How to equip yourself with skills so you’ll meet the right Ukraine bride

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Ukraine brides

Just like other areas of your life, your love life can only improve if you have the right skills and knowledge. Right now I’m going to give you the blueprint in this area so you will be truly empowered.

Your conversation skills are paramount.

Perhaps you have read a large number of books on how to better your conversation skills. I’m not going to overwhelm you with too many tips here, so I’ll introduce a piece of key information below.

As you’re talking to a Ukrainian lady, you should build on her conversational links, which will make you look more confident, more natural and less nervous.

When the lady says something, you just find conversational links in it to further extend the conversation. In this way, the rapport and connection are built organically.

Note that when you further extend the conversation according to the conversational links from what she has said, you would be well-advised to focus on positive things about her rather than a lot of attention on yourself or any negative topics.

Here is a good example.

MAN: “Are you an international traveller?”

WOMAN: “No. I’m from Ukraine.”

MAN: “Oh, I envy you so much. Local individuals are able to fully enjoy so many great things in this country. I’m sure you definitely love your country – you have lived here for such a long time. What do you do?”

WOMAN: “I am a librarian.”

MAN: “Well, you don’t look like a librarian at all. I thought librarians are usually more serious and more traditional. You look very modern and artistic.”

WOMAN: “That’s because I like creative activities such as art and music.”

MAN: “That’s why you are different from other librarians.”

From this example, it can be seen that the conversation is very smooth, for the guy uses the lady’s conversational links and can relate to the Ukrainian lady’s reality. Now in this woman’s mind, she is probably thinking, “Wow. This guy understands me so well.” As a result, this Ukraine womanwill want to connect with this man – he has stood out from the crowd after one conversation because most guys would talk about themselves rather than the Ukraine bridethey are talking to.

You can learn a lot from romantic movies.

Clever men learn something anywhere, at any time. Many smart men see romantic movies in order to learn dating skills. Interestingly, most guys rarely see romantic movies; as a consequence, they don’t have cheat sheets. Yes, chick flicks are the ultimate cheat sheet! Isn’t that interesting?!

Now please let me deconstruct the world’s most famous movie Titanic for you so that you will learn a thing or two from this very emotive and romantic movie.

Some men might say Titanic is corny, yet in reality, they actually like Titanic& have secretly cried when they see this film. It’s perfectly fine for guys to like Titanic – the fact that you would cry when you watch this film means you like the emotive power in the plot.

The question is: How exactly does Jack charm Rose out of her world?

First of all, Jack realizes that Rose’s situation is tough and he wants to save her life when she is planning on jumping into the sea.

In the story, Rose is engaged as her mum wants her to do something for her family’s social status. However, Rose isn’t in love with Cal and she is eager to have freedom. So, Rose considers committing suicide. Then Jack notices that and offers a hand & saves her life. That incident is very important because it’s a dramatic method of building attraction and connection. Indeed, what Jack does is a combination of masculine protection and physical connection.

Now here is the analogy: Jack deposits lots of funds in this romance back account with Rose, so Rose is grateful to Jack & visits Jack in the third-class cabin (which is a scene in the deleted section of the film).

Second, Jack seizes the opportunity to make his intention clear.

After Rose visits Jack, they have a conversation & Jack realizes that Rose is going to marry Cal. Thus, Jack asks Rose, “Do you love him or not?”

Immediately, Jack figures out her real answer due to the awkward moment.

In conclusion, though you may not save a Ukrainian woman’s life and instantly attract her as a result, you can offer help in other ways so a Ukrainian lady has a reason to thank you. In that case, she will want to talk with you more frequently in a nice way, which is exactly what you want – you’ll be the masculine guy who protects and helps elegant ladies.

As you’re having a conversation with a Ukraine bride, remember to lead the interaction to the direction you prefer. If the lady mentions a word about attraction, you’d better lead the conversation to topics such as dating and relationships.

Read romantic novels and learn some knowledge aboutfemale psychology.

The Bridges of Madison County is a sensational novel about two individuals from 2 very different worlds. Let’s see what we can learn from this classic fiction.

In the first place, Robert shows Francesca the alternative to living a mediocre life.

Francesca lives a boring life until she meets Robert, a handsome and interesting man who is passionate about his career. From the start, Robert lets his character shine so the romance unfolds naturally. Please note that ladies tend to have fear of missing out and Robert knows how to use this to his advantage.

In the second place, the opposites certainly attract each other.

Francesca’s way of life and Robert’s way of life are opposites, so they are deeply attracted to each other. Indeed, the opposites find each other mysterious, captivating and fascinating as curiosity is a part of human nature.

In summary, showing a very different lifestyle is an effective way to polarize women that you meet, meaning this makes a Ukrainian bride show interest or lack of interest immediately. When you talk to Ukrainian brides, you should polarize them so that you can save a lot of time.

Having said that, if your way of life isn’t really different from a lady’s way of life, you can show her different viewpoints. Having an opinion is attractive! Certainty is also attractive!

Bonus tips:

  1. Positivity is your best friend, so you should have fun and enjoy yourself. Yes, positivity is literally contagious: Ukraine brides want to be with men who make them feel positive and happy. If everyone around you talks about something bad in order to connect with one another, you must talk about positive things immediately. Remember: whatever you focus on grows – you would be well-advised to focus on positivity.
  2. Use more eye contact and gestures to look more engaging and interesting. A man’s gestures can catch a Ukrainian woman’s eyes; hence, in her subconscious mind, she naturally wants to pay more attention to you.

“When the lady is talking, you should maintain eye contact; when you’re talking, you can look away occasionally – this indicates your high status.”

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