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Online dating news: Why effective communication is the single most important factor

April 20, 2021 by in Online Dating
online dating

Recent news indicates that an increasing number of guys in western countries are looking for Eastern European ladies via online dating. Further research shows that more and more western men have had confusing experiences with western women, so they are looking elsewhere nowadays. Well, it’s nobody’s fault, but why can’t western women ask for what… read more

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Which Online Dating Sites Will Survive?

March 29, 2021 by in Online Dating
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Google Verification – Which Online Dating Sites Will Survive? Ukraine Dating Site Verification Overview Two years ago, I presented at an online dating conference in Kiev, Ukraine. The conference topic was The Future of the Online Dating Market and my presentation was about accountability. I wanted those sites that promote dating scam to be aware… read more


Online dating: Please do not play hard to get

March 14, 2021 by in Online Dating
online dating

The myth: Women want a man who is hard to get. This is actually a fallacy. And here is why – I can guarantee that this fallacy only leads to stressful relationships and unhappiness. Let’s have a look at some common “hard-to-get scenarios”: If an Eastern European woman doesn’t respond to your message within 72… read more


Thank you for your care!

May 13, 2020 by in Online Dating
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We would like to express our solidarity, support, and gratitude for incredible healthcare workers and frontline emergency responders all over the world. To cheer up all of the essential workers who are helping us through this challenging time. Our idea is to lift the spirits of the people working on the front lines, take a… read more

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Think positive every day and every moment

April 22, 2020 by in Online Dating
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Do you sometimes feel bad 😓? Don’t be sad. Be happy instead 😊 Happiness is what everyone should achieve in life 🙌 Choose to be happy and choose to be successful. Despite any life difficulties it’s very vital to have positive thinking 👼🙏 . After the rain the sun 🌞 always comes, we just need… read more

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