How did this Ukrainian lady succeed in love, life, and career?

May 4, 2020 at 8.16am by in Slavic Women
single Ukrainian women

Yana is a Ukrainian woman who is very successful in love, life and career. Therefore, I’ve interviewed this lady who has generously shared her wisdom with us on our blog.

How Yana leveraged her female advantage in her career:

Many individuals think it’s more difficult for ladies to be wildly successful at work. Well, that is only true to some extent as some ladies understand how to use female advantages in their careers. Hence, it’s not necessarily more difficult for ladies to succeed.

My boss is a man, so he isn’t competing with me,” says Yana, “That’s why I have more opportunities to be promoted at work.”

Actually, most bosses are guys these days as we still live in a patriarchy. As a result, it’s actually easier for women to communicate with their male bosses more effectively.

David is a member of and he told me that he likes talking to ladies simply because when he is talking to ladies, he could have genuine conversations. However, when he is talking to guys, he oftentimes feels the competitive vibe. Yes, men are usually validated by achievements and there is nothing wrong with that, but it makes men less likely to connect with each other.

In his book 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene writes, “Never outshine the master” – that’s the first law in this book. Technically, this law is correct, for if you look smarter than your supervisor, your supervisor probably wouldn’t like you very much as envy is only human nature. Yet in reality, when a woman has a male boss, he will probably like her intelligence as most guys are not competing with ladies anyway.

A woman’s first business card is her smile,” says Yana, an intelligent Ukrainian lady, “Research shows that ladies are much more likely to smile than guys.”

Further analysis reveals two interesting findings:

  1. Most ladies wear lipstick; as a result, they generally smile more so as to display their beautiful lip color.
  2. Ladies value real connection with other people naturally.

US psychologist Paul Ekman states that an individual could feel another individual’s smile even if there’s a 30-meter distance between two individuals. Oftentimes, when you meet somebody for the first time and that person is smiling, you’ll approve them faster. Clearly, this is a paramount part of interaction and communication in the workplace. So, before knocking on a customer’s door, this smart Ukrainian woman Yana checks her outfit, makeup and her gorgeous smile – that’s her very powerful female competitive edge.

Ladies are usually less stressed emotionally. And managing my own emotions is so key in my career success,” says Yana, the clever Ukrainian lady, “That’s my secret to success.”

In their book Midas Touch, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump argue that a person’s ability to control their emotions is the most significant skill at work. Well, you don’t have to like Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump so as to learn a thing or two from these people. A switched-on individual could learn something at any time. Indeed, the wisdom in this best-selling book is totally correct. Most successful individuals certainly do not have outrageous mood swings as they either know how to manage and control their emotions or have very stable emotions in general.

Recently, a survey in New Zealand and Australia shows that among employees that have used Employee Assistance Program in 2019, 69% of them are ladies and only 31% of them are guys. Obviously, ladies can manage their stress better as they are more willing to ask for support. I think the ability to ask for support is actually a strength rather than a weakness as this ability could result in success at work. By contrast, some men tend to bottle up their emotional trauma and stress, which isn’t healthy in many ways.

How Yana lost weight successfully:

Yana was overweight when she was younger, but she has successfully lost weight already. Now she is a slim and fit lady from Ukraine.

Honestly, goal-setting alone wouldn’t help me achieve my goal,” says Yana, a very healthy woman from Ukraine, “As I see it, both goal-setting and daily rituals are equally important.

Here is how Yana made it: She decided that her weight must become 45kg before 1st January, 2020. This was a great goal as it was very specific. Furthermore, what she also did is daily rituals, i.e. every day Yana did something that helped her to achieve this goal – she was exercising every morning; she was eating fruit and vegetables every day… Basically, on a daily basis, Yana did something to move the needle forward.

In the end, Yana achieved her goal in December 2019!

How Yana found true love:

According to Yana, there are several things that make a guy want to commit to a lady.

Attraction is very different from commitment,” says Yana, “Attracting a man isn’t hard, but it takes a bit more to keep a guy.”

First of all, intelligent women from Ukraine would give men a bit of a taste tester in order to make them want the entire meal. When a woman is attracted to a man, it’s tempting to invest too much quickly. Yet the more she invests in this guy, the less he will actually feel attracted as he needs to earn her investment in this relationship.

I don’t invest based on how much I like a man. I invest based on how much a man invests in me,” says Yana, “It’s my job to show him my value and make him want to invest in this relationship and look for more.”

Second, a man wants to know that a relationship actually means variety in life. Truthfully, the real reason why many guys associate a single life with good fun is because they literally think a single life equals variety. Therefore, an elegant lady could make a guy associate seeing her with having more variety – she is interesting, spontaneous and fun-loving. Then this guy will change his usual associations with a serious relationship & want to commit to her.

Next, when a man says he does not want a long-term relationship, an elegant woman still shows him the best version of herself.

If a man tells me that he does not want a relationship, I never become angry,” says Yana, “I simply invest less in this guy. That means each time he would like to see me, he is not my priority any longer as now my priority has become my friends and family. However, when he actually sees me again, I still show him my positive attitude and delightful personality because I always want to be the best version of myself. That is to say, this guy still has a good time each time he sees me, yet my investment in him has significantly reduced as he told me he isn’t into a relationship. Then he would change his mind because he obviously wants more from me – he is amazed by my personality and beautiful energy.”

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