A Day In A Life Of A Ukrainian Woman (Single Life)

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Single Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian women, for some men, can be a mystery. It could be due to their different culture altogether, but it could also be through the language barrier. Most of the time, it’s just the difference in how they were brought up. Generally, Ukrainian women are raised to care for the home while still standing up for herself. Furthermore, most women almost never ask men for gifts or money. They usually almost always had a way to make up the money themselves through extra work etc., unless they were raised differently by their parents.

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The usual reason why Ukrainian women even look for foreign men is because they see Ukrainian men as lazy and cannot commit to a family. This is why there are some Ukrainian women who have full custody of their children. Plus, while taking care of their children, they’ll also be working a full time job together with some side jobs. You’ll get to see a little bit of how both single Ukrainian women lead their daily lives. And, you’ll also get to imagine how single Ukrainian women living with children without a husband lead their lives.

A day in a life of a Ukrainian woman (single)

Depending on the age of the Ukrainian woman, she could already be working. Ukrainians usually start working at the age of 16. If they want to get a better job, they usually go through college, university or even vocational courses. So, generally women in Ukraine start working by the time their aged 20 to 25. Since Ukrainian families are usually close to each other, some women don’t leave their houses until they get married. Unless of course, they move out of town.


A typical day of a working Ukrainian woman usually starts at 6:30 a.m. After waking up, the bed is made right away before going to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Similar to some American households, Ukrainian women could whip up some scrambled eggs, toast, boiled sausage or pancakes. However, sometimes, a simple bowl of oatmeal with milk and sugar will do. Then, wash the dishes.

Ukrainian Women Breakfast

After breakfast, women often need enough time to get ready and pick out their outfit. This us unless they’re working in a place that has a uniform. However, this isn’t usually the case as the Ukrainian women love to dress up. Most women do not live near the place they work. So, they take the public transportation. Most of the time the women have to wait in line as public transportations are often crowded. The transportation is usually crowded between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., which is considered the morning rush in Kiev.

Public Transportation

Depending on the type of work a woman does, they would usually have to be in at work by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. It’s part of Ukraine’s law that women, or anyone for that matter, who are 18 and below cannot work more than 36 hours a week. This also includes women who are working while pregnant or with a disability. Plus, no one is allowed to work during the weekends as most men and women spend time with their immediate and extended family.

A typical workday can part similar to an American workday where they can choose to work two part times jobs or one full time job. Most women in Ukraine work a full time job and work extras at night or during the weekend to earn more. This is due to the fact that Ukrainians usually make an average of $200 to $429 a month. In Kiev though, it’s reported that people usually earn an average of $314 a month. This isn’t usually enough to keep a household afloat. It’s the reason why most men and women (but mostly women) have part time jobs. A lot more women have part time jobs because they like to spend money. Since this is the case, they would really try and earn the money to spend on the things they want.

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Depending on what time they started work, the workday is usually done at 5:00 p.m. to around 7:00 p.m. After a full day of work, a typical Ukrainian woman enjoys a lot of things. They always take time off the day to have some leisure time as well. Similar to America, most women go to shopping malls, night clubs, gyms, movies and even to theaters. However, this can’t really be said the same for small towns. Where these places can lack activities for pastime. Some women still take the time to read books, spend time with their family after work, watch TV, use social media, shop, or work out at the gym. Although each person have their own preferences, there are still Ukrainian women who really opt to do these things.

As you can maybe tell, most Ukrainians don’t really go out to restaurants. Most of them prefer home cooked meals compared to food made in restaurants. Unless, of course, there’s something to celebrate, but even then, those are usually done at home. Most women, if they live by themselves, cook for themselves and clean up after themselves as they always like tidy homes. It’s what they’re brought up in and it’s instilled in many Ukrainian women to always keep a home clean and tidy. Some women also have their own ritual like combing their hair or fixing what they’ll wear for the next day. If they don’t, after the day’s all done, the women usually go to rest at about 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. However, if they’ve joined a dating site, they might sleep a little bit later due to the time zone difference (especially if they’re already chatting with someone in another country.)

Single Ukrainian women with children

Similar to single Ukrainian women, single moms also lead a similar day to working women. The only difference between the two is that they have children. Furthermore, since Ukrainian women really take care of their household, they also make pack lunch for both the kids and themselves. Usually, single moms, much like the US, have a difficult time raising their children with a full time job as well as several part time jobs. Most single moms have split with their husbands due to their somewhat lazy nature.

Single Ukrainian women with children

Furthermore, some Ukrainian men don’t take care of their family as well as Westerners do. In essence, most single moms let their children sleep between 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. This ensures that the mom will have enough time to clean up after everything in the house as well as tuck the children in bed. The part usually is that they get some time for themselves as well to do some leisure things like read a book or watch some TV.

Now that you know how women you’d meet would operate about their day, you’ll get to learn and understand that every day for a Ukrainian woman is important. Plus, with the time difference, she really sacrifices, just as you would, time to be able to connect with you.

  • Andy

    I “met” a young woman online who seemed very responsive to my friendly comments. Within a short time, she was jumping on a bus to Kiev to take a plane to see me. She did not know how much the fare was and when she found out, it was more than she could afford so she asked me to send her some money! I didn’t know what to do, it all seemed too much like a scam so I put her off by suggesting she go to Odessa instead. She immediately stopped writing to me! I still don’t know whether this was a scam or not…

    • Keith

      Hi Andy
      Thank you for your comments. Was this in our site, or another site? Please contact the support team if we can assist you


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