2013 Ukraine Holidays and Special Days

If you are planning a trip to Ukraine or maybe to send something special to your lady to coincide with a special occasion, you may find the following dates useful:

The government has decided to extend the celebration of the New 2013: the working day, Monday December 31, 2012 postponed to Saturday 29 December. Thus we have a three day weekend – from 30 December 2012 to 1 January 2013.

2013.01.01 New Year. ( not working)
2013.01.07 Christmas.( not working)
2013.01.19 Epiphany.
2013.01.22 Day of Unity of Ukraine.( not working)
2013.01.26 International Day of Customs.
2013.01.29 Day of Fire.

2013 02 14 Valentines Day

2013.02.23 Day of the Defender of the Motherland.

2013.03.08 International Women’s Day.( not working)
2013.03.15 Day consumer.
2013.03.18 Day of Housing and Consumer Services.
2013.03.23 Day of Ukrainian culture and folk art lovers. World Meteorological Day.
2013.03.25 Day of the SBU.
2013.03.26 Day of Internal Troops of Ukraine.
2013.03.27 Theatre Day.

2013.04.01 Fools Day. Day geologist.
2013.04.07 Annunciation. World Health Day.
2013.04.12 World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day. Day of the space industry of Ukraine.
2013.04.21 Environment Day.

2013.05.01 Labor Day.( not working)
2013.05.02 Labor Day.( not working)
2013.05.07 Radio Day.
2013.05.09 Day end of finish Second War.( not working)
2013.05.12 World Day for Nurses.
2013.05.13 Mother’s Day.
2013.05.15 International Family Day.
2013.05.19 Science Day.
2013.05.26 Day of publishing, printing and book distribution.
2013.05.27 Day of the chemical industry.
2013.05.28 Day graduate, day border guard.

2013.06.01 International Children’s Day.
2013.06.05 World Environment Day.
2013.06.06 Day journalism.
2013.06.10 Day of Light Industry.
2013.06.21 Day of Medical Workers. Day Sanitary Epidemiological Service.
2013.06.24 Youth Day.
2013.06.25 Day Customs Service.
2013.06.28 Constitution Day.( not working)

2013.07.01 Architecture Day of Ukraine. Day of the sea and river fleet. Day of Cooperatives.
2013.07.04 Day-Defense Forces of Ukraine.
2013.07.08 Day fishing.
2013.07.15 Day of the steel industry.
2013.07.29 Day of trade and public catering.

2013.08.01 Day of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.
2013.08.12 Day of the construction industry.
2013.08.19 Transfiguration (Saviour). Bee Day.
2013.08.24 Independence Day.( not working)
2013.08.25 Aviation Day.
2013.08.26 Miner’s Day.
2013.08.28 Assumption.

2013.09.01 Day of Knowledge.
2013.09.02 Day Trader.
2013.09.08 Day of physical culture and sports. Day of Ukrainian cinema.
2013.09.09 Day of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Day tanker.
2013.09.15 Day pharmacist. Day of inventors and innovators.
2013.09.16 Day of the forest.
2013.09.27 Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
2013.09.27 World Tourism Day.
2013.09.30 Ukrainian day libraries. Day of the engineering industry.

2013.10.01 International Music Day. International Day of the elderly.
2013.10.07 Day of Education.
2013.10.08 Day a legal worker.
2013.10.14 Protection of the Blessed Virgin. Day of the artist. Day of standardization and metrology.
2013.10.21 Day of Food Industry.
2013.10.27 Rescuer Day.
2013.10.28 Day of the automotive industry.
2013.10.30 Day of the State Tax Administration.

2013.11.03 Day missile forces and artillery.
2013.11.04 Day of the National Guard of Ukraine. Border Guards Day. Day of the social sphere.
2013.11.04 Railroad Day.
2013.11.09 Day of Ukrainian literature and language.
2013.11.16 Day of radio, television and communication.
2013.11.17 Day students.
2013.11.18 Day of agriculture.

2013.12.01 Day prosecutors.
2013.12.03 International Day of Disabled Persons.
2013.12.06 Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
2013.12.10 International Human Rights Day.
2013.12.12 Day of the Land Forces of Ukraine.
2013.12.16 Day of the energy industry.
2013.12.20 Police Day.
2013.12.24 Day of archival institutions.

2013.05.05 Easter falls on a Sunday. The timing of Easter in the present, in most Christian denominations on the lunar-solar calendar.
2013.06.23 Whitsunday (Pentecost). Greatest Christian holiday, celebrated on the 50th day of Passover to commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit and dedicated to the glorification of the Holy Trinity.

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