Relationships with Ukrainian women: How do happy couples manage finances?

May 13, 2021 at 8.35am by in Slavic Women
Ukrainian women

Are you ready to find out who you are in terms of your financial identity? If yes, you probably need to take some notes now. I’ve interviewed several couples who are happily married. They have generously shared their wisdom with us in terms of how they manage their finances successfully. (All of these guys are married to Ukrainian women.)

  • Saver VS Spender

If you know how much money you have in the bank and in your wallet right now, calculate how much money you’ve spent every month and only buy clothes that are on sale, you are possibly a saver.

In contrast, if you can’t resist the temptation of fine wine and scrumptious food in an upmarket restaurant, can’t stand living a life without a fancy car and certainly can’t remember where you spent that $100 in your pocket, then you are probably a spender.

That being said, most people are somewhere in between, but a lot of individuals definitely go to extremes easily.

  • Assessing your financial identity

No, this isn’t about judging you at all. This is all about finding out who you really are when it comes to financial management so that you can improve your financial situation.

No matter you are a saver or a spender, your financial identity doesn’t make you better or worse as a person. Truthfully, either identity could cause issues if it is not properly managed.

Realistically, talking about managing personal finances well, savers have more advantages. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean spenders are hopeless. It only means spenders would be well-advised to exercise some self-control while living a wonderful lifestyle.

  • What do savers and spenders need to work on?

A true saver might have to learn how to enjoy life by striking a balance between brutal frugality and a crazy shopping spree. At the end of the day, you still need to treat yourself, right?

Nevertheless, a spender should totally work a bit harder because there are just too many things to buy these days – we are bombarded with advertisements everywhere! From now on, you can try buying what you need rather than what you want, okay?

Also, finding out your partner’s financial identity can help you with your personal finances as well. 😊

Ukrainian women
  • What is emotional spending? (And how to overcome it!)

Okay. I’ll use plain English to explain this: Emotional spending means a person’s spending behavior is significantly influenced by emotions, feelings and moods. Well, no, you can’t predict your future emotions when you and your partner are making your budgets, but you can certainly find a way to prevent retail therapy from happening, right?

Examples of emotional spending:

  1. When you feel unhappy with the way you look, you want to buy some new clothes that you assume would make you feel better about your appearance.
  • When you feel unhappy with the stress at work, you would buy an expensive coffee on your way to the office every morning while thinking “I totally deserve this”. In this way, you feel a bit better about the situation in the office.
  • After working very hard for a week, when you and your Ukrainian ladyfeel so tired on Friday, you just go to an upmarket restaurant and then go to the movies, thinking you should treat yourselves now.
  • How to overcome emotional spending in record time:

First of all, you can find some alternative activities that give you joy. Instead of spending money whenever you are upset, you may find an inexpensive alternative which will make you feel good. How about dancing to the music and going for a walk in the park?

Second, you need to set a budge for unnecessary purchases. By that I mean you still need to have some play money, i.e., yes, you can treat yourself, but it’s done in a controlled way so you won’t feel guilty after splurging on yourself. Actually, treating yourself in a relatively small way could help you stop buying something more expensive, e.g., instead of buying a new outfit, you will buy some chocolate!

“Perhaps you and your Ukrainian woman can become each other’s accountability buddy – just support each other so that you will achieve your financial goals faster.”

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