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July 3, 2014 at 1.00am by in Success Stories
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A few weeks ago I sent out our weekly email entitled “A Few Words From Kelly”.

Kelly was in Zaporozhye at the time to meet his special lady Svetlana and he as posting daily updates and a diary on our blog section.

We were delighted to follow Kelly’s progress as almost every man that visits Ukraine shies away from publicity and the stories and the happy outcomes go unpublished. The same applies to wedding photos and videos.

So when Kelly started to post we were not only delighted but waited with great interest as the relationship developed. Understandably the posts petered out as things got serious and Kelly became preoccupied!

Kelly asked the question and Svetlana said yes!

Kelly agreed to make a small video for us so that we could tell his story and he has generously provided an interview where he talks about his experience from the moment he joined the site until the time when Svetlana said yes.

The interview is remarkable as Kelly outlines his journey from joining the site, calling us to talk about how things worked, looking around and then narrowing his search and then making the trip. It is a textbook example of how to use the site and how you can make the opportunity that is available work for you.

Please take the time to watch the video as it is a remarkable yet simple story that may help you to enjoy the same success as Kelly.

I know that you will enjoy the interview as Kelly is such a relaxed and unpretentious fellow. It is as he sees it and his answers are honest.

Please feel free to send us any feedback from the video.

We wish them all the best in their new life together.

  • Seth

    Seems to be an error with the videos. I’m looking forward to checking this all out.

  • Kelly

    Hi guys

    this will be my last post and visit to the site. I am no longer a user and my profile has been deleted as has Sveta’s I am told. Thans for all the support guys but Keith i can not see the videos at all maybe you could email them to me? You have my email address. There are only two words to say and that is Thank You so very much to everyone involved but especially to my translate Stan who guided me every step of the way. I am going back in October for a couple of weeks and i am spending christmas/new year with the family although they do not know it yet! Then Sveta comes to australia and we hope our lives can start anew with each other and my main man Renat. Good luck guys in your search and if you want to talk directly as Keith for my details and i am happy to talk directly with you. Kelly


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