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Dating advice


March 18, 2019 by

If you understand that now your relationship is not going through the best period, you should think about how to save them.


You should not act alone, but with your lady. It should be understood that any couple is facing a crisis in relations. It’s just that someone is making efforts and working on themselves, but someone does not want to strain and part. What can you do to keep the relationship?


If you are extremely honest, you will show that you trust her. And do not be afraid to open your most vulnerable parts. Tell her everything you think about, and what feelings you are experiencing at the moment. This will make a huge impact on your future relationship. You do not have to pick words, because the main requirement for such a conversation is sincerity. Do not blame your lady for anything, but only talk about your feelings and emotions that you are trampling at the moment when she is doing something wrong.


Very many couples broke up because it was more important for them to defend their case, and not to admit mistakes and come together to a compromise. It is necessary to understand, if you are in a relationship, you will make certain concessions. If you want to be together, you need to work out a common strategy and follow it.


This is one of the most difficult steps. You will need to make such a decision, with which you will agree. You should find such a way out of the situation that would suit you and your lady at the same time. The two of you should understand that to find a compromise is not to give up your own opinion. This is to find a mutually beneficial solution.


It is necessary to sincerely forgive a woman for what she did to you. For all the negative emotions that you experienced, for all quarrels and scandals. For all the unpleasant words she told you. It’s clear that you cannot just forget all this. And do not take such as the norm. You just have to let go of all the emotions that this situation causes in you and forgive your girlfriend. Yes, she made a mistake. But you both have already learned from this lesson. Do not get hung up, move on.


If you have already determined what exactly your problem was, you just need to act according to your plan. This must be a mutual decision. You must do everything synchronously. If only one person tries, nothing will work out.


Of course, you no longer hold evil against each other. But you need to discuss what you will not allow anymore. For example, you are terribly annoying when she raises her voice at you. Do not be afraid to tell her about it openly and emphasize that you will not tolerate this anymore.


If the goal is that you no longer want to be nervous. And you dream that you are left alone, then you are not ready to change. You will simply, as before, control your lady and her behavior. And for relationships this will not be progress. This will only exacerbate all your problems.


Do you remember your first meetings when you just started dating? How did you get involved in each other, how you did not want anything else, but how to be close? It is very important to learn how to keep this atmosphere after a certain time spent together. Try to communicate as much as possible with her, ask about her life, work, hobbies. Show that you are really interested. Thus, you will establish new boundaries in your relations, which will try not to pass. When is it worth trying to maintain a relationship? A long relationship means that you really love each other. You just need to accept the fact that a crisis in a relationship is normal. It happens even in couples that seem ideal at first sight. If you understand that this relationship no longer brings you pleasure, do not continue them. Honestly talk to the girl, tell me about everything that does not suit you. Sometimes parting means making the right decision.

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August 16, 2018 by


Ukraine is an amazing country which has much to celebrate. One of the largest celebratory days in the Ukrainian calendar is Independence Day on August 24, which is a public holiday.

What do Ukraine people usually do on this special day?

Ukrainians are cheerful and optimistic people who like to celebrate the Day of Independence in Ukraine with marvelous fireworks, concerts, and festivals.

You have a great opportunity to see famous and traditional Ukrainian clothing. Ukrainians adore wearing national blouses with traditional ornaments on them. Outdoor exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity to see fascinating pictures painted by rather talented people. It is popular to make outside free public markets and people may try tasty national Ukrainian food and drinks. On this day youth always paint their faces into blue and yellow colors. Ukrainians walk outside with the country’s flag to show their honor and respect.

Nevertheless, Independence Day is a national public holiday and that is why many shops, museums, government offices, banks and universities are closed.

Every year you may watch an annual concert where famous Ukrainian singers are singing their most popular songs to raise the people spirits even higher.

Hence, children love this holiday because there are lots of amusements open for kids.

As the result, this holiday honors the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to gain the independence of Ukraine and to provide the best life for this country.                                                                  

Feel free to read more information about Ukrainian holidays in our blog.                                          

We will be pleased to answer all your questions about life in Ukraine and its traditions.               


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August 9, 2018 by

Nowadays, bloggers speak on various topics including dating advice. However, this topic is rather close to us. We would like to share with you a video posted by the famous Ukrainian blogger Olga Reznikova about Ukraine Brides Agency.

