What do Slavic women look for in men?

Slavic woman

Slavic ladies are different from western women because they come from a different cultural background. Therefore, if you are interested in international dating, you might as well learn a thing or two from this article today. 😉

Slavic women want to date honest men.

First and most importantly, please do not play mind games with Slavic ladies. That’s because they are very honest people and they expect their men to be honest as well!

In western countries, the dating climate is not ideal because most western women actually play mind games with men. A lot of western women play hard to get in dating and relationships. Sad!

By contrast, Slavic women are very, very different. They prefer candid communication and honest conversations. So, you don’t need to run game on them at all. All you need to do is to be sincere, kind and polite. We all know that honey attracts more bees and vinegar doesn’t attract any bees, right? As a result, you are supposed to be the sweet guy who knows how to treat your lady honestly. Note that these women truly appreciate men’s honesty.

What’s more, if you lie to a woman once, you will have to come up with other lies to cover up that particular lie. That is an exhausting approach to life. In contrast, if you are honest with your lady, there is nothing to hide. You don’t need to remember what you’ve said to her. All you need to do is to be frank!

Slavic ladies want to date reliable men.

If you are always late for dates, she will be turned off by your bad behavior. Also, if you say that you will do something and then you don’t actually do it, she will also be put off by you.

I know a guy who tends to say whatever he can in order to get what he wants. But the problem is his girlfriend has a very good memory – she clearly remembers what he said previously. Then she knows that he wouldn’t do what he had promised before. That is exactly how she figured things out pretty quickly and left him in time.

In other words, that guy thought he is smart, but in truth, he is very stupid because an intelligent woman can outsmart him at any time. Moreover, a switched-on person can out-use a user at any time, too. More specifically, that manipulative guy was very strategic and wanted to use his girlfriend, but she out-used the user easily in the end.

You don’t want to be that guy. Full stop. The conclusion is you are supposed to be a reliable man that Slavic women can trust. If a lady can’t trust you, that relationship is already over. End of story.

A Slavic lady wants a guy who is willing to reciprocate.

I know a man who moved countries in order to be with his lady. Now they live in New Zealand (he originally comes from Canada). They met each other on the Internet many years ago, and they kept in touch with each other online. In 2017, this Canadian guy lost his job in Canada and was dumped by his girlfriend at the time, so he moved to New Zealand. Now he lives with this New Zealand lady & they are engaged.

Truthfully, he is on her payroll because what he has actually done is using her connections to land a decent job in New Zealand (she has a very good job and knows a lot of powerful people in New Zealand). Now this Canadian guy and his New Zealand lady work in the same organization.

In addition, what he does is lodging, i.e. he lives in her house for free!

What value has he offered in this relationship? Quite limited! In truth, this New Zealand woman is lonely, so the moment she saw the engagement ring, she was in tears already. All she wanted to do is to get married; consequently, she is not very discerning. This is so sad, but so true. This type of stories happens all the time, unfortunately.

Note that Slavic women are different because they prefer genuine men who would willingly reciprocate. If they know that a man wouldn’t reciprocate willingly, they wouldn’t feel the attraction at all – here is their philosophy in dating and relationships: Don’t invest in a guy based on how likeable he is; invest in a guy based on how much he invests in this relationship.

“Slavic women prefer men who are honest and reliable & men who understand Law of Reciprocity.”

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