Dating Ukrainian women: Why goal setting alone is unhelpful in your love life

Ukrainian women

Goal setting is something that almost everyone does when it comes to health, wealth and love. Indeed, as far as I know, there are three key areas that most people would focus on: health and fitness; money and business; dating and relationships. Therefore, it is true that the majority of individuals would set goals in these three areas of their lives. In truth, it’s very easy to talk about goal setting, as there are countless books teaching people how to do that properly. Yet in my opinion, goal setting alone will not help you to get what you want. Here is why:

Apart from setting goals, you need daily rituals as well.

Let’s say you would like to be married within 1-2 years. Your goal should not be “I must get married”. Actually, your goal should be something like “I want to marry a Ukrainian woman by 31st December 2022.” That is to say, your goal must be crystal clear and very specific.

Also, you definitely need daily rituals that can help you make your dreams come true. In other words, each day you are supposed to do something that can move the needle forward. For instance, your daily rituals could be sending five messages to suitable candidates on every day, having a video/audio chat with a suitable candidate on each week, and so forth.

In reality, goal setting is for amateurs, whilst setting up a system is for professionals.

Well, I’m not saying that goal setting is useless. In fact, at the beginning of your journey, it is paramount to set goals. Yet once you’ve started this journey, you would be well-advised to set up a practical system that can work for you. The system can be asking dating consultants from to give you tailored matchmaking services regularly so you don’t need to set more goals. 😉

Once you’ve set up an effective system, you can surrender to destiny and enjoy a relaxing approach to love and life.

How to overcome anxiety in dating and relationships:

A major study in New Zealand indicates that the biggest mental health problem that individuals are dealing with in the 21st century is anxiety. Therefore, how to overcome anxiety in life and in love is something that we should discuss now.

First of all, please do not argue with intrusive thoughts. Oftentimes, anxiety is caused by certain things that you’re worried about (AKA intrusive thoughts). Note that the more you resist or argue with these intrusive thoughts, the louder these noises will get. For example, if you are worried about your height, then you want to neutralize this concern by looking for reassurance. So, you are searching for celebrities who are shorter than you on the Internet. But sadly, this approach will only make the anxiety worse. ☹

Hence, a more effective approach is to accept all intrusive thoughts. Here is a metaphor: You’re driving a fancy car that keeps speeding up by itself. Strangely, this car does not even have brakes (it only has an annoying accelerator). As a consequence, the more you anxiously step on the irritating gas pedal, the faster this fancy car gets. So, what should you do right now? Obviously, you have to stop trying to control this car – simply let the fancy car run out of gas. 😊

That means if your height bothers you, you should let this thought be there until it doesn’t bother you anymore. This is a way to make the unbearable bearable.

Interestingly, when you stop caring about your height, your Ukrainian woman will not think too much about your height either. 😊

Second, please do not take your thoughts too seriously. A licensed psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatments points out that trying to fight anxious thoughts merely makes the symptoms even worse. She has given us an analogy: You’re driving a fancy car and you see some mud on its window suddenly. If you try to get rid of the mud quickly by wiping its window right now, the window might become dirty. In contrast, if you wait for the refreshing rain to wash its window and the beautiful sun to dry its window, the mud will eventually disappear automatically. 😉 The conclusion is working extremely hard in order to deal with something in your inner world probably works backwards only, especially when it comes to anxiety. We should understand that fighting anxious thoughts is literally negative reinforcement, so a better way to handle anxiety is to avoid the false comfort (reassurance) and focus on being fully present as well as 100% acceptance.

“Ukrainian women like confident and relaxed men.”

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