The process of attracting an Eastern European lady

December 17, 2021 at 8.00am by in Slavic Women
Eastern European women

When you are getting ready for love, please be sure to have some standards in the first place and then you will find out if things line up for you two. You aren’t on a dating site in order to impress women at all costs; you are here to find out if you and a lady are compatible in love.

  • Can she get along well with you?

If you are a guy who likes travel, chances are you appreciate a woman who is keen to travel with you. Therefore, you might want to ask her, “I have a question for you: What are your feelings around having an overseas trip every year?”

This question shows your standards because you are indirectly saying, “My life is very exciting. I’m happy with my life. Now I’m just interviewing you to see whether you fit in with my life or not.”

You don’t need to impress women at all times. You’d better think of how you are able to ask high-quality questions about the characteristics that are very important to you. For instance, you can ask her, “Okay. Now I’ve got a key question, so you have to be honest with me: What’s your worst quality in your reality?”

Another example: “Incidentally, art is important in my life. Everything I use is artistic. Are you the kind of lady who enjoys using a mug designed by David Bromley? Or do you like a standard mug from the department store?”

Because you come from the perspective of “if you can fit in with my life or not”, you have a very clear direction for the conversation. What’s more, the Eastern European lady you are talking to will feel challenged by your question in a positive manner as you are not falling over yourself so as to impress her. When this lady becomes your wife, she will surely know that it’s certainly because you have built an authentic connection at the very beginning.

  • Do you have good listening skills?

While talking to an Eastern European lady, you shouldn’t race through the entire conversation. A lot of men just go through the motions rather than engage with ladies during their interactions. If you think you’ve run out of things to say already, chances are you raced through the interaction by trying to come up with questions to ask her, yet she doesn’t ask you any questions. As a result, when she answers a question, you quickly want to know what to ask next. Thus, you would be well-advised to remember these key ideas:

  1. Prepare something interesting about yourself to share on the date. What are you passionate about in life? Talk about that! No matter it’s video games or online business, you can share your passion with the Eastern European lady. Because you come from the space of high self-confidence and self-esteem, you will look very proud and happy as a high-value man.
  2. You have to actively listen to her. People always communicate on a variety of levels, so the communication is always beyond the words she says. Pay attention to how she says her words!
  • Get rid of your insecurities.

Never be an over-giver. If you buy a lot of drinks just to make the date last longer, you probably have a “like me, like me” mentality. The majority of men who tell women about their big boats / fancy cars / impressive mansions are over-givers as they do not believe in themselves or their worth.

Please do not overly impress women with fancy dates / offers of fantastic things you might do together. You are not supposed to offer anything unconditionally. The interaction must come from a place where you’ve built a real connection first, so you can share your beautiful life with your lady.

“Over-giving and oversharing on a date will make you tired, upset and bored at the end of the date. A highly effective date has to energize both of you.”

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