International relationships: How successful couples build careers & wealth

December 8, 2020 at 9.52am by in International Dating
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Recently, I interviewed several successful couples who are in international relationships. Their stories are very inspiring.

  • Happy couples’ effective system:

Every successful couple that was interviewed has multiple bank accounts because each bank account has its specific purpose. For instance, a couple in New York City has five bank accounts:

  1. Daily transaction account – This account is linked to the ATM card.
  • Savings account – They pay themselves first.
  • Play account – This couple transfers 10% of their income to this account every fortnight; they use money in this account to enjoy life, i.e. having nice dinners in restaurants, buying clothes, going overseas for a vacation, etc. (Money in this account can be spent on entertainment and gifts, so this is guilt-free spending!)
  • Education account – They transfers 10% of her income to this account every fortnight; they use money in this account to spend on their education because they highly value personal development.
  • Bills account – They pays their bills last.

This system gives clarity and certainty as well. Hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two from this example.

  • Start a side hustle.

Almost every wealthy person that I know has multiple streams of income. So, if you have a job and you’re looking to diversify your income streams, you should totally consider starting a side hustle. Ideally, your side hustle could be something that you actually enjoy, something you’re truly passionate about. If you like writing, you may go to and become a freelance writer online. If you like making jewelry, you can sell your jewelry on! Note that without sales and marketing skills, your technical skills won’t work. By that I mean your artistic skills can only work when you know how to sell your artistic skills to clients and customers. So, your real priority in this regard is to learn sales and marketing skills first. 😉

international dating
  • Successful couples in international relationships create passive income and/or residual income.

I’m pretty sure that Jeff Bezos doesn’t have to sit in his office every day in order to make money from Amazon, because his business has already been automated by managers and employees. In other words, Jeff Bezos is making money even when he is asleep.

That’s called passive income. Now I’d like to show you some typical examples of passive income (source: couples who are in international relationships – they were interviewed by us in October 2020):

  1. Intellectual property – This can be writing and publishing a book which will pay you royalties. You only need to write the book once, and each time someone buys your book, you receive the royalty. This can also be creating a digital course. You only need to create the course once, and every time someone buys your course, you get paid automatically.
  • A traditional business – This can be building a new business or becoming a franchisee. All you need to do is to build a team who will run the business. You are the business owner rather than the actual busy worker.
  • Network marketing – This can be joining a multi-level marketing company. Some cosmetics companies use this approach.
  • Investing – This can be investing in the stock market or real estate. In this way, your money will grow faster than the savings in the bank.

Residual income means you do the hard work upfront, and then you get paid again and again after that. It can be a type of passive income. But I’d like to point out that residual income is more similar to recurring income, i.e. stable revenue that comes in regularly. Here are some typical examples of residual income (source: successful couples who are happily married – they are in international relationships & were interviewed by us last month):

  1. A membership site – Almost every dating website is a membership site that generates residual income for the business owner: A member pays a monthly fee in order to use the dating site. Also, if you sell an online program which consists of six components, you may ask the customer to pay you a monthly fee for six months.
  • Affiliate marketing – Let’s say you don’t own a dating site, but you’re an affiliate marketer of a dating site. In this case, whenever someone joins the dating site via your affiliate link, the dating site pays you a commission (10% – 45%). That customer will probably stay on the dating site for months, and you’ll be paid each month.

Of course, there are many ways to make passive income and residual income. The above-mentioned methods are the most practical examples. 😊

“In my view, if you want to become financially successful, you can’t focus on trading hours for dollars. You have to divorce your time from your money. Most jobs only get you to trade hours for dollars, so there is an hourly rate. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying a 9-t0-5 job is bad. Actually, I think working for a cooperation is possibly underrated in modern-day society where so many people are eager to start their own businesses. What I am saying is it’s okay to trade some time for money, but that shouldn’t be your focus. In order to become a wealthy person, you must focus on building true wealth in smart ways.”

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