Olga has a huge following on her networks and blogs about Ukraine (events, culture, languages, nuances etc) and also provides dating advice and reviews to her followers.

Recently Olga investigated Ukraine Brides Agency and posted an honest appraisal video on her YouTube channel. Olga has posted several references on dating sites and they are frank and are all not favourable.

We are pleased that Olga posted the video as she has described our philosophies well.

Olga recently met with us at a conference and was pleasantly surprised at our ethics and business operations and has stated in the video that she did not ever expect to find a site that provided the services and features that we offer and that we go to extreme lengths to provide a trusted service.

Furthermore, we are delighted that Olga has recognised our efforts and has posted such a glowing review. Hence, many of her followers have been disillusioned with the Slavic dating scene after bad experiences and we hope that they will visit us and see what we offer and why we are different.

We hope you enjoy the video and welcome and comments. Above all, we are here 24/7 and look forward to hearing from you.

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July 27, 2018 by

UBA Team Celebration

UBA team definitely knows what a successful cooperation and teamwork are. We care about our reputation and meaningful projects. First of all, the atmosphere which is in our team may be compared to a cosy family place.

A mid-summer dinner was enjoyed by the UBA team at Daily Sport Restaurant in Nikolaev. It was a great opportunity to come together to recognise the achievements of UBA so far in 2018.


These achievements include:

The launch of the new chat system featuring our anywhere, anytime, any device video chat
Our nomination as a finalist for Best Product Design at the iDate Internet Dating Awards ceremony in Miami
The launch of our Free and Personalised Matchmaking services
The launch of our monthly Free Speed Dating Events
A great start of our Simply Travel website
As a result, the many more couples who have found love using our services




“Our team is proud of the success that they have achieved together, the growing number of happy stories and photo galleries that adorn our office, the wonderful feedback that we receive and the members who call into our office for a chance to say hello. Therefore, it is a perfect reason to celebrate together” Juliya, COO, Ukraine Brides.


We are happy to assist you if you ever decide to come over to your office. Feel free to contact us anytime you need our help. Hence, stay with us for more updates.

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July 23, 2018 by


Recently, our client Olaf from Beuningen, Netherlands has visited Ukraine. Our client feels here very comfortable and cozy over here.  He has joint our site about a couple months ago. He has made an inquiry of a service of UBA first time. By the way, we were so happy to know that our client was very comfortable with our service, agency, and stuff.


The client recommends our services to the men as he finds that to be really genuine. Ukraine is totally different from the country he came from. Here he liked local people but cannot judge all Ukrainian people by couple ladies he met up with. He trusts and is satisfied with it. Above all, Olaf recommends men to interact with the ladies via our video chat. It helps a man to understand the lady better, learn her and see her behaviour. Video chat provides a direct interaction with a partner.


Most relevant, our client recommends our men to be serious about their search. It may be a very specific one, but you have o be careful and attentive. Do not play games if you are looking for a wife. You have to remain patient. Talking about an age gad it seems to be so individual and depends on both partners who are communicating and are about to have a serious relationship.

However, a real meeting is rather to learn the lady. Olaf is looking for a lady with a nice sense of humour and a great body language. Most noteworthy, it is rather important to take your time and plan the trip very well and attentively. You have to pick up a nice hotel in a comfortable location.

Please, watch the video of Olaf’s feedback and accept his all recommendations.

We will be happy if you take a look at our blog . Please, read these marvelous articles and take into consideration our vital advice to make your relationship brighter and more trustworthy.

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July 17, 2018 by

We are delighted to share with you another success story of our lovely couple of Philippe and Yuliya.


Yuliya’s story

yuliyaPhilippe and I met on the website around two years ago. It was difficult to meet a decent man in my country and I decided to try my luck here. Philippe wrote to me, we began to correspond. During our correspondence, I understood that he always wished to marry a Slavic woman that is why he registered on this website. Philippe learned Russian at the university.

Since I do not know much English, I was very glad that Philippe spoke Russian. He lived in Moscow and Astana. We had very long and interesting letters. Philippe has a good sense of humour. I always looked forward to his next letter. After some time of our communication, Philippe proposed to meet in France in Paris. I agreed to a meeting. My younger brother Dmitry also went to my first meeting with Philippe. The three of us had a great time together. I had several meetings with Philippe after that. And, behold, in 2018 after a long time of our communication Philippe asked me to arrange a civil marriage in the embassy of France. I gladly agreed.

