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In human interactions, you need to be willing to get hit! When someone throws a curveball to you, your reaction to them matters. No matter what, don’t lose your frame. If a person gives you a negative reaction, you would be well-advised to understand that their reaction is determined by three factors: 1) their history; 2) their current mood; 3) you. In the dynamics, their history is the most important factor. Your frame can override their current mood. Sustained frame can override history. Therefore, all the stuff that you’re worried about doesn’t even matter.

What is counter-reaction?

Your counter-reaction is the most important part in an interaction, so don’t worry about people’s reactions; you should think about what you do next.

If you give more energy, you can feel more energy. When someone disrespects you, you need to slow down and question them. Don’t react emotionally because getting emotional means losing control. Remember: negative emotions are the enemy of impact.

A social hub is someone who organizes parties regularly – this individual knows a lot of people and has a powerful network. If you want to make your relationship with a Ukrainian woman enjoyable, you would be well-advised to take her to parties at times.

I understand that many men are introverts, so arranging a party isn’t ideal for them. Also, being a social hub looks like a full-time job. Therefore, if you are also an introvert, you should totally be close to hubs. Go to their parties: show up and be fun.

When you walk in a party and start talking to people, your Ukrainian wife will notice that you are socially aware of what’s happening and you are able to connect with others in a friendly way. She will find you more attractive because of that. Also, when you can talk to people at ease, the hub will want to invite you to their parties in the future because now they know they don’t need to baby-sit you. Make friends with the hub’s friends. Compliment the hub. Dress appropriately. Introduce yourself to the center of the party. Offer them everything you can. This creates synergy – ask yourself, “How can I genuinely offer something?” Remember: no friendship/relationship lasts where there is no win-win.

Moreover, you can learn how to work any room so that you can socialize with people easily. I’d like to encourage you to interact with ten people within the first 5 minutes when you arrive at a party. Have a traveler’s mindset, even though you are staying in your local area. If others are in groups, you can touch one person’s shoulder and say, “Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. Did you just eat here? Any recommendations?” And then feel free to leave the conversation.

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What is USP?

Whenever I go to a party, I always get there early so that I can plant seeds first before the crowd come. I always have in mind my unique selling points (USPs) – I know I have a pleasant personality and I look quite artistic. I also quickly find a way to talk about what I’m passionate about or what they are passionate about. I always think, “What are they up to? What is their favorite thing about it?” Therefore, whenever I’m introduced to someone, I often ask, “What’s your favorite thing about being a lawyer/accountant/teacher?”

Please be aware of the fact that in your Ukrainian lady’s opinion, the perceived potential is probably more powerful than the present reality. That means when she knows you are able to connect with people at ease, she notices the potential of this relationship because your luck is determined by who you know to a large extent. Indeed, passion and certainty are important (especially certainty which is the sexiest thing in the world). When you speak with certainty, people follow. Thus, everything you say should carry that certainty – people follow certain people.

Attractive men have powerful friends, so you would be well-advised to build a powerful social circle now. Whenever you go to a networking event, you need to meet everyone first and then choose some of them for further conversations. Next, you get to know their friends and focus on those who can help you.

Your social circle may change because friends move on, and that’s okay. For sure, you will leave some people to the side & you will have new friends, because you can only look after so many interests at a time.

“Actually, if you have a beautiful Ukrainian girlfriend, you should totally introduce her to your social circle because this is an effective way to add value to the party – your perceived value will be increased because you have an elegant Ukrainian girlfriend. She will make you look good!”

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