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Why is a a Ukraine bride considered “better” than a Western bride?

June 23, 2012 by

It is very common for me to receive emails from men saying that we only choose beautiful Ukrainian women for our site and that they are a lure for the unsuspecting.

I try to explain to them that it is not a marketing ploy. Many Ukrainian women are absolutely stunning and all the ladies on the site are real. If you read their profiles you will find that many of them have children and work in business from dancers to librarians, doctors to economists.

They are very feminine and love to be treated as a woman. They put in considerable effort to look their best at all times and like to be told that they are beautiful. They dress well and look very classy. It really helps if you take the time to compliment them on how they look and don’t overlook the effort that they have made.

During my time staying with families I was staggered how family orientated they are. The lady of the house often holds the family together in difficult circumstances The women can bring up children and run the home (and often work as well) while the man is seen as the breadwinner and the hunter/gatherer. She recognizes the traditional roles in the marriage which seems to be disappearing in our society of equal rights. If you are a romantic like I am, you appreciate a relationship just like your grandparents have.

Ukrainian women love to cook and prepare fine meals. They love to play the host and prepare special dinners and entertain – even just for the two of you. As a male, although only a guest in their house, it made me feel quite special.

Finally, they are very loving and loyal. If you treat her the way she deserves to be treated after all of the above, she will look after you like a prince!

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Latest good news story

June 6, 2012 by

I just wanted to let everyone know who reads this blog and to all members and future members in your website that you’re Website ROCKS!

I have tried and tested 3 other online dating websites and none of those three can be compared or matched with your genuinely personal service. I’m no longer a member of those three Dating site as I find them a waste of time and wasted my money. I have experienced that most of the ladies in those three websites are scammers; two of the websites I have experienced 99% who corresponded to me were all scammers. The most I like about your service as well is that you can be contacted directly via phone which I have done and can actually talk to a real person.

I would also like to mention the agency in Ukraine is fantastic, their services are very friendly and professional and they would go above and beyond my expectations just to help you out with your lady. I’m glad I stumbled in your website and now happily corresponding to my future life partner. For all the guys out there who are looking for a genuine girl in Ukraine, look no further. Honestly this is the website “Ukraine Brides Agency” run by Keith will be your vehicle to finding your lifetime partner. If you are still in doubt and want to contact me, I’m available to talk to you and share you my experiences. Just ask Keith for my details.

Good luck finding yours
Ricky, Sydney, Australia

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A reference from “The Scamhunter”

May 7, 2012 by


I have been an active client of Ukraine Brides Agency for 8 months now.  I have been searching for a Slavic bride for over 6 years and have an Internet persona knows as SCAMHUNTER.  I have had the unpleasant exposure to hundreds of scammers who write me and using agencies who only are interested in money, not matchmaking.  I have reported thousands of scammers during my search and also help consult men how to avoid, as well as prepare K-1 Visa’s for quicker processing.  I am considered an expert in Internet Dating.

Keith and his group have been nothing but professional and the ladies represented have shown to be more sincere than most.  I am in regular correspondence with a couple women I have great interest in and hopeful to arrive to Ukraine by Fall 2012 for meeting.  I can recommend this agency simply because my voice matters and they listen whenever I have an issue.  I do not normally use “pay sites” because experience has shown most are a rip-off.  I can say with confidence of the integrity of Ukraine Brides Agency they are the rarity of sites that actually strive to help you meet honest and sincere women for marriage.  It’s all up to you and the woman you meet, but you have a fighting chance now with this group.   I do not give a reference or recommendation like this lightly, but I can say this is an A+ operation you should consider.  I am hopeful in future I can place an addendum that I found my bride here!

Reggie, Atlanta, USA

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Major enhancements give you greater control

February 3, 2012 by

We recently made some major enhancement to the site to give you much greater control over how you use our site.

The first change is that membership is now FREE! There is no subscription to become a member and use the site. You only pay for what you want to use. The biggest change is that the site will change to a credits system. This is very simple for you and allows you to buy credits in any quantity and use them on whatever you want – messages, chats, gifts, etc. You can see your balance at any time. You now only need your credit card and the payment is immediate. We will continue to use Paypal as it is the safest payment method available and offers you 100% protection, but you don’t need to have a Paypal account.

