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Please use us to help your visit

October 28, 2012 by

We had a member travel to Ukraine this week to meet a few ladies and he did not ask us for our assistance. He thought it would be easier for him to make his own way, purchase the ladies contact details and make his own arrangements.

The trip did not go so well and he had difficulty making appointments and arranging translators. Time was running out for him and he emailed me for assistance.

We did not have a lot of time to put things in place for him but we got there. His meetings took place and he went home much happier.

He sent me an email after the last meeting to thank us for our help:
Dear Keith,
Thanks very much for your help. Much appreciated!.
You are doing a great job with your very sincere website!!
I will remember your advise next time!!

We do charge a little for meetings but this is because we must pay translators, phone calls, transport etc – but you make the most of your time by using us and you can relax while we arrange everything for you.

Please take his advice and make your arrangements through the site – it will be worth it for you.

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Weekly update – 24 October 2012

October 24, 2012 by

You will know that I state on my site that I always answer any emails personally and that I do so as quickly as possible. Great service costs nothing and makes the difference between an average site and a great site.

Last weekend I had a query from a member which I answered quickly and honestly, as usual. His reply is worth mentioning –

“Dear Keith
I am satisfied with your site. I have been on 6 or 7 and so far after 2 to 5 letters they all turn out scams !? It is outrageous the scam activity. I got your site from Jim’s List and he has been on the target identifying correctly the scam sites. So I trust him and now you after a reply ! the first from all the sites I have ask questions to acknowledge me, so thank you.
I thank you again,

I must admit to being somewhat surprised that something so simple can be so easily overlooked by most sites (it seems). Every member is important so why would you not answer questions? Don’t they care?

Sadly, when I say I offer friendly and prompt service, many see it as sales talk. Those that have written to me know different.

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Weekly update – 17 October 2012

October 17, 2012 by

Is it time we took it easy? No!

In the last two months we have made many changes and improvements to our site.

We started with the introduction of live chat which is very popular. If you thought a lady was too beautiful to be real – ask her for a chat. Living proof can not be doubted. This allows you to get to know the lady very quickly and saves many messages back and forward.

We also changed the price of credits to make it much simpler and affordable. We wanted members to try the new chat and they did. It has been so successful that we will not be changing the prices back – they will stay discounted for you.

This week we put software in place so that any photo will be automatically re-sized and uploaded easily. The problems with trying to upload huge photos is now gone.

We also implemented the latest password protection systems to keep your information secure. Some sites have been shut down recently because hackers intercepted passwords and hacked into sites. We have prevented this.

We are always improving, every week to give you a premium service – and we never forget the human touch. Contact us with any concerns and you will get a personal response very quickly – guaranteed.

Time to rest – no way!

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Weekly update – 11 October 2012

October 11, 2012 by

I am very happy to say that we have made a change to the site this week that will be welcomed by most – any photos uploaded onto the site will be automatically re-sized and will be accepted by profile photos and in messages. This will take away the problem some members have had with huge photos.

We have also changed the date and time picker to a much simpler form that is less confusing for when you book video chats and romantic tours. The previous slider version we had was a little tricky so the change will be welcomed.

Finally we implemented much stricter protection on passwords so that profiles can not be hacked. It means that if you forget your password, you cant have it emailed to you (as this is a security risk), you will be asked to select a new password instead.

We are always looking to improve the site to make it simpler and more effective for you. Most important is the new ladies that have joined us this week.

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Weekly update – 20 September 2012

September 20, 2012 by

We continue the improvements to our site to make your experience much more enjoyable and this week we have made a very popular change.

We have changed the size of the chat screens so that when you chat to your special person, their screen size is much larger and yours is small. We had many requests for this.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

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Weekly update – 13 September 2012

September 13, 2012 by

Over the last few weeks we have been offering promotions to encourage the use of our site, especially the new live chat.

We reduced the price of credits and we reduced the number of credits needed for messages and services.

This week we have now introduced bonus credits for chats! If you chat for 60 minutes or longer we will gift you increasing numbers of credits for your chats. This effectively reduces the price of chats for you.

We are proud of our site and the integrity we strive to provide so we are happy to offer these promotions to you. Currently we have all 3 promotions running at once – cheaper credits, less credits for services and bonus credits for chatting.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

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Weekly update – 6 September 2012

September 6, 2012 by

August was a huge month for us. We launched live chat and the feedback has been mostly positive, especially with being able to connect with your lady immediately and not have to book in advance and make arrangements to chat.

We reduced the price of credits to make this feature more popular and have kept the reduced credit prices running.

In September, we are celebrating again by reducing the prices of messages, video clips and private photo galleries. We were delighted with the success of August and we want to share this success with you also.

If you were thinking of using the site but were unsure, now is the perfect time for you. We have so many ladies who would be delighted to receive a message from you, or even share a video chat. Plus there are many more joining us every day.

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Do I need a visa to visit the Ukraine?

August 30, 2012 by

Do I need a visa to visit the Ukraine? Actually the not so simple answer is yes and no.

No matter which country you are from, you must have at least 6 months on your passport before expiry when you enter the Ukraine.

If you are a citizen of USA, UK, an EU nation of one of the many former Soviet States you don’t need a visa if you visit the Ukraine for 90 days or less as a tourist. But you can only do this once every 6 months.

If you want to stay for more than 90 days, or you want to visit more regularly than 6 monthly, or you want to study or work, you need a visa. If you are a citizen of any other country, you need a visa for any visit.

And – if you are I the Ukraine and your visa is due to expire and you want to extend it ……… can’t. You can only apply for a visa from a foreign Consulate or Embassy which means you must go home, apply for an extension (which in effect becomes a new Visa) and then go back.

The moral of all of this… know your requirements according to your citizenship. Know how long you want to stay for and apply for the visa.  You need your passport no matter where you are from when you enter the Ukraine.

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