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Why communication is paramount in relationships:

Many people consult with counsellors or dating coaches for dating advice. Communication is key. Let me explain.

Relationship advice refers to professional suggestions regarding relationships, especially romantic relationships. People who seek relationship advice aren’t necessarily struggling in the dating department. In fact, a lot of individuals seek relationship advice simply because they would like to improve their love lives.

The real reasons behind the importance of relationship advice:

In western countries, the divorce rate is approximately 50% in today’s day and age, and this number doesn’t even include couples who are separated without a divorce certificate. There are many couples who break up after having a long-term relationship without getting married in the first place, and they aren’t included in the statistics either. An international matchmaker claims that the failure rate of marriage is actually 80% because a lot of couples are unhappily married anyway.

According to modern psychology, every type of mental illness has something to do with human relationships. This is especially true when a romantic relationship is in trouble. US author Robert Greene argues that when an individual is going through a difficult breakup, they are actually internalising the negativity which is very toxic. Hence, people would be well-advised to seek relationship advice before big problems happen.

How can relationship advice help you?

When we were at school or university, we didn’t study a subject called “Love” or “Romantic Relationship Management”. Consequently, most people don’t necessarily have the essential skills when it comes to managing their relationships. That’s why almost everyone has to learn from trial and error.

But if you consult with a relationship coach or an international matchmaker, you will get professional advice that can directly benefit your relationship and your wellbeing. Better still, once you’ve learned these skills, you can use them forever, thereby minimising the stress in your personal life.

Who have hired relationship coaches for professional advice?

There are many celebrities who have hired relationship coaches for professional advice, e.g. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Pink and Carey Hart & Fergie and Josh Duhamel. Most of them have found professional relationship advice tremendously helpful.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to hire a relationship coach. As a matter of fact, people from all walks of life have consulted with relationship coaches to better their personal lives because a growing number of individuals believe that lack of awareness is more dangerous than lack of knowledge.

Even if you can only afford some basic counselling services rather than hiring an international matchmaker or a relationship adviser, that’s also helpful. Couples who have hired marriage counsellors are 5 times less likely to get divorced.

We all know that the divorce rate in developed countries is very high in this day and age. Yet couples who used professional services such as marriage counselling are five times less likely to get divorced, according to the statistics in New Zealand.

Lifestyle entrepreneur Kate Northrup and her husband Mike Watts also hired a marriage counsellor after their first daughter was born. Now they are happily married and have built a 7-figure business together. Both Kate Northrup and Mike Watts maintain that marriage counselling has been extremely helpful.

Counselling is the ultimate stress reliever. Dr Joe Dispenza states that every disease has something to do with stress and counselling is the fast track to stress relief. No matter you are going through grief, a breakup or anxiety/depression, counselling can certainly help you in this regard.

A professional counsellor is able to offer honest, relevant and cutting-edge advice so that you don’t have to deal with stress alone.

How to select the right therapist and where to find relationship advice:

Relationship advice can be offered by therapists, counsellors and coaches. You can find it online and offline these days, and here is a list of tips about how to choose the right therapist and find the relationship advice you need.

Research via URL and IRL:

Before hiring a therapist, you should do some research on the Internet. For instance, you can read various therapists’ Google reviews before making a decision. You can also access their Facebook reviews and Yelp reviews if those are available online.

Apart from that, you can ask your friends and family for support because some of them may know an outstanding therapist that can help you immediately. Word of mouth is always a reliable way to find the right therapist in record time.

Schedule a free consultation to see whether the therapist is right for you.

Once you’ve done some research, you can schedule a free consultation to see if the therapist you prefer is right for you. Today a growing number of therapists offer free initial consultations, so you should use that to your advantage.

According to a new study conducted by, in 2019 more than a quarter (28%) of British people have consulted with a therapist, compared to only 1 in 5 people in 2010. Obviously, there are also many more professional therapists in the UK today: it is reported that at least 50,000 professional therapists work in the UK in 2019. Therefore, the competition amongst therapists is increasingly stiff, and they will try their best to help you.

Only use what works for you.

Although there are many good therapists, it doesn’t mean all of them offer suitable advice that can benefit you. Thus, when you notice that a therapist’s advice doesn’t work for you during the first consultation, you’d better see another therapist next time. Don’t wait until many sessions have already taken place and don’t give it up. Again, there are more than 50,000 therapists in the UK, so of course, you will definitely find someone that can certainly help you.

“Investing in yourself is a wise thing to do.”

  • Barry

    I have been married twice in my life, also divorced twice. So I may been seen as a failure with marriage yet there is always another side to a coin.
    My first wifeand I went to see a counsellor, we were told we should seperate…. not what we thought we were going to hear, we talked when home and tried to stay together, yet about a year later it was over. The second wife, about 10 years after the first, we just split, I left for safety reasons of our daughter at the time, this is all you need to know there. I did with both marriages try put everything into making it work, I know I am not perfect, I did try make it work, as did my two ex’s. I have not dated much since, not at all really, I have had time to think and reflect. I feel with couples in general one reason they do split a apart is the lack of ‘glue’ holding them together. When I look back on my own two marriages this was very true.
    What is this ‘glue’ you may ask, well I can say what it is not, it is not the super glue you buy from the shop, though if you want to stick with your partner this is one way to do it though not recommended 😉
    I am talking of good ‘ol FRIENDSHIP, we have all heard of it yet when we meet someone we seem to like we skip the foundations of friendship and jump into lust and what we think is love… We get married and things are good then when things settle down and are living day to day each parnter see’s and gets to know each other. They may not really like who the see and know and when there are disagreements that can lead to arguements if the friendship is not there holding love together it will shows signs of cracking.
    I look at it this way, if you have heard this from some where before you now know it came from me, good or bad, it came from me 😉
    Friendship is the earth andwhen you meet someone you get to know them, start to have feelings and love starts to grow. Love in this case is a tree, it starts off small, friendship is still the main reason to be together. As time goes by love grows more and more, the roots of the tree, ( love) grow deeper and deeper into the earth, (friendship). more and more branchs of love grow as the years together start to grow. Like most relationships if there are arguments it can be a stressful time, just like in nature when a storm hits if the roots of the tree are strong in the earth it will stand tall. When the argument is over and you kiss and make up things may look to be all back on track or are they. If a couple has built their love on the solid foundation of friendship the chances to keep love strong and the relatioship a live are so much greater. If a couple who just have love and lust holding them together then there will be cracks in the earth, the weather may be fine until the next storm hits, the tree, ( love) takes another blow by the winds, ( argument) and they may survive this and a few more until one day the roots of love are no longer able to keep the love together as there is no friendship together so the next argument the relationshipis over. The tree ( love) has fallen and the earth ( friendship) can not hold the love. The tree falls…
    I know this is one part of a relationship, to keep the love there needs to still to be more done together to keep the love a live though do so on the foundation of a good strong friendship, itwill give a better chance of staying together if both friendship and love are held and entwind together.
    Just my thoughts, hope this helps some couples

    • Aijazz

      Agree. I have a similar situation with two relationships that did not blossom into a mature life-time joy. I am a little surprised that it is only in the last 2-3 years (I am 46 now) that I can see my issues much more clearly. Learning to think with something other than the pelvis is so much harder now that almost every other screen seems to stimulate the “lower” order of things. I would add spiritual beliefs as the other glue that would make a lasting bond. Good luck on your journey. Cheers!


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