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November 5, 2019 at 10.15am by in International Dating

Over the last few weeks the development team has been busy working on a number of changes that will hopefully make it easier to meet and correspond with ladies on the site. We know that the changes will be well received and that they will go a long way in helping you connect with an amazing Ukrainian or Russian lady.

Default communication settings have changed

When we started Ukraine Brides Agency more than 10 years ago, we made the decision to set a man’s default communication settings such that only ladies that the man first contacted could send full personalised messages. Our aim was to give full control to the paying members so that they could choose which lady could contact them. This approach is very different to almost every dating site on the web, especially those in the international dating niche.

The biggest downside of this approach was that it was unexpected, especially by men who have used other sites and expected to receive new messages immediately after registering. Men often register on our site having experienced how other sites operate, and so sit back and wait for the messages to come through. When those messages then didn’t come through (due to the restrictive communication settings default), they think that the site is either not active or worse, become disheartened by the fact that their profile didn’t appear to garner any attention! A very large majority of men never changed their default settings after registering, most likely because they were not aware how restrictive they were.

It was also a frustrating experience for the ladies. A lady may search for and find a man that meets all her criteria, however due to the default communication settings on that man’s profile, she could only send an impersonal ‘nudge’.

With these things in mind, we have made the decision to change the default communication settings so that they are less restrictive. When a new man registers, unless he explicitly changes his communication settings, any lady that fits within his specified age range will be able to send him a personalised message. Since we’re aware that the majority of men won’t have realised this restricted setting was applied by default, we’ll update the communication settings for men that have recently registered. Note that we will not make any changes to the settings for any men that have purchased credits – so if the previous default communication settings come as a surprise to you and you want to change them so that you receive more communications from ladies, you can do that by visiting your communication settings page.

For the ladies, we have made it easier to filter out the men in their search that they cannot send a message to. This should make the experience of using our site more enjoyable for the ladies and will likely mean you start receiving more messages from the sorts of ladies that you’re interested in hearing from.

Ladies can now create a chat booking with you

In addition to changing the default communication settings for men, we have implemented a feature that allows ladies to initiate chat bookings with men with whom she has communicated. This feature was requested by many men who feel it is more convenient for the lady to arrange the next suitable time to chat.

If you have communicated with a lady (chatted, sent a message or nudge, or favourited her), the lady will now be able to send you a chat booking request. You can accept the request or suggest a new time. If you are not interested in receiving chat requests or further communication from a lady, you can simply amend your communication settings or block her from contacting you.

Ladies with whom you have never communicated will not be able to send you chat booking requests.

Changes to conversations/messages

The changes above will mean that you will likely receive more personalised messages from ladies who meet your criteria and who are interested in you. These personalised messages will be emailed to you in a single daily digest of messages from ladies. If you don’t wish to receive the daily digest of messages from ladies, you can change your email settings.

No changes have been made to other email settings, so assuming your settings are set to do so, any messages sent from ladies you have previously communicated with will continue to be sent to you individually and immediately.

Since your conversations page will likely become fuller going forward, we have also added a feature that allows you to pin a conversation to the top of the list that you are interested in keeping an eye on. There are also options to filter the conversations list to only show conversations with ladies who are in your favourites list. This means that you can quickly read and respond to messages from your favourite ladies.

We have added a spam reporting button to the messages received from a lady. This feature allows members to report a message from a lady that is non-professional or spammy. We insist that ladies write personalised and professional messages when communicating with men and we want to monitor this and identify ladies who breach this requirement. You can help us improve the quality of communications you receive on our site by using this feature to alert us of poor quality messages.

You are always in control of your communication settings

We have always believed that a member should be able to control his own communication settings and communicate with as many, or as few, ladies as he wishes. This has not changed. We want you to enjoy the services and features that we offer and use these at a pace that suits you.

The changes that we have implemented affect the default settings for new men who register with us as the previous default settings were too restrictive and may have meant some men were confused as to why they were receiving few, if any, correspondence from the ladies who also use our services.

You can visit your communication settings at any time to alter the amount of communication that you receive, whether it be limiting it to just your favourited ladies or welcoming new personalised messages from ladies who are interested in you.

We know that these changes will be well received by all our members, both men and women. If you have any questions about these changes or how you can alter your settings, please contact the team. We are available 24/7 and look forward to hearing from you.

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