4 Most Common Misconceptions about Online Dating

May 26, 2016 at 4.37am by in Dating advice

Those who are new in the world of online dating may find online dating exciting and fun because they get a chance to meet thousands of singles in just one click or tap of a finger. Most people think that it can solve their loneliness or boredom and find a potential partner who can bring happiness into their life. But the truth is, you need to be realistic and honest in order to find love on the internet.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about online dating which usually lead to failure

It can help you solve your dating problems.

If you are having problems building a good relationship because you do not know how to flirt, you don’t know how to make a good conversation, you are shy and most girls find you boring or you are simply unattractive at all; online dating won’t turn you into a dating master. Most people fail to realize that the rules of attraction always apply. It applies both in the real world or on the internet. So you have to improve your social skills because if you cannot get a date in a more traditional environment, creating an online profile won’t solve your dating problems.

It is less superficial

A lot of men are trying out online dating because they think that it is less superficial. Some men are getting tired of going to bars and clubs to meet that special someone. Aside from being less superficial, they also think that online dating has lower pressure and is slower paced. In the usual dating scene, people evaluate a lot of factors in choosing the right person. They pay close attention to charm, sexual chemistry, body language, scent, etc.

But you cannot show these things in a dating profile. You cannot even express these through online messaging.

What is easy to show? In online dating, factors like weight, height, body size and physical appearance play a greater role. These factors serve as your basis whether to initiate contact with this Ukrainian lady or not.

It’s very simple and easy

One of the most common misconception by daters is that online dating is very simple and requires no effort. A lot of lazy daters sign up on online dating sites but did not succeed in finding the woman of their dreams. Lazy daters usually create a generic profile and copy and paste messages to easily get a date.

The truth is, even if you are extremely hot or physically attractive, you still need to exert lots of effort and make a strategy to get recognized. Online dating is a competition so you better start to make a profile that will really stand out. Aside from your profile, you also need to choose your picture carefully, write unique messages, be patient and do whatever it takes in order to reach success.

It is only for people who want to have fun.

Some people think that online dating can never lead to a serious relationship, not even marriage. They think that it is merely for fun or for pastime. The truth is, there are millions of people who actually found their perfect partner through online dating. The reason behind this is that online dating gives them more time to know each other well. Online dating helps them become more transparent and honest. For some, online dating is also more exciting and interesting.

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