5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into Marriage

October 27, 2017 at 6.15am by in Dating advice
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Marriage is one of the biggest turning points that can happen in anyone’s life. It is a huge decision to make, and it is not like any other ordinary boyfriend or girlfriend relationships you can have. When you plan to get married, there are so many things that are involved and you need to consider. And if you feel anxious about it, you may need to take more time to really think and contemplate about your decision, because it is not something you need to rush into. When you commit yourself into marriage and commit your whole life to a person, there is no turning back.

So if you think you have not wholeheartedly decided to get married yet, here are the reasons why you should never rush.

1. You don’t have to settle

If you are getting married to your partner because you are afraid to be alone or you fear that you might not be able to find someone else who will love you, then you have the wrong reasons for tying the knot. You might just be settling with someone who does not really make you happy or just settling with a person whom you are not even sure if they are going to make a good wife or husband. If there is any right reason why you should get married, it should be because you love each other and you sure do not want any other person to spend the rest of your life with.

2. You need to live your life to the fullest

One of the most common regrets of those who marry at a young age is that they were not able to live their lives to the fullest. When you are already married, your life will change. There will be more responsibilities and it will take a whole lot of adjustment. You will have to compromise a lot because you are making sure that your marriage will work until the end and you are building a family at the same time. This means that you may not be living the life you have gotten used to when you were single and if you have not lived to the fullest, you might just end up regretting getting married young.

3. Marriage is not the solution to your problems

If you have had a lot of issues in your boyfriend and girlfriend relationship and you think that marriage is the solution, then you are wrong. You cannot take your relationship to a whole new level if you are not ready and if you have a lot of unsettled issues. If you cannot even fix your issues, how can you handle bigger problems of a married couple like your bills, babies, etc.?

4. You cannot just split up whenever you want to

The problem with people who are rushing into marriage is that they think and feel that even when they are married, they can just decide to separate whenever they feel tired of each other and feel like giving up. While there are right reasons why some married couples should just split up, this is not something that should be abused. It defeats the whole purpose of tying the knot and exchanging vows. If you know that you can’t stand by your vows and promises when you got married, then you should not be there in the first place.

5. You need to love yourself first

If you are getting married only because you need someone to make you feel loved and make you feel whole, then you should not push through. You don’t need a spouse to validate your existence. And even if you need someone to make you feel loved, you still need to make sure that you love yourself first. You should not rely on someone else to fill in your missing pieces, because when you get married, you need to be whole and you need to be complete. You need to love yourself completely and be secured in that love. Otherwise, it will be much difficult for you to share that love because you can never pour from an empty cup.

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