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February 20, 2014 at 2.04am by in Testimonials

I have been a member of Ukraine Brides for well over 2 years and have had lengthy discussions with Keith to help with US immigration advice and also with my vast experience of internet dating. We have made many improvements since 2012 and will continue working toward providing the best site available.

Keith has asked me to share my Internet Dating knowledge with all members to offer them with US Immigration advice and consultancy services and also to give tips on successful dating and pointers with regard to the many scams that are unfortunately part of the eastern Europe dating scene.

With regard to US Immigration, I have a proven technique, just by being properly prepared when you go meet a woman, that can allow US citizens to bring their K-1 visa brides here on average within 5 months. Everyone that I have helped has had their bride here in less than 7 months. My best friend married a russian woman and he is a procrastinator and his took a little longer.

You don’t have to spend thousands for an attorney when you can do the same thing yourself. I can hold your hand through the process and assist you. I don’t do this for free but for a very reasonable fee, based on the needs you have. I know all too well the pain of heartbreak and disappointment, just like you!

I offer over 15 years experience of internet dating and have written a book which I feel is a must read for any online dater, especially of foreign Eastern European women. I have seen almost every scam there is and have a good accuracy with determining the legitimacy of a woman. I’ve exposed thousands of women who are less than genuine over the years.

You can find success, if you are smart about it and use your head. My book will give you the tips that may make your search that much more pleasant and successful.

Over the coming months, I will be sharing my thoughts on many subjects, in the hope that you will consider all for your own ‘food for thought’! This site is for men seeking wives, so I suggest any of you “player’s” out there to go to an adult site and give us a chance to finding our true love.

YOU might not agree with everything I say, but I believe that it is the reality that you need to know. Best success in your search!

Reggie Oglesby

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