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November 14, 2019 by

Due to the nature of my work, I’ve met a large number of western men who are dating Ukrainian women. Therefore, I’d like to summarize my findings today.

Many western men dating Ukrainian ladies have high-profile jobs.

Statistics show that a lot of western men dating women from Ukraine are doing very well career-wise. At least 50% of them are executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

Jake is a successful media executive who works for one of the most well-known media companies in the world. His dating preference is ladies from Ukraine. Jake is 28 years old and he got this high-profile job before he graduated from university. Certainly, this isn’t very common, so I interviewed Jake.

ME: Could you talk about how you got involved in important projects before graduation?

JAKE: Years ago, when I was still studying at university, I had quite a few very well-known lecturers and professors who were the leading experts in the industry.

As I always have my radar on, I know who I need to meet. My university days were no exception. Therefore, I decided to make sure those leading experts would mentor me, although many people were saying that those experts were really demanding and strict because they often gave students a low grade or even a Fail grade. However, now I am going to share one example of how I did it successfully so that you can learn from this real story (In order to respect privacy, let me call this mentor ‘Mr. Smith’ so that he won’t be identified):

I was very attentive in class, and one day my opportunity came.

Mr. Smith was teaching a core course which was the cornerstone of the entire degree. While other students were worried about their grades because they really wanted to pass the course, I was pretty sure I would pass the course — better than that, I had a feeling that Mr. Smith would become my mentor in the future as well.

One assignment of this course was to write an essay for a particular website. I completed the essay very well. Two weeks later, Mr. Smith asked each student to do individual conferencing with him so that he could discuss the outcome and feedback on each essay. Apparently, students were a bit anxious to face the strict Mr. Smith one-on-one.

When it was my turn, Mr. Smith said to me: ‘You write beautifully. What is your background? How do you know these concepts so well?’

So basically, I told him a bit about myself and explained what resources I have used.

Then Mr. Smith showed me the grade that he gave me: 98%. At the same time, he said: ‘I haven’t given anyone a high grade like this since a long time ago. But your input is really impressive.’

My heart was filled with joy. Better still, what Mr. Smith told me next was a turning point in my lifehe said: In fact, I am running the national project of this topic, so Id like you to do it with me. Just come to my office on Thursday.’

Life was never the same after that Thursday.

That was only one story among many similar things that I did at university. That was why when I graduated from university, I already had many referees and job offers, whereas most graduates were complaining about the economy.

I worked hard for that. More importantly, I worked smart for that.

When demanding professors and lecturers were teaching the class, my expectation was not just ‘I have to pass the course’. Instead, my much higher expectations set me apart from fellow students.

Always have high expectations and work towards your expectations. Similarly, I expect to date high-quality women only, so I only meet Ukrainian women who are absolutely beautiful.

ME: I’m so impressed. I know many western men dating Ukrainian ladies are very smart and capable. And a growing number of western men between 25 and 30 have become interested in meeting Ukrainian ladies as well.

Western men dating Ukrainian women are very switched-on.

Greg is a 31-year-old guy from Florida. He is a published author and columnist. Most of the time, he writes content about career advice for men. Because I don’t want to miss out on his insights, I interviewed Greg, too.

ME: I read your article called “Who Can Really Help You with Your Career?” the other day and it blew my mind. Would you like to share your insights with our audience at today?

GREG: I’d like to let you know that your friends can’t help you with your career.

At least the majority of your friends can’t.

That’s because if your friends can help you with your career, they must have done it already.  Your friends are people just like you.  They are your peer group.

The brutal truth is: your acquaintances are more likely to help you with your career because they are out of your league – they have the right resources and connections that you desire.

Where are those acquaintances who may become your mentors?  Figure out where they are and you should be there too, and then you just add value to them – ask yourself, “How can I make this person more successful?”  Once you give the value that they need, they will help you (this is the Principle of Reciprocity).

Everyone has problems, no matter how successful they are.  Therefore, you need to figure out how you can help them to solve their problems.

In life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you give.

