Is dating easier or harder for Ukrainian ladies?

Ukrainian women

Men and women operate very differently in many ways, including in dating and relationships. It is said most dating websites have more men than women except some niche dating sites. Therefore, it seems that women have it easier after joining a trusty dating website.

It’s not easy for men to attract and keep women these days.

Twenty years ago, as long as a guy had a job and had a shower every day, he could get married. However, in today’s day and age, a guy with a job and has a shower every day can’t even get laid, let alone getting married.

Nowadays there are experts who give dating advice, counsellors who give marriage advice and gurus who give relationship advice. These niches are becoming more and more specific and complicated. Why?

Well, that’s because dating and relationships in the 21st century is becoming much harder. Currently if a guy wants to date a high-value woman, he has to work much harder – he has to be reasonably successful; he has to work on his fashion and grooming; he has to look high-value.

No wonder things don’t look good for the average man these days – we live in an era when most women want to date up and marry up. Owen Cook famously said, “A woman only wants to get a guy that she doesn’t deserve.”

According to a recent study on reliable dating websites, men with these jobs/activities generally get more attention on dating sites:

  1. Celebrity makeup artists
  2. Celebrity photographers
  3. Celebrity chefs
  4. Model agency managers
  5. Instagram influencers
  6. High-end event managers
  7. Entrepreneurs
  8. Lawyers
  9. Doctors
  10. CEOs

Small wonder Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “Many men say they are ‘entrepreneurs’ online in order to attract women because entrepreneurship is cool now. But as a matter of fact, entrepreneurship is difficult, stressful and lonely. Your employees are not working for you; you are working for your employees.”

Based on the research on trustworthy dating sites, it is clear that apart from entrepreneurs and CEOs, men with traditional jobs that pay them well (e.g. lawyers and doctors) are also doing quite well online. But how many men are doctors and lawyers? Apparently, most men don’t have these lucrative jobs.

Also, a new trend shouldn’t be ignored: In this day and age, photographers who take photos for celebrities, men who go to upscale parties and Instagram influencers who monetize the attention they get online are high-value men.

That makes me think what’s happening in contemporary western culture. It is obvious that men who get superficial attention and have access to fame are considered “high-value” right now. That’s sad but true.

In his book Lady, Roosh V writes, “A woman is feeding her devil when she only wants to date men who have high status; a woman is feeding her angel when she wants to look after herself, her man and her kids by getting married and starting a family in a down-to-earth way.” Obviously, the modern western culture is probably feeding a woman’s devil. Further examination from these reliable dating websites has confirmed this. That’s why a lot of western men prefer Eastern European women instead.

The reality of social media influencers may surprise you.

Due to the nature of my work, I have met many celebrities and social media influencers. Honestly, traditional A-list celebrities such as well-known movie stars and famous politicians are very modest and treat people quite well. They are polite and respectful at all times, according to my observation and experience.

In contrast, most social media influencers who are not traditional celebrities behave in a different way. The majority of them are arrogant and think they run the planet. Clearly, the modern culture is feeding everyone’s devil. When these people are regarded as high-value individuals, the dating landscape becomes toxic.

Even Jordan Harbinger agrees with me in this regard because he also points out that social media influencers’ behavior is much worse than traditional celebrities’ behavior when he meets these people in person.

When a woman is looking for a high-value man…

In general, I advise women to pick two standards if they decide to marry high-value men, e.g. this guy needs to be intelligent; this guy needs to be kind. But in reality, a lot of women are looking for someone funny, famous, attractive…. it’s like a shopping list. That’s not realistic at all.

Women can only have it easier on a trusty dating website if they feed their angels rather than their devils.

In my opinion, women who are looking to sleep with high-value men with status can’t have it easier in terms of online dating, partly because truly high-value men are surrounded by attractive women already, and partly because these men with high status probably don’t want to get married soon.

If a woman wants to get married and have children, feeding her devil won’t make her love life easier.

Many women have even built their businesses because of their short-term relationships with high-value men – these men leveraged their social network to help their women become successful career-wise.

In conclusion, traditionally-minded women would be well-advised to feed their angels by becoming more nurturing, caring and loving, thereby getting married and having kids in a practical way. Finding a good man on the best dating site is a down-to-earth approach.

By contrast, women who don’t necessarily want to get married and have children should be more open-minded and ask this question, “What am I willing to give up if my goal is to date high-value men?”

When love happens…

As you are falling in love, your body and brain produce happy hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine. These natural chemicals keep you excited and motivated. Everything looks better when you are at the honeymoon stage of a new relationship because your internal feelings are projected onto your external world automatically.

Interestingly, your body knows how to protect your health – if your brain and body keep producing a large amount of dopamine and oxytocin for a very long period of time, that is actually bad for your longevity, because excitement and fear activate the same part of the brain, meaning if fear isn’t a healthy emotion, long-term excitement isn’t a healthy emotion, either.

Therefore, usually the honeymoon stage of a relationship can only last for 18 months maximum. After that, the initial passion isn’t very intense anymore, and that’s absolutely, positively normal.

How do you know whether a relationship is based on love rather than lust? Well, the easiest way to evaluate the nature of a relationship is to see what happens after the initial passion is gone. I know this is something that most people don’t want to talk about because it’s just easier to say, “Oh, because we are so in love, we should be crazy about each other forever.”

Realistically, that’s easier said than done.

But fortunately, when the initial passion isn’t present anymore and you still genuinely care about each other, that’s exactly when true love begins.

True love isn’t about some short-term chemistry; it’s all about long-term investment in a relationship.

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