Testimonial for UBA from Jean-Claude Gnante

July 27, 2017 at 9.37am by in Testimonials

One of our dear clients, Jean-Claude Gnante, has recently decided to write a testimonial. We truly hope that his story will have a happy development and it will inspire you and help you believe in your success on our site!


Dear UBA Team,

As one of your trusted client, I wanted to thank you for the relentless kindness and devotion you have always expressed towards me.

Through UBA I recently had the privilege to spend the most amazing video chat I have ever had with an absolutely amazing lady. We just couldn’t get enough of video chatting and we started an absolutely great friendship with totally crazy laughter and having cascading jokes. I made her laugh so much that she was almost crying with laughter with tears in her eyes, and she was incredibly funny as well, and she had the most cracking jokes I have ever heard. Her English is very fluent and totally impressive. At some point, she had a misunderstanding of an English expression that I said and she understood it the other way around. She explained to me how she understood it and she started to laugh so hard, realizing that she was off track and I was totally ”contaminated” as well and we both laughed about it like two crazy kids.It was really funny and to this day, we refer to this episode a lot and tease each other with it.

UBA really helps to connect with the right people at the right time. You only need to be serious in your search and very polite and considerate and very attentive to the ladies and treat them well and not being a total jerk. That lady and I have now started the most unimaginable and amazing friendship that started off with me making her laugh like crazy. It was just as if we have known each other for years. The conversation was naturally flowing with absolutely no blanks…boy we did talk a lot and laughed a lot about everything and being so at ease with each other and just being ourselves. Deep down we were able to naturally bring out that little kid inside of us.

The way to find love, true love is to start out first as pure and simple friends and let things flow naturally. We both clearly understood that we like each other a lot and wanted to know more about one another. We talked as well about what friendship means to us and what we expect from friendship as a way to bridge the gap towards true love. We really did have such an amazing almost 1 hour and half of video chatting and only parted close to midnight my time in the country where I live. Given the fact how we were so much into one another and having a great conversation, we were even ready to continue our video chat even until the early hours of the morning but we had to go to sleep and get ready for work the following day. We just couldn’t get enough of it and we did not want to end the video chat, we were both so hooked up in our conversation and laughter.

We have decided to do things the wise way, take our time, not rush anything up as we both agreed and believe that the way to Love is through a wonderful friendship. We made it clear to each other that we very much like each other and our eyes clearly spoke as well for ourselves.

The next day, she sent me a beautiful letter telling me how she is so much interested in me and likes me and she cannot stop thinking about me. And believe me, I have not stopped thinking about her the whole day the next day. I wrote a very beautiful letter to her, very romantic as well, very polite to express to her how I tremendously like her a lot and want to work hard in our common goal to develop a great friendship towards finding love.

I will definitely visit her in Ukraine as I have promised her and spend more time together, as we both want to transition from virtual communication to real life communication in just a few months. She is incredibly very beautiful and extremely very feminine and stylish and sexy. And above all, she has what I was looking for first in a woman apart from the physical aspect…she has the inner beauty that I was looking for. And I honestly believe that if you first seek for a Ukrainian woman’s inner beauty more than her physical beauty, you will be rewarded in ways beyond your imagination.

Ukrainian women are truly amazing creatures and when they open their inner world to you if you seek this first and foremost, she will make every day feel like paradise to you. We have decided to make our friendship blossom naturally and surely as we both so like each other very much, it goes without saying that the chemistry will slowly build even before we meet in real life and our real life meeting will just be the accomplishment of this.

UBA really helps you connect with the right people if you are here with genuine intentions and you show respect to the ladies and you treat them right and you don’t act like a jerk towards them and use dirty or abusive language. These are the most refined ladies in the world that you can expect to build a future with, so please do yourself a favor and do not spoil your chances of finding real true love and I won’t stress this enough. And do not pretend to be who you are not. Just be yourself just like I was with my new friend lady and things will fall into place very naturally.

Anna that was my testimonial. Thanks a lot.

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