You don’t get what you want, you get who you are.  And your reality is teaching you who you really are. For example, I’m dating a gorgeous woman from Ukraine who absolutely adores me. I’m pretty sure that’s the feedback that life has given me.

ME: Yes, I’ve met your Ukrainian girlfriend. She is absolutely beautiful! I know you have given your Ukrainian lady some career advice in terms of finding direction in her career. Could you please share your wisdom with us as well?

GREG: I have received many emails from people asking me what they should do work-wise.

Instead of telling them to apply for jobs that are directly relevant to what they studied at university, I tend to reply with these messages:

What did you enjoy doing when you were a child?

What are your natural inclinations?

What are you curious about now?

What is the thing that is obvious to you but it’s amazing to others?

In conclusion, western men dating women from Ukraine are successful and wise. Most noteworthy, they have impressive career ambitions, so they don’t want to have high-maintenance relationships. (Sadly, most relationships with western women are high-maintenance, as evidenced by the high divorce rate in western countries nowadays). Hence, ambitious, intelligent and switched-on western men tend to marry Ukrainian brides.

“Relationships with Ukrainian women are less stressful, so western men can have more time and energy to focus on their careers.”

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November 14, 2019 by

Very often we hear a question from our clients “How soon will she reply?”

It is a difficult question, so let’s discuss it today. We live in a time of technical progress, when there are lots of ways to communicate with each other, such as different messengers and sites. Using any of these ways for communication we usually expect to get a response as quickly as possible. But is it as simple as it seems? 

Waiting for her soon reply

When you write a letter on the site your only question is “How soon will I receive an answer?” Likewise, another question you should also ask is “How soon will I answer?” 

What may we expect?

Most noteworthy, everybody has lots of things to do: work, household duties, taking care of family and friends. Modern ladies do not stay at home, they want to realize themselves and spend a great time at work. They are as busy as men. Hence, they may also come home late with the only wish to sleep.

It doesn’t mean they are too busy to build relationships; it means they just need some time to answer. 

Similar to men, ladies try to be online when it’s the most comfortable time for them. Also, you should mind the time difference. You and the lady are living in different countries and in different time zones. Certainly, the difference in time may be so huge that the lady may go to bed while you are eating breakfast.

What else?

Another reason for the delay with the lady’s response to you may be because of big letters. 

The more information you write in your letter; the more time it will take to answer it. In order to understand all the information correctly and don’t miss anything ladies read the letters very attentively. Certainly, it may take some time to think about what to answer and how to make a letter complete.

soon reply

Some men think that the situation will change after exchanging contact details. It looks like: “Well, I have her personal phone number, now she will answer in a second.” 

Please, don’t think that way, because it isn’t right. Yes, it will be more suitable as the lady doesn’t need to log in to the site. And maybe she will really spend more time on communication than before. However, she will still work and do her duties. Certainly, she will still need some time to answer your messages. Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t received a response in 2 or 10 minutes. Just be patient and give your lady some time to answer.

We hope this information will help you to understand your lady. 

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November 7, 2019 by

Ukraine Brides Agency is pleased to introduce a new happy couple and inspire you to believe in real love.

Scott from the USA and Iana from Ukraine united their hearts and are happy to continue their path together.

Likewise, all happy stories, this one has a deep background of various feelings and situations Scott and Iana overcame through to reach the success.

These beautiful people have lots in common. This shows they are created for each other. Scott and Iana met at the right time and in the right place.

They discuss their future, the way the will bring up their kids, travel plans, etc.
This couple has an unusual dream. They saved all the letters they exchanged on the site and will write a book together.

This will definitely inspire their future children. Scott and Iana want to share their love story.

Yana and Scott know for sure that miracles happen in real life. More relevant, everything is possible. Just people have to go together to the common aim and fulfill all the tasks that life gives to them.

We wish them prosperity and all the best as they embark on this wonderful union.

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November 7, 2019 by

Today is a good day to answer a very bothering question “Why do men need an interpreter at the meeting?”

The first meeting is very exciting. Both men and ladies get ready for the meeting seriously beginning with their appearance and finishing by the decision to use the services of an interpreter or not.