We have added a new page called “My Control Panel”. This is for you and from this page you can do everything. I think this page is innovative and is so simple and convenient for you. You can edit your profile, search ladies, send messages, purchase credits, search your transactions and favorites, send gifts, request a gift, a tour or a meeting, monitor your credits, contact us… all from one attractive page.

We have added a new feature – the ability to purchase a ladies private contact details.

We have added many new gifts to delight your ladies.

We have upgraded the request for chat page to make it much simpler and have included the ability to call via telephone.

We have upgraded the pages from a Romantic Tour and for a one-on-one meeting with a lady. Now it is very clear and simple.

Also, now you can follow us anytime and anywhere. You can like us on Facebook at Ukraine Brides Agency (Beautiful Ukrainian Women) and you can follow us on Twitter @Ukraine Brides.

We will continue to offer personal and efficient service to the high levels that we have always provided. I am here and will answer all inquiries personally. Soon we will be introducing live video chat – you will be able to see which ladies are on-line and chat with them immediately. Ukraine Brides Agency is always improving and always willing to listen to you.

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A typical good news story

May 30, 2011 by

This is a typical good news story from Graham from England who has just returned from a Romantic Tour to meet his special lady, Zinaida. Graham sent me a thank you email which I wanted to share with you.

When I asked if I could send the email to all members, he sent another email which follows the first email below:

Hi Keith,

I would just like to drop you a quick email to express my thanks to all involved in my trip to meet Zinaida in the Ukraine.

All was virtually perfect. We are well on the way to being very close now. Tears on departure and all that.

So you can see how helpful you guys have been to us both and our future together.

I would like to extend my thanks to our young and lovely interpreter, who was a very special person indeed, and extremely pleasant at all times. We behaved virtually as a three-some, which was not as you first think. I mean we got on like old friends. So much so that I think Zinaida has a new friend too now in Nadia. She was actually invited to come with us, when not really needed. Zinaida’s English is very good and Nadia was only as back-up support for her confidence!

So all went very well in my opinion, bar a couple of minor hick-ups. None of which are worth a mention here.

We went to see a Rachmaninoff concert in Lugansk (very sophisticated!!!) amongst other things we could cram-in, in just a single week!

Suffice to say, I will be going back as soon as work commitments permit, and she will be coming here too in the near future. Dead easy for me with no visa requirements for us UK fellows.

So we both would like to thank you, and all the staff you have engaged on our behalf.

Zinaida and I are in constant communication now, and she is just perfect. When I say perfect, I really mean it.
So fingers crossed all goes well.

My very best wishes and kindest regards to you and your team.

Graham in the UK.

Graham’s second email is:

Hi Keith,

I would be happy for you to use my inadequate words for others to read. Please with-out my/her email of course.

Please send a copy to Zinaida too. I wrote it on her behalf also. And better it comes from you. She will like that. If not too much trouble to ask.

A fortuitous find indeed to stumble upon your site and have the opportunity to meet such an amazing woman. Bloody statuesque perfection in my eyes. God what a fantastic girl.
Although she thinks she is not, but says the same about me, which I insist is just a fantasy also… A romantic quandary ay!!! Ha Ha.

If you would be so good to send it to Anna and Olga. They will probably like to hear how the story has progressed so far too… As I entered into a correspondence with them also in the course of arrangements!
Should give them renewed vigour as it has me, and the girls love to read this stuff from time to time.

We are like two peas in a pod now, Zinaida and me…

Thanks mate… Bloody good on ya! Keep up the good fight for all us poor dumb bastards trying hard out there.

Best and kindest to all.

It is heart-warming to receive such grateful thanks and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

If you would like to progress your on-line relationship with a Romantic Tour or even just a video chat, please just send me a note or request it from the site.

All the best

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Yes, but can you trust them?

May 9, 2011 by

Most of the men who join Ukraine Brides Agency have had experiences with other similar sites. Many of them have had bad experiences and are sceptical.

Those that have been with us for some time know that we are sincere and genuine. How do they know? Here are some tell-tale signs to look for in a genuine site:

  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Do they have a range of ages for their ladies or are they all young Godesses?
  • Can you find their pricing easily?
  • Do you have to register on the site before you find out their pricing?
  • Do they have links to other sites?
  • Do they make claims that they can not necessarily substantiate such as “we guarantee you will find happiness with us”?
  • Can you find the site owner’s details?
  • Are they trusted according to Jims List of marriage agencies?
  • Can you contact them easily?
  • Do they respond personally?

