Internet dating is a skill that can be learned

October 12, 2021 at 10.47am by in International Dating
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In trying times like COVID-19, internet dating is a key skill because right now it is the only way to meet women. Dating experts claim that internet dating is actually a practical skill. 😊

  • What is a practical skill?

As I see it, everyone should master two types of skills: technical skills and practical skills. Technical skills can be the ability to use a computer, a smartphone, etc. Practical skills can be social skills and dating skills that help you meet and date high-value women. 😉

Without practical skills, your technical skills won’t work for you. Full stop.

Basically, practical skills in the dating scene make women like you. Interestingly, practical skills are used extensively in sales and marketing. Indeed, learning the social sell is very important in that context.

Sales and marketing experts state that customers tell marketers what they want through certain trance words, i.e., words that customers use when they express themselves. Frankly, trance words make people buy. That can be a product, a service or saying yes to a date. The completely same skills apply.

A sales and marketing expert points out that trance words are mentioned by customers in their enquiries, on the phone and via social media sites. Here are some typical examples:

  1. Carol was looking to hire an assistant. Susan went to the job interview. During the interview, Carol didn’t get to her point quickly – she told Susan about her day, what happened to the previous assistant, etc. Susan was patient and got Carol to open up gradually. Then Carol said she is not very well-organized as she is a big-picture CEO who needs a detail-oriented assistant that is well-organized. Towards the end of the job interview, Carol asked Susan to summarize her strengths as an employee, Susan said “I pay attention to details because I’m a very well-organized person.” Susan was hired.
  2. Nicole walked into a furniture shop in order to buy a mattress. The salesperson Simon was chatting with her. Nicole didn’t have product knowledge, so she just said, “My current mattress is too soft, so I can’t sleep well at night. I really need something firm because of my back.” As Simon listened to Nicole very carefully, he said, “Our research shows that a reasonably firm mattress actually supports the back better at night, which improves sleep quality.” Then Nicole purchased the mattress that Simon recommended.
  • How to leverage trance words in internet dating:

Fully understanding what clients want is key to effective marketing. Similarly, truly knowing what a woman wants is key to effective internet dating. That means being a good communicator is all right, and being a purposeful communicator is even better!

If you listen to a woman carefully, you will be able to identify her trance words. That’s how you get her to open up and gradually fall in love with you.

For instance, if a woman says, “I’m looking for someone who is reliable to build a long-term, serious relationship.” From now on, you need to use anecdotes to indicate that you are a reliable guy. Also, you have to let her know that you are serious.

Note that women on are all genuine ladies from Ukraine who are looking for true love. We have interviewed every female candidate carefully so we know they are all serious. They are looking to marry foreign men that are reliable and trustworthy.

In order to facilitate internet dating more effectively, has audio/video chat and automatic translation features to help you communicate with women from Eastern Europe better. We also publish about 2 new articles per week on this blog in order to give you extra insights, information and inspiration about international dating and relationships.

“Great active listening skills help you identify trance words that a woman uses. Trance words are words spoken by a lady with very strong emphasis as well as repetition which implies the special meaning to this lady.”

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