Likewise, sometimes men don’t care about interpreters even if they and their ladies don’t speak on each other’s language. There are three reasons for such behavior. 


 “Why should I pay for an interpreter if the lady doesn’t know English?” 


“We have google translator, so we will understand each other”.


“We don’t need any third person at the meeting, because it will be uncomfortable.”

Consequently, let’s discuss all these situations.

First of all, an interpreter is someone, who helps you and your lady to communicate with each other. As you are in a foreign country and you don’t know its language you should ask yourself a question: “How will I understand my lady?”

Even if your lady doesn’t know English, please mind, that you speak neither Ukrainian nor Russian. Hence, it is obvious that you need someone, who will help you to communicate. 

Some men say that google translator will be enough. However, are you sure that in such a case your words will be understood correctly? Most noteworthy, on the strength of our experience, the answer is “no”. There was one couple who broke up their relations after the first meeting without the interpreter. 

The man thought the lady was in a hurry and said to her that she had to go. The lady didn’t understand why he was telling that all the time as she had no other things to do, so she decided he wasn’t interested in communication or was hurrying to the meeting with other ladies. After this date, the man shared his impressions by saying that she had no time to be with him. Certainly, they just misunderstood each other because of using google translator. Google can’t translate correctly. Even if you try to translate a sentence you will have the translation of only separated words. That’s why you will lose the sense of your words and the main idea of what you are trying to say. 

Here are a few examples

As for interpreters, they translate not the words but the whole sentences trying to pass the main idea, intonation, and mood of the phrase from speaker to listener, so you will easily understand each other. 

Yes, he will be the third person, but he will help you if you don’t know what to say or how to ask your question. If somebody is late for the meeting or there happened some unexpected nuances during the meeting, the interpreter can help you to solve any issue. The translation isn’t as easy as you may think. The interpreter should find a key to both lady and man to explain their thoughts correctly. Consequently, it is very hard work and it can’t be made for free. It is worth paying as interpreters are the “bridges” which connect you and your lady. We hope this information will help you to prepare for the first meeting.

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Helping You Connect

November 5, 2019 by

Over the last few weeks the development team has been busy working on a number of changes that will hopefully make it easier to meet and correspond with ladies on the site. We know that the changes will be well received and that they will go a long way in helping you connect with an amazing Ukrainian or Russian lady.

Default communication settings have changed

When we started Ukraine Brides Agency more than 10 years ago, we made the decision to set a man’s default communication settings such that only ladies that the man first contacted could send full personalised messages. Our aim was to give full control to the paying members so that they could choose which lady could contact them. This approach is very different to almost every dating site on the web, especially those in the international dating niche.

The biggest downside of this approach was that it was unexpected, especially by men who have used other sites and expected to receive new messages immediately after registering. Men often register on our site having experienced how other sites operate, and so sit back and wait for the messages to come through. When those messages then didn’t come through (due to the restrictive communication settings default), they think that the site is either not active or worse, become disheartened by the fact that their profile didn’t appear to garner any attention! A very large majority of men never changed their default settings after registering, most likely because they were not aware how restrictive they were.

It was also a frustrating experience for the ladies. A lady may search for and find a man that meets all her criteria, however due to the default communication settings on that man’s profile, she could only send an impersonal ‘nudge’.

With these things in mind, we have made the decision to change the default communication settings so that they are less restrictive. When a new man registers, unless he explicitly changes his communication settings, any lady that fits within his specified age range will be able to send him a personalised message. Since we’re aware that the majority of men won’t have realised this restricted setting was applied by default, we’ll update the communication settings for men that have recently registered. Note that we will not make any changes to the settings for any men that have purchased credits – so if the previous default communication settings come as a surprise to you and you want to change them so that you receive more communications from ladies, you can do that by visiting your communication settings page.

For the ladies, we have made it easier to filter out the men in their search that they cannot send a message to. This should make the experience of using our site more enjoyable for the ladies and will likely mean you start receiving more messages from the sorts of ladies that you’re interested in hearing from.

Ladies can now create a chat booking with you

In addition to changing the default communication settings for men, we have implemented a feature that allows ladies to initiate chat bookings with men with whom she has communicated. This feature was requested by many men who feel it is more convenient for the lady to arrange the next suitable time to chat.

