Online Dating With Ukrainian Women: How To Increase Chances Of Getting A Response

Online Dating with Ukrainian Women

It isn’t difficult to believe that you must be having a difficult time getting responses from Ukrainian women. However, you should be reminded that there is a language barrier between you and these ladies.

To lessen the gap between you and the Slavic ladies, here are some information about their language. Remember, by putting in a bit of effort to understand Ukrainian women more, you will get more responses. First off, we’ll get you acquainted with the Slavic language.

Quick History of the Slavic Language

The Ukrainian language was previously called little russia or ruthenian. However, most recently, it has been tagged as East Slavic language. This language is most commonly used in  Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia and Ukraine. It’s important for you to know that the Ukrainian language is one of the 12 surviving languages across the Slavic group. Furthermore, it’s the most widely spoken as well. So, it may be a plus for you to know some of the phrases like “Hello”, “How are you?” amongst other things. Although across Ukraine, there are several dialects. However, don’t be discouraged in learning a few things as these will go a long way.

How to get responses from Ukrainian women?

Now that you know a bit about their language, it may be good for your to start on creating responses. Don’t waste your time just sending in a Hi or Hello as these are usually ignored. According to statistics, men are less likely to get a response if there are spelling errors in their messages. So, it’s best to keep messages short to lessen the possibility of errors.

When dating online, you’ll have to remember that your personality won’t shine as much as it would in real life. So, in other words, your personality really doesn’t matter right off the bat. What’s more important is trying to convey what you’re looking for in a partner. Although in totality, it’ll be more difficult for a man to get a response compared to a woman. This shouldn’t get you down. In more recent statistics, there are three things that would help determine a long-term future for you and your potential mate. These include your feelings on horror movies, travel and leaving it all behind. Although these may seem all too scary for some people, these will help in securing a future with someone who responds to your message. So knowing whether they want to have a future together or not will help compatibility issues.

Beyond these rather seeming general things to take into account, it still doesn’t answer the question of how a man can improve their success rate with responses. Well, learning a bit of the Ukrainian language can help you get there. As mentioned earlier, there is a language barrier between you and your potential bride. So, how can you lessen the barrier or break it down a little. You can easily start your messages with something they’re familiar with. This will definitely get their attention.

Here are a few things you could use in your messages to help woo a Ukrainian woman into sending you a response:

English: Hello.

Ukrainian: Вітаю.

Pronunciation: vee-TAH-yoo

English: How are you?

Ukrainian: Як справи?

Pronunciation: yahk SPRAH-vih

English: My name is ______ .

Ukrainian: Моє ім’я ______ . or Мене звати _______.

Pronunciation: moJE imJA _____ .

English: Excuse me. (getting attention)

Ukrainian: Перепрошую.

Pronunciation: peh-reh-PRO-shoo-yoo

English: I can’t speak ukrainian [well].

Ukrainian: Я не говорю [добре] українською.

Pronunciation: yah ne hoh-voh-RYOO [doh-breh] po oo-krah-YIN-sko-yoo

English: Do you speak English?

Ukrainian: Ви говорите англійською?

Pronunciation: vih hoh-vo-RIH-teh po an-HLEE-sko-yoo?

All of these short phrases could help you into removing the barrier in your messages. Plus, considering that they see a part of your message before they actually open it, they will see the effort you’ve taken into lessening the language gap between you two.

What if it isn’t enough? What else can I do?

Well, if the messages you’ve written aren’t being responded to, maybe you should look back on the messages where you got a response. Don’t be so common with your first messages. These messages are the most important as they can make it or break it. The most usual being breaking it since you won’t get a response. To improve your success rate, make sure to never give up. By giving up on trying to reach other to other women, you may be losing or lessening your chances of actually connecting with someone. Although there are other girls that really don’t respond because they don’t like you, there are some girls who may feel overwhelmed at the English language. This is why we’ve given you some conversation starters to make Ukrainian women more comfortable in responding.

So, the next time you write a message to someone you’re interested in, make it more interesting. Make sure to connect yourself to them in a way they can connect to you as well. For instance, if you look through their profile and pick one thing you two have in common, maybe add that to the message. For example, if she likes fitness or yoga, you can add in the message that you tried yoga too. This could spark a conversation on your experience and what she could possibly like. Adding these types of information can make the message more interesting, thoughtful and even playful.

Keeping in mind also that you don’t sound desperate in the messages will help play your luck out better. However, the most important thing to think about will probably be the subject header. Don’t simply just say Hi or Hello. Some even put “Hi baby.” These are boring, and they probably get a thousand messages saying the same thing. So make yourself stand out. Add a question in the subject line or something you’ve learned about them in their profile.

So to cap everything off. Here’s the summary:

  1. Learn some Ukrainian phrases.
  2. Use these Ukrainian phrases to help make messages you’ll send to Ukrainian women.
  3. Make yourself stand out from the subject line to the content of your message.
  4. Try and make a connection from the get-go by mentioning something that’s in their profile.
  5. Keep the messages short but with some backbone.
  6. Lastly, don’t sound desperate.

Let us and other people know what have worked for you or if these tips worked for you!

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