Is it safe to use a Ukrainian marriage agency?

July 29, 2012 at 4.09pm by in Slavic Women

Of course it is safe to use a Ukrainian marriage agency! Well it is safe to use this one – I can’t speak for the others.

Think about it; you go into a bar in your home town and you see a lady that interests you. You approach her and try the long trusted lines to get her interested. You buy her a drink or two, talk for a few hours and call her the next day, or say hello when you both wake up!

What do you really know about her? She looks OK and seems alright. As you see more of her she talks a little more about herself and quite a bit of baggage is there; still getting over her last man, going through a messy divorce, he is still turning up unexpectedly…

That is the way it has been done for many years, your father did it, all your brothers and now you. A bit like roulette?

Using our Ukrainian marriage agency site you can find out all you want about her before you commit to meeting her – all you have to do is ask. She will do the same to find out about you.

The main rule when using a Ukrainian marriage agency is to be yourself and tell the truth. Don’t lie to impress her or send her a picture that is 15 years old. Eventually the truth will come out so why bother to lie?

I have had men say that they think that the woman may not be real. Perhaps it is really a half-shaven Boris typing letters in broken English while you carry on paying for his love letters back to you. Well this is where an on-line chat comes in useful.

For the price of a round of drinks in your bar you can chat with your Ukrainian lady on-line and see her and talk with her. If she is able to talk about all of your letters it is safe to assume that Boris does not exist and that she is real, and honest and genuine.

You can continue to write to her, exchange photos and speak on-line until you are sure that she is very special and better still – she is interested in YOU!

In you local bar, this may take a couple of hours and the chance of getting it wrong is huge. You can communicate for as long as you like on a Ukrainian marriage agency site and when you are ready to commit, you visit her.

The choice is yours.

  • Jim

    How much do you charge to arrange a meeting with a woman that has been in correspondence with a man ?

    • keith

      Hi Jim
      The fees for a meeting with a lady is 80 credits for meeting and fees plus $20 for a translator (for the first hour). If you still require a translator after the first hour it is $20 per hour payable directly to the translator
      There are no fees for any subsequent meetings – except for the translator (if required) at $20 per hour

  • Jim

    Due to the current problems in Eastern Ukraine is it safe to travel, to Nikolaev for example.
    Would ladies be willing to travel to Kiev to meet ?

    • keith

      Hi Jim
      Yes it is safe in Nikolaev and other Ukraine cities, except Donetsk, Lugansk and Mariupol
      You would need to ask your lady if she is available to meet with you in Kiev. It would depend on her work, the cost, etc etc

  • Robert Wheeler


    Hi, I was just recently in Nikolaev and it is very safe. The city is very quiet and there are no signs of any unrest at all. If you are willing to go to Kiev you might as well go to Nikolaev considering Nikolaev is due south of Kiev. Actually I would feel a little safer in Nikolaev because there have been a few protests going on in Kiev. Nothing in Nikolaev happening at all.


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