If you have communicated with a lady (chatted, sent a message or nudge, or favourited her), the lady will now be able to send you a chat booking request. You can accept the request or suggest a new time. If you are not interested in receiving chat requests or further communication from a lady, you can simply amend your communication settings or block her from contacting you.

Ladies with whom you have never communicated will not be able to send you chat booking requests.

Changes to conversations/messages

The changes above will mean that you will likely receive more personalised messages from ladies who meet your criteria and who are interested in you. These personalised messages will be emailed to you in a single daily digest of messages from ladies. If you don’t wish to receive the daily digest of messages from ladies, you can change your email settings.

No changes have been made to other email settings, so assuming your settings are set to do so, any messages sent from ladies you have previously communicated with will continue to be sent to you individually and immediately.

Since your conversations page will likely become fuller going forward, we have also added a feature that allows you to pin a conversation to the top of the list that you are interested in keeping an eye on. There are also options to filter the conversations list to only show conversations with ladies who are in your favourites list. This means that you can quickly read and respond to messages from your favourite ladies.

We have added a spam reporting button to the messages received from a lady. This feature allows members to report a message from a lady that is non-professional or spammy. We insist that ladies write personalised and professional messages when communicating with men and we want to monitor this and identify ladies who breach this requirement. You can help us improve the quality of communications you receive on our site by using this feature to alert us of poor quality messages.

You are always in control of your communication settings

We have always believed that a member should be able to control his own communication settings and communicate with as many, or as few, ladies as he wishes. This has not changed. We want you to enjoy the services and features that we offer and use these at a pace that suits you.

The changes that we have implemented affect the default settings for new men who register with us as the previous default settings were too restrictive and may have meant some men were confused as to why they were receiving few, if any, correspondence from the ladies who also use our services.

You can visit your communication settings at any time to alter the amount of communication that you receive, whether it be limiting it to just your favourited ladies or welcoming new personalised messages from ladies who are interested in you.

We know that these changes will be well received by all our members, both men and women. If you have any questions about these changes or how you can alter your settings, please contact the team. We are available 24/7 and look forward to hearing from you.

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October 31, 2019 by

As we know, the first date is an exciting time when everybody has hopes for better, makes plans and gets ready for a wonderful meeting. However, it is hard to decide what to do, where to go and what to talk about on a first date.

We are pleased to give you a couple of ideas of places to visit on the first meeting with your lady.

We are pleased to give you a couple of ideas of places to visit on the first meeting with your lady.

The first meeting is something special. It is the first time you will be so close to each other, look into each other’s eyes, in other words, see each other in real life.

Both ladies and men prepare for this meeting thoroughly to make a great first impression. More relevant, choosing the correct place is as important as choosing clothes.

What to do?

It has as many answers as many people live on Earth because everybody has his own opinion. Some people say it depends on the lady’s character and interests. That means, if she likes animals, you should go to the zoo; if she listens to rock music, then it should be a concert; or, if she likes to sing, the perfect place is karaoke.

Moreover, does it really work?

We don’t think so, as the main goal of the meeting is to get to know each other better, not to do hobbies.

What to choose then?

The Internet has lots of variants. Let’s discuss the most popular ones. We combined all the answers into several groups.

The first one combines the zoo, museums, exhibitions and theme parks.

All these places are very interesting and specific.

Internet has lots of variants. Let’s discuss the most popular ones. We combined all answers into several groups. 
The first one combines zoo, museums, exhibitions and theme parks.

Even if you know the hobbies of your lady, you won’t be able to guarantee she will enjoy such a place. So be attentive.

There you will have time to talk and to have a good rest. The only thing is that such places are so attractive and interesting that you may forget why you are there.

You should not only enjoy the place but also try to enjoy conversation with your lady.

Another group consists of night clubs, karaoke, bowling, concerts, theaters, and cinemas.

Another group consists of night clubs, karaoke, bowling, concerts, theaters and cinemas.

Sure you may spend a great time, but you won’t get closer to your mate, as your attention will be on screen, scene or game, so you’ll have no time to speak.

