10 Activities For Couples That Will Bring You Closer Together

June 12, 2019 at 12.02pm by in International Dating
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We’ve all been there in a relationship. The rut. The love may still be there, and it’s stronger than ever. The passion’s still there—occasionally. But the excitement?

Maybe that fizzled out a long time ago.

Sure, there are lots of things you can do together to add some life to a dull routine. A nature hike. Scuba diving. The beach. Tennis lessons. But what happens when it’s pouring outside? What if you’re an urban dweller several hours away from a scenic getaway? What if neither of you are particularly outdoorsy? And what if your ideal getaway is simply at home in front of a fire with a glass or two of wine?

Routine may bring a sense of familiarity, but it also brings predictability. Boredom. And frequently frustration. As a result, you can sometimes find yourselves drifting apart. And if you drift too far apart, you may find that romance fading slowly away along with your time.

The good news? There are simple everyday things you can do together both in the home and away from the home which can rekindle that spark! You don’t have to travel hours away to rediscover what made you fall in love with one another. Whether you’re cooped up in the house or simply want to explore all your city has to offer you, couples activities can be both mundane and inventive. Exciting and comforting. Romantic and sentimental. And above all, fun. And the best news?

Many of them are completely free.

Whether you’re looking to reignite your intimacy or simply want to spend more quality time together, here are 10 of the best indoor activities for couples on your next rainy day.

Indoor Couple Activities At Home

There’s more to indoor activities than watching TV. A lot more. As the old saying goes, the couple that plays together stays together. You don’t have to fall into the same old dull routine the next time you find yourselves stuck in the house. There’s always plenty of time to catch up on your favorite shows. Here are some activities for you as a couple to try at home.

1. Cooking

Have a favorite recipe you’re dying to test out? Haven’t found the time or the opportunity to do so yet? While eating may be one of the most common ways two or more people bond, there’s something particularly intimate about the act of cooking together. It’s as much about the joy of creation as it is the joy of sharing. Neither of you may be Jacques Pepin (in fact, you may actually wind up butchering something as simple as scrambled eggs if you’re like many of us), but the simple act of cooking together can bring you closer than you ever imagined⁠—no matter how messy or disastrous the results might be.

2. Board Games

Monopoly does not have a monopoly on board games. There’s plenty of adult board games available for couples⁠. Some are nostalgic. Some are whimsical. And some are, yes… risque. That’s part of the fun. Whether you’re feeling playful, competitive or just plain “randy”, there’s a board game to suit your needs. Who knows? You might even have some old favorites collecting dust in your basement.

3. Exercise

A healthy body might mean a healthy mind, but healthy bodies mean healthy relationships. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount at your local gym to enjoy the benefits of exercising together. Whether it’s free weights, yoga, calisthenics or tossing a medicine ball back and forth, get in touch with your body. It will help you get in touch with each others’, as well.

4. Art Therapy

No, neither of you may be Rembrandt. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create art together. Remember, creative expression is fairly versatile. It can include everything from painting together to practicing a musical instrument to scrap booking; the possibilities are endless. Why not take turns at writing your own novel—with yourselves as the main characters? It just might teach you more about one another than you ever imagined.

5. Start Your Bucket List

This actually isn’t as morbid as many people assume. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Creating a bucket list can be a life affirming exercise that can teach you just how much you have yet to explore in life together. Whether it’s taking an excursion to a distant locale or simply learning a hobby, couple activities are just as dependent on seizing the moment as anything else in life. Don’t confine yourself to the ordinary. There’s an entire world of vast and strange experiences waiting for the both of you.

Indoor Couple Activities Away From Home

Of course, there’s no reason why couple activities need to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes you simply need to get away—and there’s a good chance an entire city you haven’t explored yet is out there only several blocks away. If you’re both feeling cabin fever, here are some surefire cures:

6. Museum And Gallery Openings

Don’t passively observe reproductions of art through books. Experience them up close and in person. Even if you can’t tell a Rauschenberg from a Rothko, you can both learn and grow together through actively exploring your local art culture. You’d be surprised how much local talent is hiding right underneath your nose.

7. Adult Education

No, we don’t necessarily mean going back for your Master’s degree (although we’re not warning against it). But weekly hobby classes—in cooking, improvisational comedy or pottery making, for example—will not only help you both bond over shared activities, but can also introduce you to other like-minded couples, as well. And if you’re new to the city, you might find they’re more than happy to tell you about the newest hot spots in your neighborhood.

8. Take A Day Trip

Is there a nearby city or town neither of you know anything about? One entirely off the beaten path? Don’t let an undiscovered gem pass you by. Chances are, there are great restaurants, shops, galleries and activities waiting to be unearthed by both of you. For an even more romantic adventure, treat yourself to an overnight stay in a bed and breakfast or five star hotel.

9. Go Bar Hopping

No, you may not be in your 20s anymore. And you may not even be heavy drinkers. That doesn’t mean you can’t throw caution to the wind and enjoy an old-fashioned pub crawl… even if it means having coffee instead of beer. Bar hopping is an ideal way to get to know the locals in your neighborhood—and we’ve never heard of a neighborhood where the locals don’t take an immediate liking to couples.

10. Try The Unlikely

Are you both avid sports fans? Try going to a poetry reading instead. Do you consider yourselves highly sophisticated bon vivants? Don’t be afraid to step foot inside a pool hall. Don’t fall into the habit of embracing only what the expected. Try the most unlikely events, restaurants or excursions you can think of. By sticking with the familiar, you’re depriving yourself of a wealth of experiences that can be as enriching as they are lively. Life’s too short to repeat yourselves.

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