10 reasons to date Ukrainian ladies over 40

July 30, 2017 at 8.42am by in Slavic Women

They say that an ideal life partner should be a friend, a lover and a spouse. Are you aware that Ukrainian ladies over 40 understand this the best? If you use a marriage site to find your future Ukrainian bride, the following information may be of a great use for you.


  1. Ladies over 40 have already made up their mind

When a Ukrainian lady over 40 registers her profile on a marriage site, she definitely knows what she wants. She came here to find a life partner and a future father for her children. Neither adventures nor affairs interest her.

  1. They are great housewives

Disregarding the fact whether the lady has already been married or not, ladies over 40 already have great experience of managing the household. They also know how to manage their free time and spend it in a most efficient way.

  1. Ladies over 40 are aware of their needs and desires

Ladies over 40 know that buying food and essentials is more important than chasing after a sale of another pink blouse to add to her collection. They know how to plan the budget and daily purchases. They are aware of the necessary goods and where to get them at the best price. Despite this, it is important that you treat your Ukrainian woman with a nice surprise, such as a new outfit, from time to time. It’s no secret that this makes ladies happier and is a reason why…

  1. … they control emotions

If you don’t want to experience emotional storms and waves of mood swings, you will succeed when dating ladies over 40. They can control themselves. It is simply a matter of fact. Emotional stability is something that comes only with maturity.

  1. Ladies over 40 are mature

They say a lady is like a bottle of wine: she becomes even better with time.

  1. They are free to control their lives

Most of the ladies over 40 already have grown up children who have likely left home and are independent. Therefore, a lady is free to work on her private life with her future husband. Becoming a mother again and raising common children with her life partner is also not a problem for ladies over 40.

  1. Ladies over 40 have life experience

Dealing with governmental clerks, making wise long-term purchases, raising children, finding a job and surviving in tough conditions – all this has already happened in life of the ladies over 40.

  1. They are grateful

Ladies over 40 value everything you do for them and they are willing to care about their partner. They want to do small pleasant things for their potential husband, they create romance and bring something new into the relationship.


9. Ladies over 40 are wise

Ukrainian women are ready to make decisions for their families, though they always consult with their man when making vital decisions.

10. They are good listeners

If you search for a life partner who is willing to listen to you and support you in your decisions, ladies over 40 will be great listeners. They will provide sound advice as well.

Remember that every mature lady has an inner tender girl striving for attention and care. She is open to the wonders of the surrounding world. It is up to you to make her feel your love.

  • Dr. Wong

    Dear Anna,
    What is written here is possibly taken over an average. There are woman over the 40 who are very picky and therefore the good candidates also tend to loose their patients.

    Nevertheless all that is mentioned here, and I do not want to offend any one, but my opinion is that they are also likely less willing to leave the Ukraine when they find a foreign man. Dealing with everyday issues in the Ukraine is different than dealing with issues in a New and unknown country. This is a fact.

    The question is whether they are easier to adapt to changing environments and whether learning a different language is in their aspirations.

    Of course, once we get older, we get wiser but still, we keep on learning because life is a continuous learning school until we leave this planet. As for the rest of points brought up, I agree with most of them.

    But the underlying question is: How far can they and are they willing to re-adapt to another environment and language.

    • Anna

      Dear Dr. Wong,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I fully understand your concern and may say that judging from my experience with Ukraine Brides every particular situation and relationship is unique. We can’t say whether one individual will be flexible when getting into a relationship with a foreigner or not. This always depends on multiple factors starting with the flexibility of a person him-/herself. The willingness to change for the sake of a beloved person is also a great factor. It often depends on the other partner and the relationship development in general.
      So, I would say that being flexible is a mutual hard work for both partners involved into a relationship.

  • David Hebert

    Dear Anna;

    The following I a statement from a commenter to this article. “The underlying question is: How far can they and are they willing to re-adapt to another environment and language”.

    This statement I feel defines everything in determining how successful your relationship with a foreign bride will be. I don’t think a new environment or cultural difference would be that big of a problem for an older woman who has decided to make this kind of change. The language barrier will be the real problem. Simply put if she can’t speak English then she will not be able to function. She will not be able to get a driver’s license as the test is given in English, she will have great difficulty in getting a job. Interacting within this new environment will be met with difficult and frustrating results.

    This is an issue that both sides must face and overcome otherwise the possibility for disaster is lurking. As we get older we become more set in our ways and the ability to face massive change such as moving abroad becomes at best extremely difficult.

    • Anna

      Dear David,
      I agree with you that the language barrier is a great issue indeed. Nevertheless, each person can cope with learning a new language more or less effective depending on the personality and the ability to learn. I am sure that a great desire whipped up by willingness to build a relationship with a beloved partner often does wonders with person’s effectiveness in acquiring new knowledge. Yet, it is very important that a partner could support his lady financially and emotionally during this period. This gives her an opportunity to devote herself to adjusting to new life conditions whatever they involve.


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