Learn from the best: what our dating coaches say about attracting Ukrainian brides

January 11, 2020 at 7.54am by in Slavic Women
Ukrainian Brides

Reading this blog means you are learning from incredible mentors who will help you along the way. The fact that you are reading this article probably means you have a passion for the area you want to be successful in – dating and relationships. This is a personal skill that can be learned.

Acquiring knowledge is a must.

Because our blog provides practical advice and factual information about dating Ukrainian women, you will learn a lot from our articles which include suggestions offered by professional dating coaches. Therefore, reading this blog is a good way to keep abreast with new knowledge in this regard.

Many articles on this blog have identified other people’s mistakes so that you can avoid their mistakes when it comes to dating and relationships.

Trying new things will stretch yourself. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Remember that you have to go to difficult situations in order to desensitize yourself.

As a matter of fact, people see far less than what we think they see in us. Therefore, it is your responsibility to showcase your good qualities when you are dating a Ukrainian lady.

Focus on developing skills around this area will benefit you in the long term – you will achieve you goals faster in this way. Stop caring about what happens outside you. Only worry about things you can change and influence. Don’t worry about things you can’t change or control.

How to have time to go out for dates with a Ukrainian lady if you are a very busy man:

I understand that some men are extremely busy these days because the competition in the workplace is real. Therefore, I interviewed our dating coaches who have lots of insights into this area as well. Here’s their advice: Do a brain detox by writing down everything you must do. Choose 7 things that are important in order to have a great week. These are your 7 catalysts. Identify 3 things that must be done tomorrow amongst these seven things. Break the seal by figuring out several actionable steps. Decide your wake-up time and stick to it. Schedule your musts. Allocate some time for your admin hour. Know your top 1% tasks – these are usually about your health and non-negotiables. Have two check points in a day. Look at matching tasks, i.e. activities that can be done at the same time, e.g. when you are in the gym, you can listen to an audiobook. Then you can use this system to plan the next day. Remember: intensity leads to productivity. Duration doesn’t lead to productivity. There is always enough time if you can manage your time like this, and then you will have time to go out with your lady from Ukraine.

How are you seen by other people? (A popularity test)

I’d like you to identify two things that are really positive about you. Maybe you are very humorous; perhaps you are extremely smart. Always bring your positive traits with you no matter where you go.

Now I also want you to identify two things that are responsible for you not getting everything you want in your love life right now. Be honest with yourself, please. Then you can write down how to cope.

In order to make the biggest changes in your love life, you have to focus on other areas of your life such as your social life. Having a non-existent love life is merely a symptom of something else.

Please answer these questions honestly:

  1. How often do you log in on the international dating website?
  2. How many times do you go out in an average week?
  3. How many new people do you meet in an average week?
  4. If you wanted to spontaneously go out tonight, how many people would you be able to get together to go out with you?
  5. If you saw a Ukrainian lady you were attracted to and I ask you to go and talk to her, how difficult would you find it on a scale of 1 to 10? (10 being the most difficult)
  6. How many female friends do you have in your social life that you see at least once a month? Having some female friends helps you to understand female psychology better.
  7. What actions could you take on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis to guarantee your success? (e.g. daily – smile to people and maintain eye contact; weekly – do one thing about your grooming; monthly – join events and activities in your local area.)

If I give you three months to improve your social life and your love life, you may want to create a vision for yourself. Now it’s time to write down your vision in 3 months: A) friends you have in your life; B) the number of potential candidates that you have met; C) the way that you feel about yourself. You can even create a story about your new vision so that it becomes more compelling.

Now you can start afresh after identifying patterns that you need to break. For instance, Daniel isn’t really proactive when it comes to meeting Ukrainian women because when he was in Ukraine, he didn’t step up to take the risk and talk to Ukrainian ladies that he was attracted to – Daniel was too shy. After consulting with our dating coach, Daniel has changed a lot – now he has broken his old pattern and become much more proactive in terms of meeting single women from Ukraine.

No matter what caused your unhelpful pattern, you shouldn’t stay in victim mode. Instead, I highly encourage you to take ownership – when we are a victim to something, we have no control, so it’s very hard to stop what’s happening. We need to take ownership of these patterns and see them as a part of our identity. By doing this, we give ourselves the power to disown them.

We need to accept that there are things in our past that we could have done better. And then realize how powerful forgiveness can be. Just give yourself a clean slate! Really take back your power by letting go of the emotions that you have been holding on to. Of course, you should totally forgive yourself. Today this is your affirmation: “I am starting afresh. I am accepting that I need to change. I am accepting the things that have happened to me in my past, and I am now going to use them to grow. I am going to forgive myself so that I can move forward in a way that is liberating and empowering.” You will feel a huge, massive and tremendous weight being lifted from your chest and your shoulder. You are welcome.

“The reason you tell the world why you are single is a surface-level excuse; what you think is the reason is the real problem in your opinion. What’s the real reason?”

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