9 Must See Places in Ukraine

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Ukraine is a beautiful country that is not yet discovered by many tourists. It is a huge country and it is rich in colorful traditions. Although the Ukrainian locals may not easily trust any stranger or traveler, they are warm-hearted people. There are also a lot of fun activities and beautiful places in Ukraine that you should never miss during your trip to Ukraine:

Carpathian Mountains

One fun activity that you will surely enjoy during your stay in Ukraine is hiking at the Carpathian Mountains. It is a popular destinations in Ukraine, due to its wonderful collections of forests, quain villages and meadows. There are also good trails for hiking and lakes if you want to swim.


Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and this is a home for millions of people. Those who have the heart for architecture and art will surely fall in love with this place. You should never miss visiting the Kiev Opera House to witness world-class ballets and operas. For those people who would like to witness musicals, dramas and comedies, go to Ivan Franko Theater.

Lutsk Castle

The historical Lutsk Castle is one of the many fortresses in Ukraine. It is dated back to the 14th century. It is 13 meters high and it is topped with 3 tall towers. The best part of the castle are the museum of books and dungeon.

City Beaches

Head down to a river island if you enjoy sunbathing or water sports. Kiev has Dnipro River which is riddled with islands. You can also buy food and drinks here, enjoy the beach and even workout.

Dance on the Dnipro Party Boat

For those people who love dancing and at the same time looking for a twist, you can go dancing on the Dnipro Party boat. You can enjoy having drinks and dancing while riding in a boat for an hour and a half long. Most of the music in here are disco-tech, Russian pop music.

Ski at Dragobrat

There is a snowy resort in Ukraine which is 4,300 ft above sea level and it is perfect for skiing for the whole year. Winter sports enthusiasts will surely enjoy this although the place is somewhat remote. It lies around 18km outside of Yasinaya.

Novy Svit Botanic Reserve

For those who are looking for an extreme and thrilling adventure, you might want to explore Novy Svit Botanic Reserve. This is a perfect place to take a lot of pictures. You can also rent out costumes for photos or jump off a rope swing from a beautiful seaside grotto.

Askania-Nova Reserve

For those animal-lovers out there, you should never miss this place during your trip to Ukraine, this is a home to a lot of animals including antelope, deer, buffalo, camels, horses, zebras gnus, rare Central Asian Saiga antelopes, and a huge array of birds.

Vorontsov Palace

Another historical place that you should visit is the Vorontsov Palace. It is a palace that has 150 rooms and it is located inside a park reserve in Alpuka. It was built from 1830 to 1848. In this palace, you can see wide-ranging artistic and architectural discoveries.

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