I hope in the near future to move to France and maybe we will have an official marriage.

We wish everyone to have such a wonderful happy story. Please, join us and be acknowledged with our new articles in our weekly updated posts.

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June 25, 2018 by


Constitution Day is a national holiday to celebrate this historical event. A change in Ukrainian history was made when the Constitution of Independence was adopted on June  28, 1996.

Historical facts

After gaining independence in 1991, following the collapse of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine began drafting a new constitution. This document established a legal foundation of independent Ukraine. Nevertheless, progressive in terms of human rights and freedoms for Ukrainians.

Many TV and Radio stations broadcast Ukrainian anthem, which is a state symbol. “Sche ne vmerla Ukraine” (“Ukraine has not yet perished”) has been the country’s anthem since 1992. Some of the lyrics regard on a poem written by famous and talented poet Pavlo Chubynsky in 1862.

Many Ukrainians have an official day off and celebrate it with festivities: fireworks, musical events, singing Ukrainian anthem, large street parades. The Ukrainian president usually congratulates the country on Constitution Day. Constitution Day is a public holiday across Ukraine, so many business establishments, universities and public offices are not available.

On this day you may enjoy walking in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and other big cities and watching parades. Ukraine always wanted to be independent and that is why it celebrates this very day tremendously.

If you ever decide to learn Ukrainian language, culture and see the way people celebrate fabulous holidays here please feel free to contact our travel agency Simply Travel

Our Travel Agent will help you with the arrangements of the flights, transfers, booking an accommodation or you may easily follow the link

Feel free to learn more about Ukraine.

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May 25, 2018 by


What is Trinity in Ukraine?

The Feast of Triytsya, (Trinity Sunday), which commemorates the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles (Pentecost) falls on the seventh Sunday after Easter. In English, it is also called Whitsunday and in Ukrainian, it is known as Pyatydesyatnytsya. Holy Trinity Day is a very important religious holiday in Ukraine.

Holy Trinity

Trinity is a moveable feast celebrating the Holy Trinity, the Christian belief that the nature of God exists as Three Persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but yet One God.

Trinity is a kind of symbol of the return to life. On the time of this wonderful holiday, all nature comes to life, blooms and fills up with bright colors and alluring scents. On this day, all Orthodox people decorate their houses with greenery, birch twigs with calamus branches, prepare a festive table and invite relatives to come over for a celebration.

The celebration of Trinity in Ukraine is a big event with many people going to church and following traditional rituals. Join them in this celebration or just enjoy the “green” side of this wonderful feast!

Didova subota

The day before Triytsya, that is Saturday, called Didova subota, the day of the commemoration of the dead. According to a popular belief, deceased people come to our world on the Green Thursday and stay here until the Troyitsky Thursday. That’s why it was prohibited to work during these days, especially to weave, sew or to cut wood. In order not to make any harm to the dead souls. That’s why people try to do all work in the garden and in the house before the Green Holidays.

There is an awesome tradition with the wreaths. On Green Thursday the ladies went to the forest or to the field to make wreaths. After that, they returned to the village to tie the wreaths to the birch tree. On the Trinity Day, the ladies were checking their wreaths and taking them off the tree. If the wreath remained fresh, it meant the lady’s family would be happy. And if the wreath faded, it was not a good sign and meant the family would be unhappy.

In Ukrainian folk rituals, wreaths, in general, is a symbol of great respect, youth, purity, and beauty.

Also, the wreath made of fresh flowers is considered to be a defense against evil forces. People are going to attend church on Sunday. Monday is usually an official day off in Ukraine, so people may stay with their family, relatives, and friends and have a great time.

God bless all people and make them happy indeed!

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December 7, 2017 by

One of the unique characteristics of using an online dating site and looking for your special Russian woman or Ukrainian lady is that there can be language barriers that require personalized translation and assistance. It helps to ensure that you receive direct and intended messages. In such a case we suggest to have video chats, so both men and women may be sure that they wish to make another step toward a serious communication.

Many ladies depend on local agencies who provide the services to provide translations and to assist the man and the lady to develop a relationship. Many Ukrainian women have busy lives, including working and raising children and, while they genuinely seek a foreign husband, have difficulty finding the time to devote to the serious task of finding a foreign date.