You’ll have bright memories of your activities, but not of each other.

That’s why such places are not good for the first meeting. The next group is represented by parks, restaurants, and cafes.

Next group is represented by parks, restaurants and cafes.

And it’s the winner of our list.

These places are less noisy, calm and cozy. There you can concentrate your attention on each other, ask bothering questions, listen to life stories.

Whether you are walking in the park or drinking tea in a café or restaurant, the atmosphere is more private and dispositive to the conversation.

And the last group is called “Places not to visit in any case”, and the first one is your hotel room.

If you don’t want to offend a lady, never invite her to your hotel room, especially on the first date!

Even if you have good intentions it may cause a big misunderstanding.

Ladies may take such an offer as a sign, which means, that a man isn’t looking for a long-term relationship. So that may break up your relations.

Another bad place is the shopping mall.

Ladies love shopping very much. Even if they have no money, they can “travel” through lots of shops, searching looking for something special. Consequently, it may last for hours.

Likewise, don’t waste your time and money on buying things instead of learning something new about each other. Even if you prefer going to café or cinema, don’t choose those, which are in huge shopping centers.

That was the last advice for today, and we think now you will make the right choice of the first place for meeting.

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October 31, 2019 by

Welcome to our amazing world of lovely couples of Ukraine Brides Agency. We are extremely excited to share with you our latest news! Hence, please, greet our new happy couple, Kevin and Tatiana.


Kevin and Tatiana met in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Therefore, the couple spent their first moments together in the capital city of Ukraine. Discovering fascinating places, they enjoyed each other’s company. Warm talks, holding hands, tasty dishes in a warm atmosphere, meaningful conversations…This created chemistry between them.

They were happy that online communication on Ukraine Brides Agency realized in real life.

Consequently, after the first meeting, they were communicating every single day. This helped them to stay in touch. Certainly, he missed his love like the shore misses the gentle lap of the seafoam as the tides go out.

Most noteworthy, the lady inspired the gentleman to visit Ukraine several times and both of them absolutely enjoyed getting to know each other more and more step by step.


Our couple decided to travel together abroad. Hence, they visited wonderful Italy. Therefore, this trip left unforgettable memories for Kevin and Tatiana. They enjoyed fantastic views of the ocean and warm sunny days.
Above all, Kevin and Tatiana have become truly precious for each other and they are happy to plan their future together.


As a result, the lady does her best to learn English for her man and their life in England.

“He is the man I was waiting for all my life!”

Tatiana describes Kevin

May their life be full of joy.

We believe it will inspire you to follow the voice in your heart and build a successful relationship. Be happy and believe in a blessing.

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October 24, 2019 by

Nowadays various stereotypes appear more often and may influence someone’s mind easily. We will find out if the stereotypes about Ukrainian ladies are true.



Hence, let’s start with the most famous one which is that Ukrainian ladies are the most beautiful. And that’s true. Our ladies pay great attention to their appearance. Wherever they go, whatever the weather is, they always look fantastic. It doesn’t mean that ladies can’t live without make-up. It means they look tidy and stylish in any situation whether they are shopping at the supermarket, visiting the cinema or get ready for a date.

That’s why it’s impossible not to fall in love with them.

Excellent housewives

Yes, they are really great at doing household duties. The house will always be clean and have a marvelous scent of tasty dishes. Such things as ironing, washing, cleaning, and cooking are just usual things to do.

However, our ladies are modern and likewise, want to realize themselves. Most noteworthy, they can combine household duties with upbringing their children and career. Hence, you should not think they will just stay at home because they can do much more than you think.

Furthermore, one more true is that Ukrainian ladies value family. Most of the Ukrainian ladies are family-oriented. They know the secret of making coziness at home. It’s love. Even more, if your lady will go for work 5 days a week, you won’t feel a lack of love or communication as she will find time to share her emotions, happiness, and support with you.

Our ladies are wise. Hence, they know how to get good results by making many things simultaneously.


