you are capable of keeping up a fun conversation over the phone. Your goal in texting the woman you like is giving her just a sliver of your personality and make her want more.

More relevant, check our blog for more useful advice and wonderful articles that may make your relationship easier.

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