What to expect when you are dating a Ukrainian lady

March 5, 2020 at 10.02am by in Slavic Women
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Ukrainian ladies are well-known for their traditional values, virtue, innocence and beauty. That’s why they are the most sought-after mail-order brides in the world. Before you meet Ukrainian brides, you would be well-advised to learn a thing or two about Ukrainian culture and how women in Ukraine think and operate.

Marry a Ukrainian wife means you will be fed very well.

Usually, on the first few dates with a Ukrainian mail-order bride, she might indirectly suggest cooking for you. For example, she might say something along the lines of, “I’m pretty sure the authentic Ukrainian food tastes much better than this. My friends and family love the food cooked by me.”

Then you can say, “Oh, really? I should try that. Will you cook for me?”

And then she will probably say, “Yes.” That means she likes you, okay? 😉

Most Ukraine brides think cooking for their husbands is a great way to keep their husbands.

Interestingly, a lot of ladies from Ukraine believe that keeping their husbands is the biggest goal in their lives – this is very different from western women’s belief system. In western countries, nowadays most women believe their biggest goal is to achieve career success and love themselves unconditionally. But women from Eastern European countries are more traditional, so they still believe that their ultimate goal in life is to keep their husband forever – Eastern European culture has conditioned women from that region differently. That is to say, according to their ideology, ladies should make gentlemen happy and it’s a lady’s job to maintain her relationship effectively.

That surely makes your love life easier if your girlfriend is from Ukraine, right? Small wonder there aren’t many marriage counsellors in Ukraine – women over there are proactive when it comes to maintaining their marriages well. In contrast, marriage counsellors are extremely busy in modern western countries & divorce is costing most western governments a lot of money each year (think about how much money is spent on mental health care after people get divorced).

It’s perfectly normal for a Ukrainian bride to test you and see if you are an alpha man.

Because marriage is a big deal in a woman’s life, it’s very normal for a Ukraine bride to test you and evaluate whether you are the right husband for her or not. Note that Ukrainian mail-order brides only want alpha men who are able to handle pressure and good at crisis management because life is a journey and life will get hard by itself no matter who you are.

My advice is you should be a persistent guy who doesn’t easily give up. For instance, initially, your Ukrainian girlfriend might refuse to be kissed by you; however, that doesn’t mean she has given you a rejection, okay? Actually, she is probably testing you. If a lady refuses to be kissed by you at the beginning, but you are persistent and you try that again later (more importantly, you’re okay with that), she will like you more!

The conclusion is you must show a lady that you aren’t fazed by the “rejection”. Now she will understand that you are an alpha man. I know this might sound a bit weird; nevertheless, that’s exactly how a lot of Eastern European mail-order brides think and operate. It’s 100% female psychology.

Several years ago, a western woman asked me this question, “I oftentimes date men who want to make out on the first date, so we do that. But then I never hear from them again after the first date. What’s going on? Am I doing the wrong thing? But if a guy wants to kiss me, I surely can’t move my face away, right?”

Truthfully, in western countries (especially in English-speaking countries), women probably shouldn’t “reject” men like that, so this western lady didn’t do anything wrong. (By the way, the real reason why she never hears from guys again is because she has bad breath – we’ve figured that out later on & I was honest with her.)

But in Eastern European culture, ladies can move their faces away and give men a “rejection” to see whether a guy is actually confident or not. That means if you are a very confident man, you will initiate the kiss again later, so you wouldn’t mind when a lady needs more time to warm up.

An Eastern European woman expects her man to be a true leader in the dynamics.

In terms of making decisions, you should look firm and decisive. If a lady feels that you’re a weak guy, she won’t want to be with you in the long term. Certainly, you should be caring and loving, yet you are supposed to have the final say when it comes to most important things in your romantic relationship.

Tom Bilyeu is the founder of a multi-billion-dollar company in the United States. He has been happily married for nearly 2 decades now. He says, “When I married my wife, we discussed how we would make decisions in our marriage. I told her that if it’s a big decision & she disagrees with me, she will listen to me. That’s our important discussion before getting married.”

That frame has guaranteed a happy marriage for Tom Bilyeu and Lisa Bilyeu.

In reality, most Ukrainian ladies are low-maintenance, meaning they require less energy and time from their husbands, compared to women in western countries. Most Ukrainian mail-order brides think that if their husbands are working very hard, they are very lucky and they appreciate their husbands.

Interestingly, some Eastern European brides even think that if a guy spends lots of time with his wife & doesn’t work hard, he is probably a loser. Usually, traditional women prefer strong men who are high achievers & focus on their careers.

Meanwhile, most brides from Ukraine are very hardworking because they have expectations in life. Because these ladies are not worried about not having time for facial and massage in a high-end spa, they can do more work. Also, they usually do all the housework after getting married as they believe that doing housework is supposed to be a lady’s job at home.

Moreover, in Eastern European culture, money is supposed to be handled very carefully. So, most Ukrainian women are very good at managing personal finances, as evidenced by the fact that the majority of them can make money and save money. Unlike many western women who spend lots of money on shoes (thanks to Carrie Bradshaw’s demonstration on TV), Ukrainian ladies can manage their households’ money effectively. That means if you are married to a Ukrainian wife, your net worth will certainly increase in the long term. Western women tend to spend a lot of money on themselves (that’s called “radical self-love” in western countries these days). By contrast, Eastern European brides generally spend more money on their kids’ education which is their top priority after getting married.

“Avoid having stereotypes in terms of dating single women from Ukraine, as this Ukrainian lady and that Ukrainian lady can be as different as an orange and a pear.”

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