How to become a better version of yourself before finding a Slavic girlfriend

February 3, 2021 at 3.22pm by in International Dating

Self-improvement plays a key role in a person’s sustainable success. Who you are determines what kind of relationship you can have; therefore, you must become a better version of yourself if you are keen to find a better international relationship! 😊

  • Have a morning routine.

If you can stick to a good morning routine most of the time, your life will become very different soon. 😉

Here is a morning routine that I find quite helpful:

  1. Meditation – I sit in silence for about 5 minutes when I wake up. The focus is to observe my thoughts without judging them. It’s a bit like standing outside of a washing machine and looking at what’s happening inside the washing machine.
  1. Affirmation – I look at Instagram and find some inspiring quotes when I leave my bedroom.
  1. Visualization – I visualize who I want to be and become that person now by acting as if I’m already that person.
  1. Exercise – I dance to the music on my balcony for 30 minutes.
  1. Reading – I read a few pages of a book.
  1. Writing – I write a journal entry before I start working. Because I work from home these days, I find this routine very useful.

By the way, I learned this morning routine from Shawn Stevenson’s podcast (The Model Health Show) in which his guest introduced these six steps to the audience.

  • Set three goals that can be achieved within six months.

Many people have New Year’s Resolutions. That’s fine. But sadly, most people never stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. In my view, setting 3 goals that can be achieved within 6 months is a much more practical strategy.

For example, Mitchell’s three goals are:

  1. Find a new job before 30th June, 2021. Because of the pandemic, Mitchell’s organization is going to be shut down permanently in February 2021. Luckily, he will receive the redundancy pay and his employer will hire a career coach who can teach him how to improve his resume and find a new job. Meanwhile, he has access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers 6 counseling sessions for his mental health. Mitchell teaches international students English, but he has had a voice injury, so he is looking to change his career. As a result, this pandemic could be an opportunity for him. Actually, Mitchell would like to join a marketing agency. Of course, he also has a backup plan – if he can’t find a new job, he will expand his side hustle and make it official!
  2. Find a Slavic girlfriend before 30th June, 2021. Mitchell is divorced and looking for love again. He was married to a western woman in the past and that marriage was very stressful. This time he is looking for an Eastern European girlfriend. He knows that women from Eastern Europe are more traditional – they respect men.
  3. Cure his anxiety before 30th June, 2021. Most people don’t want to talk about mental health issues because of the stigma. But actually, it’s very normal to have mental health problems because you are only human. Mitchell says he has had anxiety for as long as he can remember and the pandemic has made his anxiety even worse (in fact, he is not alone – many people have this challenge nowadays). Fortunately, Mitchell has been seeing a psychologist and has bought an online program that treats anxiety effectively. Recently, Mitchell has discovered play therapy – it’s not just for children. As a matter of fact, adults need to play as well in order to function properly and cultivate creativity. Research shows that play is the best way to cope with anxiety.
  • Design daily routines that will make hitting your goals inevitable!

Apart from setting the right goals, you also need to have daily routines that will make achieving your goals unavoidable. Please have a look at Mitchell’s daily routine:

  1. Every day, he does at least one thing that builds his new career. Mitchell has many things to do, e.g., contacting the career coach, implementing new tactics, growing his side hustle (he is a self-employed Internet marketer already, even though this is just a side hustle rather than an official career at the moment), and so on. Of course, he has sent his resume to a local marketing agency already.
  2. Every day, he sends at least one message to a candidate on – Actually, Mitchell has done more than that because he knows how to use the audio/video chat features on where the automatic translation is available. Many Eastern European ladies on this website are learning English every single day so that they can better communicate with men from English-speaking countries.
  3. Every day, he studies the online mental health program and schedules some playtime. Mitchell does this first thing in the morning each day!

“When you have daily routine that supports your goals, you will certainly achieve your goals in record time!”

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