The importance of a growth mindset in dating and relationships & entrepreneurship

May 23, 2021 by in Dating advice
dating and relationships

A growth mindset differentiates successful people from the average Joe. While many people have a fixed mindset, successful people have a growth mindset. The good news is everyone can develop a growth mindset which is paramount in dating and relationships as well as entrepreneurship. How to cultivate a growth mindset in dating and relationships as… read more

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Online dating news: Why effective communication is the single most important factor

April 20, 2021 by in Online Dating
online dating

Recent news indicates that an increasing number of guys in western countries are looking for Eastern European ladies via online dating. Further research shows that more and more western men have had confusing experiences with western women, so they are looking elsewhere nowadays. Well, it’s nobody’s fault, but why can’t western women ask for what… read more

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