More relevant, our ladies are not only wise but also smart and well-educated. Most of the Ukrainian women have a degree in the field of science they studied. Certainly, this makes them professionals at their job. But they never stop learning something new. They have lots of activities such as going in for sports, singing, reading, being outside, traveling, etc.

Most noteworthy, you’ll never be bored and maybe will find something in common to have a great time together.

Hence, taking to the point all information said before we can make a conclusion that Ukrainian ladies are hard-working. They never stop developing themselves as there are no limits on the way to perfection.

But there is still one more stereotype left.

Some people think that if Ukrainian ladies are looking for a soulmate abroad, they are desperate in love and fully disappointed in Ukrainian men. It’s the only one stereotype that is false. Our Ukrainian brides know how to create happiness without depending on men. Consequently, the only reason why some of them are still lonely is that they just haven’t met the one to live the whole life together. Certainly, ladies are opened to new experiences and meetings.

Hence, they try not to restrict their search to one country. Even more, it doesn’t matter how far they live, they will inevitably meet each other. And we hope you’ll meet your Ukrainian bride on our site.

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October 24, 2019 by

Eastern European ladies are well-known for their beauty, femininity, and elegance. It is said that these women are ideal girlfriends. According to American author Roosh V, women from Eastern Europe are the best girlfriends. Have you wondered why this is a fact?

Eastern European ladies)

Eastern European women don’t waste money.

Adam is an Australian guy who is dating an Eastern European lady. Last year I interviewed his girlfriend, an intelligent woman with a wealth of wisdom.

ME: Today is Boxing Day and you are happy to do this interview. Could you tell me why not going shopping on Boxing Day is probably a wise decision?

HER: Today is Boxing Day in Australia and the shopping malls are full of shoppers. But I never go shopping on Boxing Day & here are my reasons:

1. Boxing Day’s sales make people buy things they don’t really need.

Being able to tell the difference between things you want and things you need is very important for your financial success.

If you are interested in becoming financially successful, this is a very helpful question to ask –

Before you buy something, ask yourself, “Do I want this? Or do I need it?” If you need it, you should buy it. But if you want it, just don’t buy it.

On Boxing Day, everyone is busy looking at discounts rather than whether these are necessities or not. Therefore, people are more likely to buy things they don’t even need on Boxing Day.

2. Shopping on Boxing Day is very time-consuming, which means you’ll lose time in the process. And time is your most precious asset.

Many people are very careful when it comes to spending their money, but in terms of spending their time, they spend it like billionaires!

Because the queue is too long on Boxing Day, you’ll have to waste a lot of your time while shopping on this day – Some shoppers were waiting in the queue before 5am this morning! And the shops weren’t open until 9am or even 11am!

If I get a bargain on Boxing Day, it may save me $50 or even $100. However, I will never waste hours for that bargain because that amount of time brings me more money than what the bargain saves me.

I hope this makes sense and can help retail workers get some more rest during the Christmas holidays in the future.

I really admire this beautiful Eastern European lady’s insight into money and time. Hence, when Adam told me that his girlfriend is a successful businesswoman in Australia now, I wasn’t surprised at all.

Ladies from Eastern Europe look very youthful.

Joe is a New Zealand guy who is engaged to an Eastern European fiancée. She is 39 years old, but she looks like a lady in her late 20s, so I have to interview her!

ME: What’s the fountain of youth?

HER: Actually, inner health is the prerequisite of outer beauty. That is to say, outer beauty reflects inner health. In my opinion, a woman who understands radical self-love should treat her body with the respect it deserves by warding off toxins externally and internally.

ME: Do you eat or drink anything special?

HER: Every day, I eat cinnamon. It’s a spice that is high in antioxidants. Modern science has proved that cinnamon can turn on longevity-related genes because it activates neuroprotective proteins and can reduce the negative effects of oxidative damage. Apart from that, I drink whole citrus bergamot earl grey tea every morning. Even more, this wonderful tea removes toxins from my cells and keeps my heart very healthy, thereby improving insulin sensitivity to lower blood sugar and decreasing total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Likewise, I drink green tea in the afternoon, as green tea can increase metabolism and reduce anxiety. And when I’m cooking, I only use coconut oil – it is nature’s richest source of healthy medium-chain fatty acids, so it’s the perfect ingredient.

