The First Meeting – The Video

October 10, 2016 at 11.15pm by in Online Dating

Over the last few months we have had record numbers of men visiting their ladies, mostly for the first time. During this time we have had a pleasing number of serious relationships develop, a few of whom have agreed to post their success stories onto the blog.

A few months ago we posted a blog article about the importance of the first meeting and some of the do’s and the don’ts so that the man has every chance of developing a relationship with his lady and will not spoil that opportunity by doing something that he had not considered to be off-putting to the lady, or her Ukraine culture, such as dressing casually, not taking her a small gift, taking her somewhere inappropriate or behaving in a way that concerns her.

What can be normal circumstances for his first meeting in the man’s home country may not be as well received by his lady in Ukraine.

We have produced a short video to assist men to make them aware of her expectations and to provide him the best opportunity for success. While the content of the video is serious, we have purposely produced this through animation so that it will not be seen as age specific or country/language specific; these simple mistakes are being made by men of all ages and from all countries.

Please watch the video and take in each of the points, which are all important. If you are making plans to visit your lady, the advice in this video will give that first meeting every opportunity to be successful and lead to a second and third meeting.

Please contact us if you are planning to visit Ukraine and we can assist, both with sound advice but also with all your travel plans

  • John

    Thanks again for more valuable information, I like reading these blogs they do teach us a lot.
    However I would like to ask what is it that the average Ukrainian women expects from us, they must realise that we come from a different culture with different customs.
    Would they not forgive us for errors in judgement and surely want to see us for what we are, not what we pretend to be.
    Maybe I am a bit naïve, what does everyone else think?
    I will be back in Kiev early January and will be bringing the special lady that I met on my first trip over back here to New Zealand to met my family and see how she likes it here.
    If all goes well I would like to think I could make it a permanent choice, wish me luck, cheers John

    • Keith

      Hi John
      Thank you for your reply – great to hear from you again.
      The post and video was all about first impressions and what you can do to make the first meeting more likely to succeed. You have communicated with the lady for some time and you have made a trip (very lengthy in your case!) to visit her and it would be a shame to see the relationship become questionable just because of some bad manners or lack of courtesy, which is all we suggest. This applies with any first date with a lady, not just a Ukrainian lady.
      We dont want you to pretend to be someone other than who you are and as you meet more and relax a little in each others company, you will both be less anxious and will be able to appreciate each other for who you really are.
      We offer this advice to prevent errors of judgement so that there is no forgiveness required – as we say in the video, if you make an error of judgement you are then trying to put things right rather than cementing the relationship, which is a much more preferable position.
      We are all human and these personality differences make us unique and it is what attracts people together – or not. Good manners and respect goes a long way to finding love, from both the man and the lady.
      John, we look forward to you visiting again in January and we are ready to assist in every way, as usual.

  • Alex De Jesus

    I have to Ukraine at least six times in the last 2 years and this advice is right on, I blew a couple of first dates for not knowing this and months of chat was not enough to recover from and indiscretion or untimely comment, lets keep it light , keep on us and the future and chances are we will have some great dates and great stories.
    Good luck out there


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