Ukrainian Women: Some of the Most Beautiful Women in the World

February 8, 2016 at 4.18pm by in Slavic Women

A recent Internet poll revealed that men regard Ukrainian and Ukrainian women as the most beautiful in the world. In fact, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine was declared the city with the best looking women on the planet. So, it’s no surprise that some of the most gorgeous Hollywood celebrities share Eastern European ancestry.

Ukraine iscountry with a low number of obese people. The reason for that certainly lies in their dieting habits, which are extremely healthy as a whole. Traditional Ukrainian meals are made from vegetables and wheat, which are eaten from a young age. Porridge is commonly served for breakfast, while the Ukrainian signature dish, borscht, is often served for lunch all across Eastern Europe. Borscht, a type of soup, is made with beetroot, cabbage and carrots. Known as one of the oldest family favorites, it is eaten on a regular basis.

All of these ingredients are known for their health benefits and are often used in detox diets. An interesting fact is that Russia is one of the growing number of countries that do not allow production of GMO food. On top of that, Ukrainian people rarely eat cholesterol-rich meat like pork, for example. Instead, their first choice is fish, which provides omega vitamins, known for their positive impact on heart health and the appearance of the skin.

Surprisingly, since the 1990s, fast food restaurants have become extremely popular across these two countries. Fast food restaurants serve as the favorite point for Ukraine girls to meet with friends or have a date. With fast food within such easy reach, how is it possible for women of Ukraine to feast on fast food and still look amazing? The answer probably lies in regular exercise which increases blood flow and helps get rid of impurities in the body.

Ukrainian girls are taught by their parents from an early age to work out on a daily basis. This passion for physical exercise can be traced back to the Soviet era, when gymnastics and ballet were considered crucial parts of everyday routines for every girl. This tradition continues even today, with schools promoting physical education of their students. And, it seems to be paying off. Just take a look at the most famous female athletes in the world – a lot of them come from Ukraine. Women from these countries are especially good in tennis. Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova are among the most famous of them.

Nowadays, Ukrainian girls spend a lot of money on make-up, but back in the Soviet era, that wasn’t the case. The USSR didn’t make any beauty products. They were imported from other countries and were reserved only for famous women. But, somehow, ordinary Soviet girls managed to look equally beautiful to their celebrity role models. They did have a few secrets to keep their natural beauty. They used to wash their faces with milk and birch sap, and many still do that, today.

Ukrainian baths are very popular among girls who want to keep their skin clean and acne-free. They go to steam baths to get treated with twigs and leaves, which are gently beaten across the body, making the extracts get deep into the skin. For Ukrainian girls, their hairdresser is their best friend. Hair is considered the number one feature most prized in female beauty by the native men, so it’s no surprise that many of them spend even half of their salary on hair care.

In the past, especially during the times of the Ukrainian empire, pale skin was considered an attribute of aristocracy. These days, it’s the opposite. Ukrainian girls love to have dark skin and it looks great on them. During summer, they rush to the beaches to sunbathe. Because there aren’t many sunny days in these two countries, lots of these girls regularly visit beauty salons to get their skin tanned.

Girls from Ukraine take fashion very seriously. For them, clothing is an integral part of self-expression, with each outfit displaying their personalities with their figures. Dressing-up has become a regular part of the average woman’s every day life. You might get surprised by the fact that girls from these countries go to a shop looking like they’ve come straight from the catwalk. If you’ve ever had the pleasure to visit the Ukraine, you’d know this is absolutely true.

Women in Ukraine are born with genes that make them naturally beautiful but they work hard to add to that. It isn’t a single thing that makes them the most beautiful women in the world. There are several factors that lead up Ukrainian women being sought out by men from around the world. All of these factors come together to help form what many men have called perfect women.

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  • Kelly

    Do not limit the cities. Trust me i have personally been to two cities in Ukraine and was blown away by the beauty. My personal russian tutor, here in Australia, is also beautiful and from russia. So now i am learning russian from a new australian, in australia so i can speak russian to a ukrainian from ukraine. it is a small world after all,

  • Deanna

    Scandinavian and Eastern European are the best in the world. No other ethnicities even comes close.
    Scandinavian/Eastern Europe>>>anything else

  • Mohammed

    I want russian women


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