ME: Do you have any beauty rituals?

HER: Yes, I do. I have a facial and a massage every two weeks. This is more than just a luxurious form of pampering because it’s been shown to help reduce anxiety, pains, and aches (it can relieve sore muscles). Hence, my favorite massage types are Swedish massage and deep-tissue massage. Furthermore, I only use skin-care products from Estee Lauder and makeup from NARS.

Eastern European women have realistic expectations.

Unlike western women who think they deserve the best at all times, Eastern European ladies tend to have more realistic expectations, so it’s hard to let them down!

Ted’s partner is an Eastern European lady who has shared her insights into realistic expectations with me.

ME: What’s the difference between western women’s expectations and Eastern European women’s expectations?

HER: A while ago, I watched a YouTube video called ‘A Drink with Louise Roe’ in which fashion blogger Louise Roe talks about why western women have extremely high expectations in every area of their lives. Most noteworthy, I think the mainstream media taught western women to be that way. But in Eastern European culture, women are more practical. Consequently, instead of looking for “the dream guy”, we are happy to date “the real guy”.

ME: Indeed. When we pursue perfection, we always feel that we are not good enough. Yet when we pursue progress, we can feel we are good enough.

HER: Yes. Perfection doesn’t exist, so it’s impossible to reach. Brene Brown once said, “Perfection is a self-destructive and addictive belief system which fuels this primary thought: Certainly, if I look perfect and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.” Most noteworthy, too many western women spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually take action. Instead of waiting for perfection, I’d rather run with what I’ve got and fix it as I go.

ME: Just like Harriet Braiker famously said, “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.” It seems that many Eastern European women are satisficers. Certainly, by that I mean a lot of women from Eastern Europe can accept good enough, don’t obsess over options, move on after deciding and end up being happier with outcomes.

HER: Exactly. Hence, as a perfectionist is an opposite: A perfectionist exhaustively seeks the best options, compare everything against others to an unhealthy extent, spend too much time and energy and end up unhappier with the outcomes.

ME: As I see it, there is a difference between perfectionism and excellence. Excellence is knowing when good enough is good enough. Consequently, why not let it be good enough?

HER: Couldn’t agree more. The pursuit of perfection oftentimes impedes improvement. Certainly, giving up perfection has a lot of benefits. First, there is more time available because trying to be perfect wastes time. Second, Eastern European women are easier to get along with because we are less stressed and less worried about whether we are perfect or not.

“Eastern European ladies are more youthful, frugal and practical.”

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Our Matchmaking Services

October 18, 2019 by

We offer Free and Personalized matchmaking.

How do they work?

All you need is to request matchmaking and fill in a questionnaire.

We consider Matchmaking very seriously and we will provide you with the usernames of the ladies who we feel match your criteria and personality. The list of the ladies is based on your questionnaire.

If you request a personalized form we will make a deep search on our site among all the ladies from the site according to your requirements.

Also, we will take a look at the ladies you choose if they are interested in you too. Consequently, you will know for sure they are opened to communicate with you.

How to get better results?

Here are some tips that will help you.

1. Be attentive while filling in a questionnaire form. 

Give yourself time to think, who you want to find and which criteria are important for you.

If you give more detailed answers, you will have better results.

2. While filling in the form try to be realistic about who you want to find.

Especially pay attention to the age of ladies.

Everybody wants to find a young beautiful slim lady. Sometimes people think that if she is older she is not pretty.

It’s just a stereotype. Ladies of all ages look amazing. Don’t be afraid to choose someone closer to your age. 

You may have more common interests, similar views on life and life values, so you will understand each other better. That’s why we advise looking for ladies with the age difference, not more than 15 years.

3. If you look through the list of ladies and see someone, who doesn’t match your criteria completely, don’t be disappointed. Just take a look at their profiles.

Maybe you will find out interesting information that will touch your heart. Give a chance for both of you to get to know each other better.

We believe this article was useful for you. You may find more wonderful tips and advice on our blog and get the results of your search faster.

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