4 Ways to Be Happily with your Ukrainian Lady This Holiday Season

December 19, 2016 at 3.58pm by in Slavic Women
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It’s very easy to find date guides online, but it’s difficult to find specifically what you should do for your Ukrainian lady this holiday season. So, let’s get down to some of the ways you can happily be with your Ukrainian lady this holiday season.

The holiday season is the most exciting time of the year for many. They get to visit family and loved ones. Plus, they would get to spend more time together. This being said, you might have a Ukrainian lady that you would spend the holiday season with. So, how can you be both happy and remove any negativity during the trip? It’s easier said than done, but we’ll help you try to be more confident and lessen your anxiety.

Anxiety can get you

It’s not far off that anxiety can get the better of you when meeting your Ukrainian lady this holiday season. So, we’ll give you a little knowledge on dating even if you think you can’t handle your anxiety. It’s best that you are more aware of the possible effects of anxiety. Therefore, we’ll give you some information on how anxiety can affect your online dating relationships. According to GoodTherapy.org, anxiety not only impacts your relationship with your Ukrainian lady, it also impacts your health in all aspects – mentally, emotionally and even physically. Although it may seem like you’re just feeling overwhelmed with a sense of uneasiness and tension, your anxiety can take over your thoughts and actions that can negatively impact your life. You’ve got to think whether your anxiety could be putting your relationship with your Ukrainian in a little strain. If it does and you really want to take your Ukrainian lady and give her your best, then let us help you in trying to stop this anxiety.

Ways anxiety can ruin your relationship

As we’ve mentioned earlier, anxiety can definitely put a strain on yourself as well as your Ukrainian lady. Plus, the holidays are coming up, so you might be thinking what should I get her? Would she like me? Would she think I’m different? What if she doesn’t like me when we meet? These are just some of the things that can run through your head. When you have these questions running through your head, things can become more negative and you’ll start to panic. When this happens, there are a lot of things it can affect as well.

As anxiety causes you to worry and fear, you’ll be less aware of what you need at the moment. So, you’re more likely to not be present at the moment you are with your partner. This means that you won’t be able to connect with one another and trust could be prematurely disregarded. Try and train your brain to live in the moment. Basically, calm yourself down before you act and share that you’re feeling worried.

While you can easily get worried and your connection with your Ukrainian lady could get affected, it can also crush your true voice and what you really want to say. This further involves your procrastination in how you’d like your night or your time with your lady to go. So, in other words, you may have difficulty in expressing your true feelings to your Ukrainian lady, which is difficult in a sense. Why? Because most Ukrainian ladies are known to want confident men. They want to feel secure with the men they’re going to go out with, so anxiety may not help your relationship with your Ukrainian woman. If you need to express something, try and express it and don’t become too overwhelmed.

When you become too overwhelmed, it’s possible that you become very selfish and act very defensive about anything. So, you may be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, your Ukrainian lady and the relationship. This means you’re not being compassionate and vulnerable with your partner. It can easily build up resentment quickly. Plus, instead of moments of joy, anxiety can rob you of that. So, build trust within your relationship and reduce the power anxiety has over you. Because when you know how bad anxiety can take over you and your relationship, you’ll know how to minimize the impact and create a better relationship dynamic between you and your Ukrainian lady.

4 ways to be happy with your Ukrainian lady this holiday season

Even if anxiety doesn’t get you, you may still feel like you have a difficult time to be happy with your Ukrainian lady this holiday season. So, what should you do? If you’re going to visit Ukraine, we will suggest four ways you could spend time with her. However, if she’ll be visiting your place/vicinity for the holiday season, depending on where you are, you could also show your Ukrainian lady some of your favorite places. So, you can be happy and spend the holiday season having a great time with your Ukrainian lady.

While in Ukraine, spending time with your lady is very important. First of all there are more ways than four you can get to know your Ukrainian lady better while also learning a lot about Ukraine. This is really important if it’s your first time to visit Ukraine as well. So, what are four ways you can enjoy Ukraine with your Ukrainian woman?

1. Kyiv and parks

Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, is known to have a lot of parks. You can go on long or short walks around the parks that you’re able to enter any time of the year. Mariyinsky and Khreshchatyj Parks are the most favorite parks in Kyiv. They’re both located at the beautiful Dnieper River. Furthermore, they have architectural landmarks you wouldn’t want to miss. You’ve got the Mariyinsky Palace. You and your Ukrainian lady can take a private tour in and along this beautiful palace. Beyond taking a tour, you two could also ravel in the gorgeous building called the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater. If you’re feeling the love, you could visit the Lover’s Bridge. However, the Lover’s Bridge is usually a place where newlyweds go to.

In order to get there, you can ask your Ukrainian lady where this place is or you can walk down from Khreshchatyk Avenue towards European Square. From there, climb up a small hill to reach Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater and the Dnieper River banks.

2. Museum of One Street and local handicrafts at Andriyivsky descent

It’s almost a must that you go somewhere where you can shop with your lady. Remember not to give her all the good stuff just yet. Even if you’re filled with money and have very deep pockets, don’t make that the highlight of your trip. Make you and your Ukrainian lady the highlight of your trip by making sure that you two bond well. So, why not have a visit at the Museum of One Street? In this museum, you’ll see the it’s small but it’s got a lot to offer. After visiting the museum, you’ll find the most enchanting and rich history of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, at its most famous street, Andriyivsky Descent. Some people call it the descent or the Andriyivsky Uzviz. It’s a small downhill street that used to connect Upper Kyiv to the now more commercial district of Podil, which is located at the river banks of Dnieper. It’s also famous for its art bazaar, crafts shops as well as local artisans. You and your lady will surely enjoy some time in this area of Kyiv.

In order for you to reach this place, you can either take a metro to Kontraktova Square and from there walk up the Andiyivsky Descent, or you can take a more traditional route – walk down from Independence Square, towards Hyatt Hotel, then walk along Volodymyrska st until you finally reach the Descent.

3. Sculptures Alley

Although this may seem a bit childish, this place is thought and seen to be the kindest place in the capital. According to many, the main reason for this place being the kindest place is because no person have ever passed it without a smile. It was built in the 80s by Avraam Miletsky who is an architect. It started to grow additions of contemporary art sculptures in 2009. Plus, it’s in one of the off-the-beaten tracks of Kyiv. Afterwards, you can go visit some cafes on the side or at the end of the alley. You can then talk to one another when sitting down at the cafe. The best part is you’ll be able to visit St. Andrew’s Descent first and then see the Kyiv Museum of History while heading to Sculptures Alley.

4. Shop organic food and talk to Babushkas at a local bazaar

If you didn’t already know, Babushkas are considered to be old ladies or grandmothers. But, the actual Ukrainian name for these hard-working bunch would be “babcia.” You and your Ukrainian lady can go to the markets and talk to babushkas. You will be able to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and even flowers that you and your Ukrainian lady will enjoy.  The closest to Kiev’s city center, though not most authentic, is Bessarabsky Bazaar. It’s located at the end of Khreshchatyk St. and can be easily reached by foot. For a more local experience, go for Zhytniy Bazaar: located at Verhniy Val st., 16. You can reach it from Kontraktova Square Metro Station.

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