11 Psychology Life Hacks To Bring To Your Next Ukrainian Date

September 1, 2016 at 7.14pm by in Slavic Women
Psychology Life Hacks

There are so many things that can go wrong if you aren’t a very social person. So, getting ready for your first Ukrainian date may be difficult as nerves can get in the way. If a date is the least of your problems, you can use these life hacks in any social situation. Body language and social cues can go a long way for you and your social life. So, check these psychology life hacks out. You will be able to use these in any social situations especially your date!

Being ready for a date isn’t always easy. Have you ever had a horrible date because you didn’t do one thing when you should have done another? Well, these life hacks can do wonders. You can also use these in any social situations to make sure that you’re on top of the game.

1. Find eye contact

Making eye contact (not the creepy eye contact) may help continue a conversation. In the case that you ask someone a question and it’s answered partially, you can just take a short while before saying anything. Stay silent and keep eye contact. This will usually have them keep talking again.

2. Check out the feet

If you can, pay attention to the feet. Usually if you are approaching someone and they turn their torso and not their feet, it could mean that they don’t want you nearby or in the conversation. So, checking if the feet are pointed towards you, may help to know whether or not your date or a person likes you. However, don’t give up easily! There are more hacks for the rest of the night.

3. What’s her eye color

Don’t ask her what her eye color is. Look at her eyes with a soft gaze and compliment them with a smile. You can look into their eyes for a second or two. This will let them know that you’ve noticed them. You’ll have positive responses on this for sure!

4. Power of security and suggestion

We’re not saying to mind control people, but it’s something like that. Just kidding! This is actually more for yourself. When you alter your own psychological state beforehand, you can usually have things go your way. Visualize everything that you want to happen in your date or your social situation. Will you give her a kiss on the cheek? Will you help her to sit by pulling back the chair for her? It may sound like something out from a movie, but psyching yourself up for a good date will usually end up in a good date. Use the power of security and suggestion on yourself!

5. Stir emotions

No! Don’t create drama, but do remember that many people will always remember how you made them feel. Plus, if you can, try sparking a conversation that will initiate them to share. People love to share a lot about themselves once they are comfortable. So, make them feel more comfortable by asking questions about them and what they do and what they like. Something along those lines should help you get to know a person or your date more.

6. Body language

Your body language is everything. If you want to feel confident, stand up straight and don’t slouch. Keep your hands out of your pockets and hold your head high. This will make you feel better and the people around you view you as comfortable. You can fake it til you make it. If needed, wear something nice. This can show you that when you look good, you’ll also feel good, so you’ll do good!

7. Confidence is in the mind of the beholder

This is somewhat connected to #6, but more on your speech. Avoid using filler words like “uh” or “uhm” etc. You can use short pauses to help you bring together your thoughts. This will help you seem more sure of yourself, which has definitely is a plus for anyone to have!

8. Build trust

Building trust is actually easy for the most part until some people decide to taint it. So, to build trust with someone new, subtly mimic their body language. Perhaps you are talking to a girl, mirror how they speak and move, so they will like you more. Don’t act all girly just because they’re girly. We mean more on posture, facial expressions or even behaviors that you think they have. This will help the person you’re talking to feel comfortable and compatible.

9. Let your happiness show

Getting nervous is normal, but that lack of comfort that you have will show. So, pump yourself up every morning. This will get you through the day and will make you happier as well. If you need to remind yourself, remind yourself that excitement is contagious.

10. The power of touch

Groping is NOT the way to go. So, don’t grope anyone. By touch, we mean casually touching someone on the shoulder or their knees to help create an emotional and physical bond. This is usually done with you have moments of laughter, joy and/or excitement. Touching in these cases can positively reinforce the bond between two people. If you feel that you are both uncomfortable at this point, fake it until you make it. Make the situation feel like there is nothing wrong because there is nothing wrong.

11. Chew gum

This is that last, but it can be done when you’re not having dinner. Chew gum! Through the study of evolution, human brains have evolved to not have a “flight” response when eating. So chewing gum will trick the brain that you’re eating lowering your fight or flight response.

So, these are all the psychology life hacks you can use in your everyday life or in your date with your Ukrainian lady. Have you tried these out before? Let us know in the comments below!

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