How to handle dating anxiety (best advice for men looking for Eastern European women)

August 5, 2022 at 6.16am by in International Dating
Eastern European women

Dating anxiety is the most common concern in the dating department. Some single men who are looking to meet and date high-value Eastern European women may experience dating anxiety if they aren’t experienced or confident enough; therefore, this blog post is here to offer some help! 😊

Dating anxiety happens when an individual has too much fear before, during and / or after a date.

Nervousness is actually expected while meeting a new person / a complete stranger, but dating anxiety is oftentimes much more intense than some standard nervousness because dating anxiety feels much more awkward and overwhelming in general. ☹

Please don’t worry too much if you have dating anxiety – you are certainly not alone! 😉

Statistics show that anxiety affects approximately 20% of the population and it is the most common mental health challenge in developed countries. Research indicates that compared to men, women are more likely to have anxiety. So, when you are wondering whether you will do something embarrassing or humiliating on a date, chances are she is worried about that even more!

Indeed, dating is a very important event which could probably change your life forever. That’s why dating anxiety is actually quite normal and extremely common.No, you don’t need to present as the perfect guy; you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt and say all the right things in order to be accepted by a woman. In truth, if you don’t have any anxiety before the date at all, it probably means you don’t even care or you aren’t really ready to date.

Anxiety comes from what happened in the past.

A study suggests that anxiety is usually rooted in attachment patterns in a person’s childhood as well as previous stressful relationships. Please note that you can’t change your past; however, you can certainly change how you allow your past to affect you in future.

Instead of telling yourself that you aren’t good enough, please tell yourself that you deserve a good Eastern European woman who respects you and loves you. You should allow yourself to have a meaningful relationship. There is certainly a woman who is exactly what you are looking for.

If you are worried about being rejected by a woman, you would be well-advised to present yourself as the most capable version of you instead of pretending to be somebody that you are not on the very first date. To be honest, if she doesn’t like you, that means she is the wrong woman for you anyway. Thus, it’s always better to discover that now than later.

What’s more, you can set your intentions which could change the entire course of the date. In my opinion, your primary intention can be to have a fun conversation with someone – this helps you to minimize any potential disappointment as well as any pressure or stress on the first date.

You have to decide who you want to be – do you want to be a relaxed, calm and confident person? You can become that person now if you make a decision to change your identity, i.e., from now on, you are the most relaxed, calm and confident person that you know.

Do you know why Gary Vaynechuk is so alpha? Well, according to his book, he tells himself and everyone else that he is the least anxious person that he knows!

When I asked my metor how to deal with anxiety, he told me that I shouldn’t own it. He wanted me to eliminate the anxious part of me from my identity!

Maybe you can try this strategy to handle your dating anxiety as well!

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