Too often, ladies register at a local agency but then are not able to be the clients anymore and their profile may remain dormant at the agency and on dating sites, for a long time. It can be common for ladies to expect this poor service and give up hope.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is regularly following up with our ladies to ensure that they know what they can do in next steps with men, ensure that they respond to messages and chat requests and to ensure that the lady is still actively searching, especially if there has been no interest in her profile for a while.

Recently, we have received positive feedback from some of our ladies and this is gratifying to us as it shows that our work is being appreciated. Often, the ladies are not so well looked after by agencies and sites, but to us, that makes no sense. To have a successful dating site requires that both the men and the ladies that use the site are happy and active.

Some of the feedback that we have received is:

Lady Olga (username: Brilliant_Olga) said: “Thank you so much for your help. You are so attentive to me… I appreciate it.”

UKRAINIAN LADIESUKRAINIAN LADIESEspecially relevant, Lady Natalia (username: tender_lady_natalia) said: “Good evening. Thanks for your attention to me. I’m very pleased. Yes, my profile is relevant because I’m still looking for my second half. I will be grateful to you for your help. Thank you for the support.

Sincerely, Natalia”


Furthermore, Lady Marina (username: Gentle_Marina) said: “I thank you for such benevolence and responsiveness! I was very pleased to receive such an early response to my appeal. Most noteworthy, it is wonderful to feel such a strong support! It is impossible to give up a dream with such a team. I will be very glad to continue the joint communication and search. With respect and gratitude, Marina”.

UKRAINIAN LADIESUKRAINIAN LADIESUKRAINIAN LADIESUKRAINIAN LADIESMoreover, Lady Irina said: “I did not think that registration would be so fast. Apparently, you have a really serious site. Thanks for your help!”

UKRAINIAN LADIESHowever, Irina is correct – we are a really serious site and we want all our members, men and women, to receive the best support we can offer and to find success as quickly as possible.

Contact us anytime at

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October 25, 2017 by

The best way to find a single Russian woman includes a successful search on dating sites. This article gives you some dating tips for the best way to find a single Russian woman.

As you know, it is difficult to find a woman from another continent with whom to share your life. A long-distance relationship is not for everybody. This type of relationship requires a lot of patience and, most importantly, trust between the man and the lady. In reality, the best way to find a woman from Russia is to use a dating site.


There is a huge variety of dating sites to choose from and not each site is genuine and helpful. It can be common practice in Russia and Ukraine to create a dating site with fake ladies just to make money. You must choose carefully and select a site that is renowned for its trustworthiness and genuineness, such as
This article will give you an idea as to why this site has earned a great reputation

Typically, most of the dating sites are pay as you go, rather than free or monthly subscription and this is normal. Due to the fact that there is a team of interpreters and support specialists who will gladly help you in your search.Choose the site that offers the most services and the best customer support.


First of all, you should check that the site has a video-chatting feature. During the video chat, you’ll get an opportunity to make sure that the lady who you are talking to is real and genuine.

Second, check if the site has support available to assist you. Support on the dating site is very important. If you have some issues with using the site or you have some questions about your lady, personal support is essential. Remember: only genuine and reputable sites have a customer support team available. This is the main goal of a genuine dating site is to help you to find your life partner. Do not hesitate to contact the support on the site and ask questions that will help you in your search.

Make sure that the site has been in business for at least 6 or 7 years and that it’s officially registered. You can ask the support team about this. An interactive blog that includes many verifiable success stories and testimonials is a valuable guide.






Especially relevant, Slavic ladies prefer to use social media for communication with friends, colleagues, and relatives. Of course, it is not the most efficient and convenient option as not all Russian ladies know English. Also, many Slavic ladies indicate in their social media profiles that they are married in order to avoid unwanted attention. Naturally, social media is non-paid and doesn’t have a customer support service, so, if you want to search for your Russian lady through the social media, you have to be ready for some difficulties and for spending a lot of time searching.

Finally, the option that is the most complicated. If you have tried all other possible methods to find your lady and didn’t succeed, you can visit Russia or Ukraine and try to become acquainted with some lady on the street or in a restaurant or cafe. Please, mind that the probability of success is very small in this option. Because of the language barrier, you have to be prepared and have learned some Russian or Ukrainian – then you may succeed although the chances are very slim!

We recommend you leave it to the professionals and to enjoy your communication with the ladies on the website.

Ukraine Brides Agency is always happy to provide you with qualified services for a reasonable price. We take care of our clients 24/7 and we take great pleasure in your success. Join us and you will not be disappointed!


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