If you did not answer “yes” to all these questions, then you had better stay with Ukraine Brides Agency. Have a look – we rate “yes” to all of the above

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Leon from Denmark and Tatiana, April 2011

April 26, 2011 by

I loved Tanya’s eyes and a smile on her photos.

From her letters, I felt it was my woman and I was sure that I would come and everything will be fine.

I didn’t wait too long with the tickets and that after months of correspondence. I was the first time in Ukraine. Tanya met me at the airport and I realized that my feelings are mutual. We spent two unforgettable weeks in her native city of Nikolayev : meeting up with friends, went to the zoo and just walking the streets. I remembered how nice to be happy. I want to thank the site and his team for my future wife.

Dreams Come True )))

I immediately liked the letter of Leon. Them felt he was kind and good man I wanted to meet

already long time ago. I am not immediately believe when registered on the website, what will be the result, but I was hoping so much, and now we’re together. I want to thank the site and tell all to the ladies that you need to try and then you are sure to find your chosen one.

I wish you all the same luck )))



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Jacques from South Africa and Anna, March 2011

March 26, 2011 by

Jacques and Anna met on the site in а spring time March 2011.

I loved all photos of Anna -most of course her smile and very blue eyes.

She wrote me letter first, but did not even answer when decide invite her to chat.

When I saw Anna online I realized that she is my fate.

We not know yet in which country we will live, but it is not most important thing. The main – we are together! Thank you for the connection our hearts!

Of course I also liked photos of Jacques, but not was very impressed before saw him in online. We can write many letters, but I think to see person in real time (chat) it is completing different.

It was very fun – we had a jokes and serious talking. We spent a lot of hours together every day. Finally we exchanged contacts and also many hours talking at Skype. We fall in love from the first look and can’t stop to talk. I never feel nothing like this before!

After one month of online dating I visit Jacques in his country. Previously, I couldn’t imagine that I can first visit a man in other country. It was a wonderful trip! Next month Jacques visit Ukraine.

9 months after our dating I have born a beautiful daughter! Now we can’t imagine how we live before)

Presented by Agency



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Thanks so much for everything Alfie, Dubai – 8th June 2010

June 26, 2010 by

“Hi Keith,

My recent tour to Ukraine was very nice. I really enjoyed myself and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.

When I found your site, and signed up, I did so with an open mind. As I started my journey into this world I realised that actually most of the industry was full of cheaters and liars and there was no genuine intent. This I learned from reading internet forums etc. Many people have written about their bad experiences.

Call it luck or call it what you wish, but I did not do too much extensive searching before signing up with your site, but it seems I stumbled across one of the few genuine sites that really looks after its clients and tries to create a genuine situation for them.

I met many wonderful and beautiful ladies, and I really was spoilt for choice.

I first travelled to Zaporozhye and met a number of girls with the help of the lovely (and very funny) translator Nadya. She was a real asset on my trip and I really enjoyed the time that we spent together with the girls.

Then came Lugansk where I met more lovely girls. My translator Victor was very nice and made me feel at very comfortable and very positive.

I then went to Nikolaev, where in reality, I didn’t meet anyone who really stands out, but you can’t expect that from everywhere. Having said that Anna, the agency manager, was lovely and I really had fun with her. We were constantly laughing and joking and it was very pleasant.

On my return to Zaporozhye I met 2 of the girls I had met previously. So the end result is that I think I have certainly achieved what I wanted and I am very keen to return to Ukraine again.

Thanks so much for everything. Everyone was most helpful. I have even committed to finding Nadya an English husband – she is hilarious.

All the best Keith and speak soon.” – Alfie

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Mehmet from Washington and Elena, June 2010

June 26, 2010 by

Mehmet and Elena started corresponded in September 2009 and met in March 2010. They are realizing what it is real love and married in June 2010.

“Every moment we are grateful to each other and the wonderful relations we share. Our love continues to grow stronger every day even after we endured earthquakes that destroyed our house, world crises and other problems life throws at each and every one of us on a daily.

Elena brought also with her son Anton, who arrived to Washington and is now very handsome 22 years old. He is still lives in Washington and happy.

It is still amazes us that people from different countries and different cultures could meet through an introductory dating site and find in each other, own soul mate.

We hope others men and ladies looking at our testimonials can saw some measure of confidence in wonderful service and find a similar happiness.

Thank you once again.



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